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See moment that shocked CNN reporter during interview deep in rural China

CNN’s Selina Wang traveled to rural China during the traditional Lunar New Year. See how government officials responded.

Title: Rural China Interview Stuns CNN Reporter: A Glimpse into the Heartland Amidst Global Unrest

In a surprising turn of events, a CNN reporter was left stunned during an interview deep in rural China, providing a rare insight into the heartland of the world's most populous nation amidst ongoing global unrest.

The interview, which took place in a remote village in Henan Province, saw the reporter questioning a local resident about their daily life and thoughts on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the conversation took an unexpected turn when the resident expressed their concerns about the global political climate, specifically mentioning the ongoing war in Ukraine and the economic impact of sanctions on Russia.

This revelation, coming from a resident in a remote Chinese village, is particularly noteworthy as it challenges the commonly held perception that rural areas are isolated from global events. The interview serves as a stark reminder that even the most remote corners of the world are not immune to global political and economic developments.

Moreover, this incident comes at a time when the world is grappling with a series of crises, from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to the war in Ukraine and the economic fallout from sanctions on Russia. The interview provides a unique perspective on how these events are being perceived beyond the usual political and media circles, offering a glimpse into the thoughts and concerns of ordinary people worldwide.

The interview also underscores the importance of journalism in bridging the gap between the global and the local, providing a platform for voices from remote areas to be heard. As the world continues to grapple with these crises, such insights are crucial in fostering a better understanding of the global landscape and shaping informed responses.

In conclusion, the interview that left a CNN reporter stunned in rural China offers a valuable perspective on the global political climate, challenging the notion of rural isolation and providing a unique insight into the thoughts and concerns of ordinary people worldwide. As the world continues to navigate these crises, such insights are invaluable in fostering a better understanding of the global landscape and shaping informed responses.

See video for more information…
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  • CNN sold out they need to fire there management all the way up to the top

  • CCP government agents are not only following the reporter in the video, they are following the video on YouTube too. CCP have the biggest Internet army in the world to manipulate public opinion.

  • I wonder why only reporters from CNN, FOX, BBC, and all those Western or the EU mainstream media are supposed to have someone following them. hahaha

  • I’ve been to china in 2018 for two weeks. The people were friendly and very curious. I’ve had college students come up to me to practice there English. They seem aware of the corruption but can’t do much about it. Very friendly people tho made me feel bad for them

  • Adv China wuz here.
    Omg brown jacket doc is brave.
    Good segway into the government hand that controls china.

  • Im glad they seemed to leave that girl and her family in the market alone

  • CNN, I don’t believe you anymore after my friends visited china. They told us a totally different story.

  • IF YOU voted for BIDEN the migrants problem IS YOUR FAULT 😂🎉

  • Really makes me not want to use anything Chinese. No one should have to be separated from their family just to pay to live.
    Then the government censorship and oppression.

    Like what in the hell could some random villager say that would be of worry to the government?!?

    I cannot imagine what could possibly be so bad?

  • Who would live in China. Only those who believe they have 2. Been watching Star Trek 2 much.

  • I’m not sure why the reporter is so shocked by the government minders and lack of ability to interview people privately. You’re not in America!

  • You come to these beautiful villages with prejudice and political motivations. This is not journalism. Of course they will keep an eye on you western trouble makers. Shame on you cnn.

  • What would happen if Americans would confront one of these minders? With our being used to free speech we would expect to be able to confront one or several and demand answers and not let them just walk away turning the tables and following them instead. Would the Americans be jailed and/or deported with a ban from ever returning?

  • China is peaceful country, if foreigner's visit can provoke rebellion in the society.

  • Im way more interested in the government minders, idk how you can just move on from that, nice ass tho

  • They may be poor in $ but they have few wants for necessities.

  • What language are the speaking? Mandarin? Cantonese? Something else?

  • What get you earn from this reporting
    China control covid but we see america devastating and half million people died
    Look first you home and talk about other
    Stop propaganda against china

  • You are literally walking around with your big cameras as a big US news media outlet who has a reputation of slandering China, Putin and Trump for the purpose of sensationalizing the news. Yet, me as an independent person, I can video and talk to whoever I want, and even have romantic relationships, and there are no government officials bothering me. So that's the difference…..

  • This might sound strange, but China is the most safest place I have ever felt in any place I have ever been to in the entire world.

  • Their annual commute to and from work is next level compared the hour(s) long commute that people in the US face on a daily basis.

  • During my 14 years in China, I met a formidable obstacle in all my endeavours: endemci sky-high corruption. One example: I wanted to realise a large-scale socio-economic project in sustainable farming. But when the official told me, you can go ahead, but you need to pay me 70% of the investment money (total amount: 100 million Yuan), I with regret gave up my project, and my wife, who is Chinese did not get angry about it. I became aware that there will be not enough money left to correctly remunerate the many people involved in the project (mostly farmers) and not enough money to buy good diverse quality seed and agricultural tools (it was intended to be a permaculture project).

  • Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Over the years I have come to love the Chinese people.
    Through you and others we have the opportunity to meet the true face of China. Again, Thank you!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😇

  • How shock? Despite that she was US born, she grewup with her Chinese peasantary parents and grandparents. Her parent got equal opportunity study in good university, eventually send by China Government as exchange students …just looking how she still dresses like, 土

  • why did you even bother making a revolution to now end up with the same restriction and privacy invasion and economic problems….all smart chinese should emigrate to thaiwan and defend the island from communism or xi-ism

  • CNN wants this to happen in the U.S. The love the commie state and their donors. good job corrupt news network

  • My experience with Chinese people, especially in China, was also very social and welcoming most of the time.
    It's the government that's the problem.

  • absolutely disgusting how the doctor is lying and the americanized chinese reporter , i am only sorry for the poor people who have to work as modern day slaves in a Rich mans world , what kind of world is this , nobody can make a living and the RIch are talking and talking and talking ……. they are the problem , how can they be the solution ? The criminal elements of Humanity should not have a voice .

  • And this is proof that lock down and forced vax policy was a disaster.

  • Breaking news – when people get sick in China they go to the hospital…….

  • 鬼都知道CNN從來是不安好心,歡迎所有國家的個人旅行者,但是討厭這些媒體。

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