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Russian Airbase DESTROYED In Long Range Attack, Major Loss | Breaking News With The Enforcer

A major Russian airbase at Mozdok has been hit heavily by Ukrainian long range drones, knocking out vital parts of the Russian …

Title: Major Russian Airbase Suffers Significant Damage in Long-Range Attack: Latest Developments

In a significant turn of events, a major Russian airbase has reportedly been hit in a long-range attack, according to a breaking news report by The Enforcer. The exact location and extent of the damage are yet to be confirmed, but the incident is believed to mark a significant loss for the Russian military.

This development comes amidst heightened tensions between Russia and Ukraine, with both nations accusing each other of escalating the conflict. The Kremlin has not yet issued an official statement regarding the alleged attack on the airbase.

The news, if confirmed, would mark a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict, with potential implications for regional and global stability. It is essential to monitor this situation closely for further updates and official statements from involved parties.

This article is based on a breaking news report by The Enforcer. The information provided is preliminary and requires verification from independent sources.

See video for more information…
#breaking news europe

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  • In other words nothing particular happened, except 50 000 monthly casualties on Ukrainian side.

  • Did Russia invade to get their X criminal state from grafting with the UN?

  • Just subscribed – I'm new to OSINT/Geolocating and would like to know which website/sources you favor.
    Please advise, and many thanks for supporting Ukraine.

  • Was that a Ukraini flag on the tail rudder of the yak?

  • Putler bots say present if ur name is called

  • Love the update vids! I cant always watch the live streams! So this keeps me in the loop

  • Dude you guys channel needs to get it together. It would be amazing if it was true but ukraine hitting an airfield with a single drone or even 100 drones does not mean the entire airbase was destroyed. Big difference

  • you are misleading people. where is the confirmation that the air base was destroyed? but I have information that 2 Ukrainian Su27s were destroyed at the airfield

  • In another cheating video of artur the tittle say crimea in flame 🔥
    No crimea or flame saw

  • Why no show to us what Ukraine destroy in Russia
    We only see what Russia destroying in Ukraine very clear

  • So you saying there was tons people to record the drone but there was no russian defence systems of any sort activated…I mean that sht is so loud could hear it here in london

  • Just a thought here…. IF they painted these things Sky Blue they might be a bit harder to see🤔

  • I’m hoping that is not a US drone used in the fight against Russia.

  • I’m hoping that is not a US drone used in the fight against Russia.

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