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What do first time voters think of the European elections? | BBC News

Voters across Europe are heading to the polls, with nearly two million additional teenagers eligible to cast their ballot for the first …

Title: First-Time Voters Express Mixed Feelings About European Elections Amidst Brexit Uncertainty

In the midst of the ongoing Brexit saga, first-time voters in the United Kingdom have expressed mixed feelings about the European elections, according to a recent report by the BBC News.

The report, which delved into the sentiments of young voters, revealed a diverse range of opinions. Some expressed a lack of interest or understanding about the European Union (EU), while others demonstrated a keen interest in the elections, citing the importance of their vote in shaping the future of the EU and the UK.

One of the key points highlighted in the article is the potential impact of Brexit on the European elections. Many first-time voters, who are too young to have voted in the 2016 Brexit referendum, are now faced with the opportunity to influence the direction of the UK's relationship with the EU.

However, the report also underscores the challenges faced by first-time voters in making informed decisions. The complexities of EU politics, coupled with the ongoing Brexit uncertainty, have made it difficult for some to understand the implications of their vote.

The information presented in this article is new, offering insights into the thoughts and feelings of first-time voters ahead of the European elections. It provides a valuable perspective on the potential impact of young voters on the election outcomes and the future of the EU-UK relationship.

See video for more information…
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  • We can't afford housing and our societies are being destroyed by islam.

    Traditional parties have done nothing to resolve these issues and it just keeps getting worse.

    Would it be common sense to keep voting for politicians that don't address the issues of those who pay their salaries? On top of this, they also call you an extremist and a racist.

    Politicians have no shame.

  • Europe will be islamic by 2060- the young girls better enjoy voting while they still can.

  • Ufff… I doubt that last sentence is correct. More than half century ago there was not EU, only Community. And that was by design – to help with cooperation, not to create dictate of different entity on highest level. Be precise, not even EU is the same as was before European Comission became political and tiresly works to destroy everything that is good. They started with language and this sentence is an example of it.

  • I thought that age is standardised by EU in EU elections. Here in Czechia, we vote from 18 and it's not literally fair for everyone when in some other countries, people can vote from 16, because it can change results a lot, becuase 16 vs 18 can be pretty big difference in mentality.

  • I voted for Danmarksdemokraterne 🇩🇰

  • I'm sure that first voters dont think in "Brittish"
    And more in Europenishness.

  • Facism bootlickers for the rich and corporate elite to keep them in power.

  • Far right hate everyone who is not like you,thats it in a nut shell 😂😂

  • Let's be realistic, they all think about Russia now. They always think about Russia. Like if they are Belarus. Ukraine for example thinks about the EU.

  • BBC is a hard left, radical extremist organisation.

  • 2:16 so farmers are also right wing extremists eh? Then the food u eat is also right wing extremist? That was a very bad segway guys.

  • The left and the Far left are greatest threat to european economy and security this are puppets of the globalists a.k.a WEF members.

  • One of the biggest problems in the west is letting young people decide our future. People who have been in a class room since they were 4yrs old. They have no perspective outside of academia. I say this as a 37yr old. I was their age once, in college and i thought i knew EVERYTHING! Lol, when i got out in the world and started making money. I learned that most of the things i learned were useless, about 90% of it. Thats why politicians and politcal party's send their messages to kids, teenagers and teens in college. One party is really guilty of this, in my country its the "progressive" Democrats. Most teenagers dont have any skin in the game. They're not competing for work, they are not paying taxes. Alot of them will be, and feel, completed betrayed when they enter the jungle(the real word.) for most of them it will be a long march to the middle(economically speaking).

  • Mannheim didnt set a good tone for immigration policy did it?

  • It's good that the young can see how awful mass immigration from low achieving, low literacy countries is destroying everything good in their countries. Globalisation iand Islamisation are the biggest evils of the age, houses need walls and countries need borders that are enforced or we our identities and darkness decends, savagery takes over. This is my opinion based on a long lifetime of observation and experience and much travel. I'm still entitled to an opinion, aren't I?

  • What is this horseshit? lol…propaganda much?
    You globalist scum got battered yesterday

  • Yeah right wing having good social media is bad, but commies and leftists owning all the media isn't bad… thats why the farright is growing

  • There is going to be European Union soon France will leave the Netherlands will leave Germany might leave after there election Austria more likely now i think Sweden will leave.

  • The EU relies heavily on propaganda such as "climate change". The hope is that if we're scared enough we will sacrifice basic freedoms and suffer higher taxes in the hope we can save the earth from impending destruction! Thank goodness the people are waking up

  • Climate changes LOVERS put them out from all governments .


  • Left = "progressive"
    Not Left = "Far Right"

  • Well the right wing take total control of the EU. Macron gets destroyed and calls to dissolve parliament…absolute landslide.

  • Please copy and paste this everywhere.

    Step 1: Everyone voting Reform should persuade at least three friends & family members to also vote Reform.

    Step 2: Ask each of them to do the same.

    And so on and so on. Numbers would quickly explode!

    Mainstream media and most pollsters are desperate to stop the rise of Reform by preventing us all from learning their common sense policies. They hate Farage because he says what the majority believe and refuses to be intimidated by the Establishment or their puppet media interviewers.

    Enough is enough! Join Reform UK online. Time for all patriots to take action to put the Great back in Britain!

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