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Kellyanne Conway ‘stunned’ by new battleground poll numbers: A ‘big deal’ for Trump

Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the new Fox News poll flashing warning signs for …

Title: New Poll Numbers Show Potential Shift in Key Battleground States for Trump, According to Kellyanne Conway

In a recent development, Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor to President Donald Trump, expressed surprise and excitement over new poll numbers indicating a potential shift in key battleground states. Conway, who also served as Trump's campaign manager in 2016, described the new data as a "big deal" for the incumbent President.

The specific battleground states mentioned in the report, though not detailed, are likely to be crucial in determining the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election. The poll numbers, while not yet publicly available, have reportedly shown a significant improvement in Trump's support in these states compared to previous surveys.

This revelation comes amidst a tumultuous political landscape, with the Presidential race heating up and both candidates intensifying their campaign efforts. The new poll numbers, if accurate, could potentially alter the electoral map and shift the momentum in Trump's favor.

It is essential to note that these poll numbers are not yet public, and their validity and implications should be verified through additional sources. However, the reaction from a key Trump advisor suggests that the data could be significant and may influence the strategies of both the Trump and Biden campaigns in the coming weeks.

This development underscores the dynamic nature of the 2020 Presidential race, with both candidates battling for every vote in the crucial battleground states. As the election approaches, updates like these will continue to shape the narrative and influence the political landscape.

See video for more information…
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  • It scares me that it is this close. This means 49 percent of the people in the country are idiots

  • All about race with this chick huh doesn't matter what color you are we're all Americans we also stand together f*** this lady when you go to war we're all equal don't matter what color you are we're all brothers and sisters the same way back here in America wake up America these people keep playing the race card to get racism still around this lady is sick

  • She would be stunned if she saw herself without makeup. Or, hoe sliced bread works.

  • trump will lose facebook appl google will steal the vote again and kelly will be shocked

  • Here is a “conservative” woman saying she’d love to see a republican woman VP.

    You can’t make this stuff up, there is NOTHING conservative about today’s republican party.

  • Trump will not make November 2024.

  • Haley is a RINO. I wouldn't vote for her to be dog catcher. She's a SSSSNAKE.

  • Rumours are, the dems will start a war with Russia, to postpone the election indefinitely.

  • Didn't Trump's fake news media say Hunter's trial was in Biden territory and therefore the verdict would be 'not guilty'?- Rotten Rightie BS as usual, and the verdict proves that politics didn't come into the jury's thinking at all – exactly the same as in Trump's guilty verdict. How will Trump and his cronies 'spin' this one? It will be funny watching them squirm whilst pretending they're cool about it.

  • You tRumpers are fing idiots and all us normal Americans know it. You are in for a major defeat…just like last time. Why? Because you suck!

  • What Conway says doesn't matter. She loves trump so of course.

    Now if a liberal says this then I believe.

  • No heir – no more voting for the VP automatically. Every President needs to be who the people want.

  • All lies – Trump isn't breaking through. He's too far behind. Biden will win because nobody is buying Trump's B.S.

  • DEMS!
    You need to pay attention, here.
    FAKE News is correct in this instance.

    To quote Han Solo: "….don't get cocky, kid!" Yall must work even harder to defeat these REDS, the Yall Qaedas & their messiah, the Orange – B.L.O.A.T. -.

    Biden kicked the B.LO.A.T's lard axy in 2020, but not by much.

    2024, if you work at it betterif you work at it better, Biden will win by a much bigger margin.
    Let this

  • In Virginia Biden is higher in election integrity 😳‼️What a JOKE‼️ Those in Virginia who are in agreement with that result make me ashamed. Biden and his cronies have NO integrity in any area‼️

  • General Flynn or Tulsi Gabbard for Vice President

  • General Flynn or Tulsi Gabbard for Vice President

  • Men know that Bidenis being run by exrtreme left wing women and they do not like it

  • Shouldn't be this close. Nobody should even consider, much less actually vote for Biden

  • Trump needs to beat Biden like Reagan did Mondale in '84.
    49/50 States. Biden can have Delaware and DC.

  • Tom Cotton or Tim Scott would be excellent choices for Trump's VP.
    I also like Josh Hawley and Jim Jordan.
    Ted Cruz and John Kennedy should be Attorney General or
    Supreme Court Justices.

  • So KC's comment about wanting to see a woman Republican President, but it doesn't look like it's happening this time… so are we to assume that Tulsi Gabbard & Elise Stefanik are out of the running?
    I'm also guessing that the VP pick will be announced prior to the July 4 holiday, so that they are in place before the convention – and that the holiday and also the sham trial sentencing date do not take away from that announcement?

  • If Nikki is VP Trump wins if Vivek is VP he loses…

  • Trump is a loser who has never gotten more votes in the general election and won't again. You Trumpers are in love with losing.

  • Trump has no chance. Polls, the ballots, the rallies. None matter when a shadow group of leaders plans on appointing POTUS. What's left? Not much. America is a 21st century dinosaur waiting for the meteor to strike.

  • A moron MAGA fox viewer going to a Trump rally. Trump tells them the government is putting chips inside people. The MAGA yells back I want Doritos!

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