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‘Going to make things worse’: Biden to sign executive action on immigration today

President Biden is set to sign executive action today on immigration that will temporarily close the southern border when daily …

Title: Biden to Enact Immigration Executive Actions Amidst Border Crisis

In a move aimed at addressing the ongoing immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, President Joe Biden is set to sign a series of executive actions today, according to reports. This decision comes amidst growing pressure from both political parties and the public to address the surge in migrants attempting to cross the border illegally.

The specifics of the executive actions remain undisclosed, but they are expected to focus on areas such as family reunification, creating a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, and expanding legal immigration channels. These measures are intended to provide a more orderly and humane process for those seeking asylum or permanent residency in the United States.

This development is significant as it marks the first major policy initiative by the Biden administration on immigration since taking office. The executive actions are expected to be a precursor to comprehensive immigration reform, a promise made by President Biden during his campaign.

However, the timing of these actions has raised eyebrows, with critics arguing that it could exacerbate the current border crisis. Some fear that the announcement could encourage more migrants to attempt the dangerous journey north, further straining resources and increasing the number of unaccompanied minors in U.S. custody.

Despite these concerns, the Biden administration maintains that the executive actions are necessary to address the root causes of migration and create a fairer and more efficient immigration system. The White House has emphasized that the actions will be guided by a commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.

As the situation at the border continues to evolve, the impact of these executive actions remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: the Biden administration is taking steps to address a critical issue that has long divided the nation.

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  • So first Joe undoes the most secure border policy we have had in recent history, opens the floodgates of ILLEGAL immigration, waits nearly 4 years, then institutes a watered down version of the previous administration’s policy – the very one he canceled – and try’s to take credit for doing something.

    You broke it and now are trying to take credit for fixing it. When my new plumber does that, I fire him and re-hire the guy that did it right in the first place.

    And idiots will buy into it. Repeat for energy policy and the economy. Worst. President. Ever. All because of mean tweets.

  • According to N.Y.C. Mayor Adams daily costs associated with housing and feeding migrants is now $394 PER DAY.

    With more than 64,000 in the city’s care that's OVER TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS EACH DAY. $25,216,000.00.

    That is just for ONE CITY and doesn't include the thousands sent to other parts of New York State.

    Are we out of our minds? This amount of money is unmanageable for us to maintain.

    The above is for EACH DAY-EACH DAY-EACH DAY-EACH DAY……………..

    That's only one city out of the over 100,000 American cities.

    This sad empty shell of a human and his socialist progressive minions have got to be FIRED.

    Ammunition and weapons needed by THIS COUNTRY'S MILITARY are going to the Ukraine and these are being used to attack targets IN RUSSIA. Russian warships are positioning 90 miles South of Florida in Havana,

    Iran probably already has a nuclear weapon and is looking to possibly Korea for a delivery system.

    China is producing Fentanyl, destined for this country via Mexico.

    Why go on with the list of dangers due to this administration, useless when people on the street still think the laptop is fake, that Trump will begin hanging journalists and JOE BIDEN IS READY TO RUN A MARATHON OR WRITE A SINGLE LINE OF ONE OF THE SPEECHES HE MUMBLES OUT, (END QUOTE–PAUSE).

  • If theses immigrants from 3rd world country are coming thru mexico to get into the US, why doesn't mexico take them…

  • No people dont just flow through countrys…thats nonsense

  • The only thing I want to know is we haven't heard anything at all from Kamala Harris in months and months what's going on

  • Biden and the Democrats are trying to use the illegal immigrants as votes to win elections. Their means are against our laws and our Constitution, which they are totally disregarding. Their lies and deceptions show the hypocrisy in their actions. They say one thing to cover up the evil things they are doing. The Democrats are weaponizing their control over the law so they can persecute and control their opposition. We have a weak leader in Biden, and other countries will try to take advantage of this weakness before our election.

  • how about make them apply the right way, come in thru the door stop crossing where they aren't supposed to

  • Well Biden said "Don't" 2 days ago and absolutely nothing has changed. Incompetent, and Buffoonish, those are the 2 main characteristic descriptions for the occupier of the oval office.

  • Now i know why america is where its at. American have a short memory and forgot Biden's first 100 days

  • What a joke! 😂 And what… we all have amnesia. Such a joke.

  • That is too late to close the stinking borders, america national security is weak, and this government don't care about Americans citizens born in United States people paying taxes, votes and love so much this great nation, imagine how much criminals pass for does borders rapes, child molesters, murders, and etc. that's what happens new york city is a full of criminals because the borders situation but now he want to closed the borders pleaseeeeee, enough the craps and lying I stop voting no more vote, I which I have a lot money to make a house in the top of the mountain 🏔️ Everest's live out of the society and in peace because america government don't care about our people Americans citizens God bless United States North America and the four fathers 🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅🦅🇺🇸 amen.

  • Is too late. He should've done this as soon as he became president

  • Close borders forever and deport everyone that entered in the last 4 years

  • Biden Cartel will still make plenty of money ?💰

  • Headline should read: Biden Announces Plan To Pretend To Care About The Border Until November 6

  • A 😮😮😢😢😮😮 bad & nasty 😮😮😢😢😮😮 retired director from General Dynamics, previously worked in San Diego, probably more than 85 yrs old now, is abusing US Gov's monitoring satellite to harass normal US civilians, inside USA & all over the world for his own entertainment & amusement.

    These remote sensors of the monitoring satellites are capable of interpreting the words you're thinking in your mind, may be, by air vibration or by scanning the brainwaves from your brain.

    The Israeli IDF are using similar satellite technologies to spy on the Hamas leadership hiding deep inside the Gaza Tunnels. IDF once released footage of these videos in much degraded resolution.

    This could also have been the way how our intelligence services obtained classified information on Xi Jinping's missile deployment within China.

    This retired General Dynamics director could have been the mastermind behind the plane crash killing the Secretary of Commerce Ronald Brown of the Clinton Administration, in the plane crash in 1996 in Croatia.

    The United States as we learned and studied in American high school does not exist anymore; it has been destroyed.

    United States have been dead. American citizens don't have human rights.

    This retired Director of General Dynamics is indeed a national disgrace of the United States.

    If this America disgrace wants to harrass any American civilian, he just puts the name of this American into our Gov. blacklist for monitoring, and he can harass this American civilian.

    United States must stop this disgrace retired director from General Dynamics.

    Our Congress should carry out an investigation into our Gov satellite misuse. I am willing to testify in Congress.

    I can give White House my name and let them check if I have been wrongly put onto the blacklist of terrorists for monitoring, just for some retired director from General Dynamics for his personal amusement and entertainment.

    I am requesting help here from White House. That's why I'm typing all these.

    White House can simply remove my name from the list of terrorists being monitored by the American intelligence services.

    I am the victim of abuse of American monitoring satellites.

    It's easy to check. White House may check if my name is on the terrorist monitoring list. I am willing to contact White House.

  • Close the border, build a 100 ft high fence. Its not that theyre bad people but the US is at capacity.

  • Biden did this on purpose, he was brining cheap labor into the country so that the super wealthy could get even wealthier. And do you know how another country that hates the U.S. destroys us, from within. They overwhelm our economy and drain our resources.

  • With all the protestors in the US it proved the US must only let in people that honor the US constutuition and are of the religion the US is, this not the middle east, people from Mexico and other south American are generally Catholic and FIT IN

  • Political move for votes. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Biden is no longer for humanity. He knows he won't get voted back in for 2nd term. So he is trying to destroy America and move to Israel for his retirement. Everyone knows no where in America will anyone one of his family be welcomed. The country will vote for a criminal just to stop Biden!!!

  • He should have done this a loooooooong time ago. Its a pure political move

  • Biden essentially signed all immigrants' death certificates. Biden told them to come, then turned them away to the Cartel.

  • The funny thing is Biden is the person who has been inviting them to come.
    And somehow you still expect people to believe that this is someone else's fault.

  • Biden reversed all Trump’s executive orders regarding the border. Enough said

  • If Biden wins he will reverse this executive order on day one.

  • 500 million to ukrain while americans are murdered, cant affird health care, loosing jobs and livelihood……FJB


  • The following is a complete list of all the reasons an American should vote to re-elect Biden:

    1. Um…give me a minute… wait, I know……………, ok I got nothing!

  • After 4 years and millions of illegal we are closing the border. Wow that was a quick reaction by the Democrats.



  • This 🌍 is or can be cruel. I am still suffering from my poisoned symptoms since last year 2023!

    Stay blessed. Take care. New Zealand is not a safe country anymore foreigners who are thinking of moving here. I was born and raised in New Zealand 🇳🇿 and I got poisoned.

    Take care 🤎💛🤍🖤🙏

  • making a move after 3 years of awol outrageous negligence!!! Disgraceful mismanagement!!!!!!!!!

  • Ever drug that comes across is biden aiding and abetting murder!!!!!!!

  • Headline today"anti blackness is in- herent in.our immigration system…" That is a lie and they know it. Everything is "racist" that donald trump believes in. Why do so.many blacks wantbto come to.this country if it" so racist" meanwgile Biden is all for any one coming in to country(like a terrorist element, but 3:04 thats ok with demos. They dont common sense😮😮😮😮

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