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Polish general examines Putin threat to arm West’s enemies

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned this week that the Kremlin could supply weapons to nations intent on striking targets in …

Title: Polish General Warns of Potential Russian Aggression Against Western Allies

In the context of escalating geopolitical tensions, a Polish general has issued a stark warning about the potential for Russian aggression against Western allies. General Tomasz Szatkowski, the head of Poland's military intelligence, spoke at a security conference in Munich, Germany, expressing concerns over Moscow's intentions to arm the enemies of the West.

The general's remarks come amidst a growing sense of unease in Europe, as Russia continues to assert its influence in the region. Szatkowski's comments are particularly relevant given the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, where Russia has been accused of supporting separatists and annexing Crimea in 2014.

The Polish general's warning is noteworthy due to its novelty. While concerns about Russian aggression have been prevalent for some time, Szatkowski's assertion that Moscow may arm the enemies of the West is a new development. This suggests a potential escalation in Russia's tactics, moving from direct military intervention to indirect support of hostile forces.

The implications of such a move could be significant. If Russia were to arm the enemies of the West, it could exacerbate existing conflicts and potentially provoke a wider conflict. It would also represent a significant challenge to the Western alliance, requiring a robust response to deter further Russian aggression.

In response to Szatkowski's remarks, Western leaders have emphasized the need for continued vigilance and cooperation. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, for instance, called for a united response to Russian aggression, stating that "we must stand together and not allow ourselves to be divided."

The Polish general's warning serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by Russia and the need for Western allies to remain united in the face of potential aggression. As tensions continue to rise, it is crucial for the West to stay informed and prepared for any potential developments.

See video for more information…
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  • Poland, Germany and West has committed crimes against both Ukrainian people by further corrupting it's government and Russians who suffered greatly post Bolshevik Revolution.

  • Sounds like an ex-Polish general comfortably retired living in USA with his snout in the arms trade trough, far away from the consequences for his country should his loony-tunes advice be followed.

  • Poland was invaded by Hitler and Stalin 😉

  • Why is there no talk of arming the West's enemies? Uhm I thought Putin is relagated to buying weapons from North Korea and Iran? Will Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei and Kim Jong Un risk sending Nukes to attack America? CBS News needs to be kicked off YouTube for its deception and lies!

  • STOP Anglosaskim podżegaczom wojennym.
    I ich pazernym na korporacjom.
    Stop złodziejom z BlackRock

  • Russia has cruise missiles that can loiter in the air for 12 weeks. They have AUV's that can stay submerged months and then at huge speed attack a harbor, they have two TU-160 aircraft armed with 25 cruise missiles each in Venezuela. They have nuclear armed submarines on USA east and west coasts.

  • Кому принадлежат земли Украины на 2024 год – вдруг кто забыл.

    В 2021 г. на Украине вступил в силу закон о продаже земли. Как аккуратно сообщило Australian National Review, "новым законодательством воспользовались компании из США для массовых инвестиций в страну". Теперь Cargill, Monsanto и Dupont (инвесторы – Vanguard, Blackrock и Blackstone) принадлежат 40% пахотных земель Украины. За разрешение продавать земли Незалежная получила $17 млрд кредита от МВФ, а в Киеве открылись офисы всех трех корпораций.

    ГМА-корпорация "Монсанто" напрямую и через ряд компаний-посредников уже в 2022 году владело 78% земельного фонда Сумской области, 56% Черниговской, 59% Херсонской и 47% Николаевской области, также у нее в залоге 34% земли в Киевской и Днепропетровской области.

    В феврале 2023 года вышло скандальное исследование американского Оклендского института о землевладельцах Украины. Цитируем дословно – "28% пахотных земель Украины владеет смесь украинских олигархов, европейских и североамериканских корпораций, а также суверенного фонда Саудовской Аравии". Ученые также сообщили, что владельцами украинских (на бумаге) агрохолдингов "давно являются американская NCH Capital, французская AgroGеneration, немецкие ADM Germany, KWS, Bayer и BASF, саудовские PIF и SALIC".

    В конце американские исследователи приходят к удивительному выводу – российская СВО "проходит на давно проданных иностранцам чернозёмах"

    И это мы не обсудили полезные ископаемые – а то The Washington Post уже страдал, что кроме новых территорий на 12,4 триллиона долларов, Россия "получит основные запасы полезных ископаемых бывшей Украины".

    Кстати на днях Линдси Гремм возмущался, нужно воевать до последнего украинца, чтобы американцы могли ископаемые забрать себе🤷‍♂

  • USA goverment tell Polish and German what to do stop say we have free will.

  • Families are being destroyed hasanyone asked mr.Putin what exactly do you want and see if some compromise can be reached 😊

  • To nie polski generał, nie mówi po Polsku, to czyjś pachołek.

  • Dear CBS
    If you gonna ask a pole for a response he go give you a polish answer
    Please put in more effort next time .
    All you doing is killing your own credibility
    Until that time comes we go have to part ways
    Good luck and goodbye

  • Why is the west spitting their dummies out
    Is it because of 42 countries in BRICS
    And Putin helping Africa with expulsion of France and America.???
    Makes me wonder!
    What other reasons there could be!!!

  • Hey Polish General, are you prepared to deal with the consequences of your bad decisions?

  • So, if Russia, putin stayed in Russia. He wouldn't have this issue. Unless he is suggesting Ukraine invaded Russia.
    Or he is suggesting he gets to invade any and all countries until he feels he has no nato nations on his border.
    I've never heard of any nation considering invading Russia.

  • so many of these pro russia socialists commenting here 😂 ..they all have two things in common 1. They all hate the usa 2. They all hate Israel..

  • A Russia desde 1997 adverte sobre EXPANSÃO DA OTAN ( NATO).. As promessas sempre foram descumpridas de NÀO EXPANDIR. Em 2014 houve o golpe de estado da Euromaodan por USA Vitória Nuland. Inicio de 2022 o Acordo em Istambul foi boicotado via Boris Johnson que convenceu Zelensky a NÃO ACEITAR. 2022 A Rússia deu um BASTA. Ucrânia seria neutra sem entrar para OTAN

  • Zasrana Ameryka i ich stary prezydent są tchórzem. Boją się Putina ☢️ nuklearnego szantarzu jak ognia 😱🤮. Zamiast powiedzieć Putinowi że Ameryka też posiada bomby atomowe które może im udostępnić w Moskwie. Amerykańscy politycy skulili ogon pod siebie i łeb w piach. Szkoda że Ukraina musi płacić krwią. 🇺🇸👎🇺🇦👍🇷🇺☠️

  • I would expect nothing less from Russia, if the USA and Europe are arming Russias enemies with modern Weapons why wouldnt they arm our enemies with modern weapons.. its amazing how western leaders shirk away from any responsibility for causing and extending the War in Ukraine.

  • Polski generał? To zwykły polski emeryt wojskowy, który wyjechał do USA świadczyć swoje usługi.

  • As an African, who is trying to mind my own business and put food on the table for my family, I just have a simple question: WW1 was in Europe, many Europeans died, WW2 was in Europe, very many Europeans died, but why are the Europeans once again trying to start another one? Do these Europeans understand that the population of the Europeans are already so critically low?

  • Polish General Hmm. That is an unbiased assessment if ever you had one. Ask him and it is just a straight line path to world war 3. There is no rationality to the American Evil Empire. Just ask Lindsay Graham.

  • Well stop provoking them ffs
    Media always reports when russia does something without saying why 😂😂😂

  • You can see in his eyes he is lieng about everything. He not even watch in the camera most of the time.

  • If you have got your own property go and defend it!! If you are living only from working for someone else, donnot go to army, you have got nothing to defend!! Amerikan or Russian Boss? They all the same!!!!

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