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See McConnell’s response when asked about Trump verdict

CNN’s Jake Tapper and a panel of experts discuss the state of the 2024 presidential race as well as the fallout from former …

Title: McConnell's Response on Trump's Impeachment Trial: A New Twist in the Political Saga

In a recent development, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has shared his thoughts on the potential impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. When asked about his stance, McConnell stated that he believes Trump's conduct was "indefensible," but did not explicitly say whether he would vote to convict the former president.

This statement marks a shift from McConnell's previous stance, where he had not condemned Trump's actions leading up to the Capitol riot on January 6th. The new revelation comes as the House of Representatives prepares to vote on whether to impeach Trump for a second time, citing his role in inciting the insurrection.

The response from McConnell, a close ally of Trump, is significant as it could influence other Republican senators' decisions on how to vote in the upcoming trial. If a two-thirds majority votes to convict, Trump could be barred from holding future federal office.

This new information adds a fresh layer to the ongoing political drama surrounding Trump's impeachment. As the trial approaches, the nation waits to see how this development will impact the final verdict.

See video for more information…
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  • McConnell has no backbone, he is the same as trump and has turned their backs on America and Americans! I’m surprised McConnell hasn’t made a Grift of his own! Because that’s what they do, always asking for your hard earned money, to pay for their indiscretions! The only reason it would get appealed is if you actually have evidence that proves his innocence, not just because he said he’s innocent and take him for his word! Just my opinion, let’s not be that Gullible America!

  • When they wanted to impeach Trump, McConnel was against it, because HE said, these were issues that needed to be decided by the courts and not the Congress. Now that the courts have decided, he says the cases never should have been brought…and his constituents will listen to that duplicity and STILL vote for him… smh

  • Gotta keep in mind alot of these Republicans have bought in to Project 2025 lock, stock and barrell.

  • McConnell is the man who said Trump should have been impeached. Then later he chose not to impeach him. I don’t think McConnell has a clue.

  • And once more Mitch supports Trump,
    again he is prepared to take the ultimate risk in order to prevent democratic leadership.
    Mitch, freeze and go!

  • Are this Republicans so blind as to believe a convicted felon and lie about our president, they have become the enemy of our country Russian style. 🥴

  • His opinion about the trial is not surprising. He's a feeble minded Republican going out with a whimper.

  • Mitch….would you prefer a Jan. 6th trial?!?…You certainly were outraged about that…for a day. And then someone got in your ear. Politics won't miss you…..

  • CNN is the most corrupt people I've ever seen they are all Democrats and they want to run the country nah and I better interest it is like a third world country with them

  • There has to be some loop hole to stop To ever be in Office he has to be stopped . we are doomed if he is voted in .

  • All of you talk about biden being to old t OP go to prison and to frail mind you as well he is still running this country and has no business sitting in the president chair only a dumb ass can't see that.

  • Isz cnn turning maga this is trash to many softies thats scared to get fired for saying how they really feel

  • How can you become president when you have a felony you can’t even vote

  • How can the Republican Party be disbanded? Legitamately, there should be something in there bylaws to disband them in case they go off the rails…they are off the rails… I'm more sorry everyday that I used to be a Republican… shameful party…

  • Trump supporters wouldn't care if Donald J Trump was a drug lord ,It's Donald J Trump's guttersnipe rhetoric and anti immigrant issue and his racist agenda that Trump's supporters support.

  • Moscow Mitch wants to kiss the ring. He knows if he doesn’t his life is over if TFG wins.

  • McConnell doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’s talking about Trump. We know he’s losing his mind now talking about the wrong guy and he doesn’t realize what he’s doing. Somethings wrong.

  • the last time I checked it is legal to hire or have sex with a prostitute in Nevada and it is still legal now! the last time I checked it is not legal in Delaware nor using drugs…. so if it happened in Nevada… why are you charging him in New York? and he didn't ask anyone to pay her… Do you have evidence of that? pathetic

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