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New poll shows voters’ reaction to Trump’s felony conviction

ABC News’ Political Director Rick Klein breaks down the latest ABC News and Ipsos poll that shows how voters reacted to the …

Title: Voters' Reaction to Trump's Felony Conviction: A New Poll Reveals Insights

In a recent development, a poll has shed light on the reaction of American voters following the conviction of former President Donald Trump on charges of felony election tampering. The poll, conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post, provides valuable insights into the public's sentiment as the 2024 presidential race approaches.

The poll, released on Monday, indicates that the conviction has not significantly altered the political landscape. While a majority of Democrats (86%) and a substantial number of Independents (54%) believe Trump should be barred from holding future public office, a considerable portion of Republicans (63%) still support him.

The poll's findings suggest a deep divide along party lines, a pattern that has become increasingly common in American politics. However, it is essential to note that this is not entirely new information. Previous polls have shown similar trends, with Republicans continuing to support Trump despite multiple investigations and legal issues.

The poll's release comes at a critical juncture, as Trump is expected to announce his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election in the coming weeks. The conviction and the public's reaction to it will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the election landscape.

In conclusion, the poll provides a snapshot of the public's sentiment following Trump's felony conviction. While the conviction has not significantly shifted the political landscape, it is crucial to monitor these trends as the 2024 presidential race heats up. The deep divide along party lines underscores the challenges ahead for the American political system.

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  • I would vote for a convicted felon then that thing that is sitting in the White House. Oh by the way. Your numbers are wrong and Trump will never drop out. What you are saying is fake. Have you seen his rallies in the last 2 weeks and since the verdict. You’re lying g as usual!!! We the American people know what this trial was about. Stop spreading fake news.

  • Are Americans too lazy to read the details of the case? How is it politically motivated, other than trump paid the hush money to keep stormy quiet for the election.

  • They poll in Manhattan. The same place they hold their “fair” trials. 😂

  • Trial is rigged from the start. What crime did he exactly commit?

  • The only reason Trump was convicted was because of Biden's appointed Jurors .

  • Every time we watch the news we are being propagandized by the military industrial complex.

    When the media, intelligence agencies, the wealthy class, and the justice system are trying to take down one man in coordination you should probably vote for that man.

  • Donald Trump did not pay Stormy Daniels it was Michael Cohen

  • Of course, it's political persecution. Half of American people are convinced the DOJ is politically corrupt. The judge allowed the case to have no specific charge associated with the enhancement to a felony. American people are asking themselves, "What if i were charged in that way?"

  • Hypocrisy on both sides. Anyone disagrees is a threat to democracy. Hope the one that cares for Americans win.

  • Who paid media and intelligence agencies to try to discredit and cover up the Hunter Biden laptop? That was corruption on a scale magnitudes larger than Trump's hush money scandal. The amount of entities involved in that attempted cover up was frightening.

  • It must be the north and south pole because I never see any😅😅
    But I am polarized over it😅

  • God has plans for Trump no evil like satan or his demons could ever win against God. GOD IS IN CONTROL. We are supposed to vote for electives that believe in God and keep God in our country. No matter what happens, it'll be up to God, not us. God knows the outcome and leads the outcome for our better good. Not all people want Trump jailed. These anchors lie so much they can't tell a lie from the truth bc they lie so much they believe in both. Trump will prevail on Gods terms not satan nor these anchors on the news

  • Yes. Motivated by the Biden Administration. Black Philadelphia Voting for Trump

  • Fall out.? How many millions did Trump make campaigning on this

  • I think you and your poll are full of crap.

  • This was a political move to weponize the justice system. Obama dropped over 500 illegal drone strikes on innocent people and instead of being charged as a war criminal he wins a nobel peace prize.

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