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President Emmanuel Macron dissolves French National Assembly and calls snap election

French President Emmanuel Macron has dissolved France’s National Assembly and called a snap election after his party suffered …

Title: Macron Dissolves French National Assembly, Calls for Snap Election

In a surprising move, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the French National Assembly on Tuesday, triggering a snap election. The decision comes amidst ongoing political turmoil and economic challenges in France.

This development marks a significant shift in French politics, as the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament, has not been dissolved since 1968. The election, scheduled for June 12 and 19, is expected to reshape the political landscape of France, with Macron's La République En Marche! (LREM) party aiming to consolidate its position.

The announcement follows a series of protests and strikes across France, with the 'yellow vest' movement demanding social and economic reforms. The dissolution of the National Assembly and the subsequent election could provide Macron with a fresh mandate to implement his policies, particularly those related to the environment and pension reforms, which have been met with significant opposition.

This news is particularly relevant given the ongoing political instability in France and the broader European Union. The election results could have significant implications for France's relationship with the EU, as well as its domestic policy direction. The snap election is a bold move by Macron, demonstrating his commitment to push through his reform agenda despite facing significant opposition.

However, it remains to be seen whether this strategy will be successful. The 'yellow vest' movement, which has been critical of Macron, has shown no signs of abating, and the opposition parties are likely to capitalize on the public discontent. The election outcome could potentially strengthen the opposition, further complicating Macron's efforts to implement his policies.

In conclusion, the dissolution of the French National Assembly and the call for a snap election is a significant event in French politics. The election results could shape France's domestic policy direction and its relationship with the EU. The outcome remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the political landscape of France is set for a dramatic change.

See video for more information…
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  • Give it a rest with the hard right and far right crap! This is the people voting democratically for parties that are closer aligned to dealing with the issues that concern them most.

  • Dictator getting rid of the people's voice in government when things don't go his way. In the US Biden is criminalizing any opposition not just from the Republicans but within his own party. Not since Stalin have we seen this in Europe or north America, even in Mexico over 100 political office holders and seekers were just assassinated, this is the rise of total tyrants more typical of third world nations.

  • Common sense party not right wing…………✝️✝️✝️

  • Bravo les français se réveillent 🇨🇵. Ils veulent garder leur valeurs Macron dehors!

  • The far left whent for a global take over and it looks like its failing. To keep power the will bring us into a hot war.

  • So let me get this right… France's conservative party won elections. Macron had a hissy fit and dissolved parliament and tells the crowd it was for Democracy. Smells like a dictator to me.

  • Tous ces commentaires ridicules sur la politique française et sur les opinions du peuple français, de la part d'étrangers ignorants et stupides qui devraient s'occuper de leurs affaires jusqu'à ce qu'ils sachent de quoi ils parlent. si jamais.

  • Wow….. they can do this !? Without a VALID reason other than to hold on to power?

  • What this journalist is failing to explain is that if the Rassemblement National wins these legislative elections by the same margin in 3 weeks, they will have the weight to impose their leader as France's new Prime Minister.
    France has a dual executive political system: the President presides the Republic, he is in charge of defense and international affairs, but the Prime Minister leads the governement. When they are both from the same party, the President stays the stronger man as he appoints a PM of his choice, but when they're from opposing parties and the President is being imposed a PM …well, it's the Prime Minister who leads the country.
    Macron might keep his seat as president, he'd effectively hand over the keys of power to Jordan Bardella.

  • Not far right typical Sky News liberal fascists broadcast

  • Far right lol always with that ridiculous headline. Far right is just right. Ppl are fed up with leftie woke politics that benefit everyone but the majority

  • The fall of multiple dandypratts at once then? Bye Sunak, Macron and Trudea. Thank goodness

  • Get rid of macron everybody vote le pen macron has turned France into Islamic state

  • "Snap election" hahaha très drôle… ils traduisent "dissolution" en "snap"!

  • "Nationalism is a threat to France…" Nope. WEF Globalism is the real threat to the WORLD. So glad people are paying attention now.

  • Everyone across the world is fed up with current politics, global elites, and central bankers. Will be interesting to watch in real time. I pray for all of us.

  • And left "Front populaire" will win.

  • Wrong
    There's no risk since he cannot be re électrique elected

  • Europe is waking up to the tyranny from the left.

  • It's Game Over for little Napoleon Macron! Goodbye France and Good Riddance! ❤️🇷🇺❤️

  • Biased Sky cant accept that normal conservative people are not "Hard Right" or "Far Right"… They are just Right! The Left have moved so far to the left that even center-right conservatives seem "far right" to them… Enough of this incorrect labeling! All it does it divide and show the bias of this news organization!

  • Russia has The EU by the Balls and is about to Squeeze Hard, Very Hard! ❤️🇷🇺❤️

  • Not surprising… as much population is exposed to lot of threats years ago, never heard when saying it was no longer acceptable.
    Insulting people doesn't solve any problems, denying evidence doesn't help to remain relevant, surrending to clanic communities make people angry. Just this

  • For your information, Jordan Bardella is an italian immigrant descendent

  • Corruption eventually has an end with bitter results and humiliation.


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