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Europe’s ‘Trump Moment’? Weekend EU Elections Could See a Conservative Surge

There are a lot of unhappy people in Europe who could take out their unhappiness on the bureaucrats in Brussels this weekend.

Title: Europe's "Trump Moment": A Potential Conservative Surge in Upcoming EU Elections

In the political landscape of Europe, a significant shift is on the horizon. The upcoming European Parliament elections, set to take place over the weekend, could witness a conservative surge reminiscent of the political upheaval seen in the United States with the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

This potential conservative surge is being fueled by a growing disillusionment among European voters, particularly in the wake of migration crises, economic stagnation, and perceived political elitism. Parties on the right, such as the National Rally in France, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), and the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), are capitalizing on this discontent, promising to restore national sovereignty and prioritize domestic concerns.

The relevance of this development cannot be overstated, as it mirrors the rise of populist, nationalist movements in the United States and other parts of the world. The potential conservative sweep could reshape the political landscape of Europe, with significant implications for the continent's future and its relationship with the rest of the world.

While predictions are always fraught with uncertainty, the current trend suggests a shift towards conservative parties. It remains to be seen whether this trend will continue and to what extent it will impact the political dynamics of the European Union. However, one thing is clear: the upcoming EU elections are poised to deliver a seismic shock to the European political establishment.

This information is new, as the European elections are taking place this weekend, and the potential for a conservative surge has not been widely discussed in the media until recently. The implications of this development are significant, as it could lead to a fundamental shift in the political landscape of Europe.

See video for more information…
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  • How is this Trump related? Stop being alarmist.

  • To be honest, this was to be expected. The far-left and moderate left have been too overreaching and the public has had enough.

  • From your cousins in the US: MEGA! Good job, ladies and gents!

  • I pray the indigenous people of Europe can repel the violent colonizers laying waste to their culturally rich cities and countryside.

  • No more invasion, no more Islamic rape gangs, no more replacement.

  • Finally. Only took 20 years of Europeans experimenting with it to finally figure it out?

  • Europeans and Americans are becoming poor by spending large amount of money to fight islamic terrorism. Example in Iraq, Syria, Afganisthan and now hamas, hesbullah, houthis.

  • Europe for Europeans and America for Americans. Keep the 3rd World where the belong

  • Far right always has the answers but what they fail to tell you is for them to do what they say they will do. You lose freedoms and rights. That's just a fact that occurs over and over in history.

  • Crazy that just wanting to be able to afford to feed your family makes you far right lol

  • To Preserve European and Christian Culture, far right will be a significant role to stop britistan, frankistan, belgistan, germanistan.

  • Shutting down Nuclear power in Germany was really stupid. Especially when Russian gas is cut off.

  • Can you imagine the west becoming poorer than Africa?
    It'll be so funny, but that's just how the judgement of God works.

    It'll be a sad world, but if righteousness does not reign, what do you expect?

  • When one hears people – ordinary people – saying the same things and highlighting the same issues as we have in the UK and the absurd policies of their governments, we can safely assume it is the result of a co-ordinated plan.
    We have been played – the whole population of Europe, barring Hungary and Poland (who saw it coming and refused to obey), has been conned and shafted by the European and globalist spivs and criminals, who pretend to be our leaders.

  • Stop invading countries and there will be no migrants in Europe. You invade you kill you loot other nation and then cry over immigrants. What an hypocrite you white people are🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • I thought it had a lot to do with the war in the Ukraine and sanctions on cheap gas out of Russia.

  • "The future does not belong to globalist, the future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors and honor the differences that make each country special and unique." – President, Donald J. Trump, 2017

  • Now they are after Israel, wait to see what deal they make with Saudi. Hamas didn’t want Saudi to join with Israel. Now Biden is trying to make a deal or has already!

  • Trump failed as President. A Plague and a
    Massive job destroying deficit exploding Recession..

  • I just wanna say, were in 2024, and we can't be green and employ people at the same time? Thats the fossil fuel industry for ya.

  • Europe is going green but people have no money that's ridiculous,green has to be balanced or else people are going to go broke.



    Who do you think The Ukranianian people prefer?

  • FINALLY!! The ONLY media outlet that brings balance to the story behind the EU elections and explains the WHY behind the outcome, instead of NBC, PBS, CBS, etc. who merely, dishonestly, labels the whole Right as Fascists, extremists, etc. i.e. people who aren't woke like they are.

  • Saying Europeans are fed up with the state of affairs in Europe (concerning certain results of left wing policies) is one thing (which makes sense)… but calling this a "Trump moment" is taking it far too far! Trump is absolutely disgusting, as a politician, as a citizen, and, mostly, as a human being. Don't try to make him the epitome of right wing policies and philosophy – this coming from a European citizen that is currently voting for a right wing party in his country, mind you…

  • Eliticism is the new Racism. You are either a high and almighty leftist elite, or low life common far right folk.

  • Europeans are sick of their politicians turning their countries into Pakistan so they can secure votes and remain in power.

  • Whats interesting is for over 50 years the amount of money produced by the working people never seems like enough tax money to provide safe, energy efficient, affordable balanced lifestyles for the people yet everyone is working more. Wonder where all the money has gone.

  • Not a chance that the average EU country is richer than Idaho.

  • I’m a proud Trump-supporting Republican from the state of Nevada and seeing this right-wing movement taking place throughout Europe puts a smile on my face! ❤

  • MOSCOW and MAGA ☠ TRUMP 45 is the 4th Reich of the 5th Beast. The words FOX and LIES both equal 45 in English Gematria. Can you say Book of Revelation? Trump, Putin, and Ping are trying to take over and make a New World Order!

  • They are the Common Sense Right


  • From an Australian, congrats on all your huge wins for reasoning and the people's values Europe!

  • These politicians who are letting millions of unvetted foreigners pour into their countries illegally are traitors. And the opposition parties who let them get away with it are cowards. If civil war does break out, we may see the return of the guillotine. 😨

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