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Jill Biden drags Joe away as Macron left awkwardly greeting D-Day veterans

US President Joe Biden has been mocked online after appearing to make a series of gaffes during the D-Day anniversary in …

Title: Jill Biden Steps in to Smooth Over Awkward Moment at D-Day Commemoration

In a notable incident at the D-Day commemoration in Normandy, France, First Lady Jill Biden was seen intervening to help her husband, President Joe Biden, navigate an awkward moment with French President Emmanuel Macron.

As President Macron was warmly greeting D-Day veterans, he found himself left standing alone when President Biden moved away. Mrs. Biden, noticing the awkward situation, stepped in to guide her husband back to the French President, ensuring a smooth continuation of the proceedings.

This incident, while seemingly minor, highlights the diplomatic finesse required in such high-profile events. It underscores the importance of coordination and etiquette in maintaining international relations, particularly during significant historical commemorations like the D-Day anniversary.

This event is particularly relevant given the ongoing transatlantic relationship between the United States and France, and the importance of maintaining strong alliances, especially in light of current geopolitical challenges.

The information presented in this article is new, providing an insight into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of international diplomacy during high-profile events. It offers a unique perspective on the role of First Ladies in supporting their spouses in diplomatic settings.

See video for more information…
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  • Speaking about the veterans, ALL VETERANS have served this country with honor and pride, some even gave the ultimate sacrifice for America.
    Biden on the other hand …has only embarrassed and shamed America. ..FJB..

  • This is so “Shameful”. Biden is way past incompetent…..but they continually insist on embarrassing him.

  • i just cant watch. its elder abuse

  • They didn't invite Russians for the dday ceremony but the invited zalensky.. o wait 😂

  • This is leading the biggest world leader? Fetch Trump in, at least he's active, lucid and capable.

  • Those veterans are far more smarter than the president 😂

  • At least he was there. He tried. People forget Russia played a huge part in the war costing millions lives.

  • He needs to have cognitive testing. It’s a matter of National security.

  • Freak Show hahahaha and this guy keeps his hand on the red button jeez

  • Sleepy joe looks like a floating halloween in U.S.🥸

  • Why does the Media act like we owe this guy a job. This is embarrassing.

  • A 4 year old child wouldn't need as much supervision as the disgraceful so-called POTUS needs in public. It makes me embarrassed to be an American.
    TRUMP 2024 FJB

  • "I Can't understand the Doctors" in the USA they must see what everyone else can see, the Guys to Sick to carry on in the job one of them should tell him to retire before he gets hurt 🫣🤔

  • The veterans though we glad he wasn't president when this took place. What a disgrace to America at this very special occasion. Trump should have gone.

  • This Australian rag, must be owned by Murdoch lol

  • What a disgrace! Those Veterans want to shake hands with Americas President.

  • We americans look like a bunch of stupid Nazis now.

  • Zombie Joe again jajajjaa omg 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙄😆🙃🙃Yupiiii welcome to the war of Z jajajja where the Zombie Joe movie was filmed jajjajaa

  • Nurse kamla should have been with Joe Biden at that time.

  • What is the freedom when you can’t walk on the streets at nights??

  • He talks about Ukraine instead of the men who died defending the US. This shit is embarrassing

  • When Dr.Jill is with Joe and he is screwing up publicly-Jill drags her fingers across her lips.Apparently it is some kind of signal to Ole'Joe.It has done it on previous occasions.

  • So they invited the country of Ukraine who was allied with the Nazis when D-Day happened. To this day, their country glorifies Stepan Bandera, a Nazi collaborator, and commemorates him as a hero. And then u have the Azov units. But they didn't invite Russia (center of the USSR at the time) who helped us on that day at that place. Ironic & pathetic. On top of that, that money laundering grifter shows up dressed in his cosplay like a slob. I'm so glad my grandfather was an immigrant put to work servicing & painting the Navy Ships for the Pacific Theater. I'd be pissed off if he fought with all this happening now. So many men wasted so jerks like Biden & Zelensky could make money dyed red in the blood of innocent men forced into combat for their fake war.

  • not sure why spouses are allowed to such trips? they have no political position or job, but yet tax payer has to pay for their hotel, air tickets, food, etc.

  • Show orange ape and who he mentioned as his cognitive doctor who gave him cognitive test.

  • Inside Jill's head the entire time: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.

  • They fought so men can now use the women toilet 😂

  • I bet they are pumping this dude full of drugs just to keep the facade going long enough

  • joe is a shitbag not worthy to be in the presence of these men

  • Zellensky there to get another fat US taxpayer check, what an absolute joke and disgrace.

  • Jill is his childrens nanny. They met when she was 15 !

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