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Stuck With Low Pay, How Taiwan’s Young Graduates Cope With High Costs | Asia’s Stuck Generation

Millennials in Taiwan are facing a new reality — high cost of living, stagnating wages and tougher competition for well-paying jobs …

Title: The Struggle of Taiwan's Young Graduates: Navigating High Costs and Low Pay Amidst a Global Trend

In the face of escalating living costs and stagnant wages, Taiwan's young graduates are grappling with financial challenges that mirror those experienced by the 'stuck generation' across Asia. A recent article, 'Stuck With Low Pay, How Taiwan’s Young Graduates Cope With High Costs | Asia’s Stuck Generation', sheds light on this pressing issue, offering insights into the strategies these individuals employ to manage their finances.

The article, published by The Diplomat, reveals that Taiwan's young graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to secure well-paying jobs, despite holding degrees from prestigious universities. This situation is exacerbated by the rising cost of living, particularly in urban areas like Taipei, where housing, transportation, and education expenses are skyrocketing.

One of the key findings of the article is the creative ways in which Taiwan's young graduates are adapting to their financial circumstances. For instance, many are opting for shared housing arrangements to reduce accommodation costs, while others are pursuing multiple part-time jobs to supplement their income. Moreover, the article highlights the role of the gig economy in providing these individuals with flexible employment opportunities.

However, it is essential to note that these coping mechanisms come at a cost. The article suggests that the reliance on multiple part-time jobs can lead to burnout, while the gig economy often offers insecure and low-paying work. Furthermore, the article underscores the need for policy interventions to address the root causes of this issue, such as improving access to affordable housing, increasing minimum wages, and creating more job opportunities in high-growth sectors.

The information presented in 'Stuck With Low Pay, How Taiwan’s Young Graduates Cope With High Costs | Asia’s Stuck Generation' is particularly relevant in today's economic climate, where rising living costs and stagnant wages are becoming increasingly common issues across the globe. The strategies employed by Taiwan's young graduates to navigate these challenges offer valuable insights for policymakers and individuals alike, as they grapple with similar financial struggles.

In conclusion, the article serves as a reminder that the financial struggles faced by Taiwan's young graduates are not unique to

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  • In reality, competitive/ cheap high quality chip end to expensive phone… Big corporations apple/google/samsung etc manipulating the pricing to lower the price of export chip from taiwan and they mark up there phone very high. Lower price equivalent to lower salary.

  • Jajahsha es culpa de China ahora 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The age of the Career Job is OVER. At the most you'll be at the job for a few years. Your a 1099 worker no matter what you think

  • Having a degree is regular standard for people who seek better income as professionals workers.
    The problems are many people who have degrees increased every year but the businesses, investment are not increasing or not investing much due to global aftermath of COVID 19 pandemic.
    It takes time and effort to survive daily and wait for opportunities to come

  • If I were in this position and lived in Taiwan, I'd learn Japanese and move abroad there where there's apparently an substantial ageing workforce.

  • They may be better off to fly to mexico as a tourist and then walk across the now open border to the US and become an undocumented migrant in the US.

  • Sounds like the UK right now

  • 第一个小哥的态度真的很值得学习,心态好,认真生活工作努力赚钱,我突然觉得自己凭什么一天到晚要杞人忧天😂

  • Thus is problem everywhere, i still remember my grandfather had a salary of 1000 rupees in india he worked in indian railways. Still he educated his 3 kids made a detached single family house on a plot of land . Today for same money you can have a McDonald's meal with pepsi , burger and french fries for 2

  • Don't worry, once Taiwan returns to China the CCP will find a job for everyone of you

  • Min Ru energy and determination are inspiring, since I want to start business also. Thank you 💪

  • It’s been like this for a long time. Many of the youth, even middle age, Taiwanese have adopted unconventional lifestyles to adapt. Some people I know would travel to different countries part time or the year to do odd jobs, and some got some type of arrangement where they do odd jobs in Taiwan for a part of the year and the other times they do community service projects.

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