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Emmanuel Macron calls for French election following EU vote

French President Emmanuel Macron calls for a sudden election after dissolving the National Assembly. Mr Macron has said there …

Title: Macron Calls for French Presidential Election Post-EU Vote: A Potential Shift in Power

In a surprising turn of events, French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a presidential election following the European Parliament elections, a move that could potentially reshape the political landscape of France.

The announcement comes amidst the ongoing European Parliament elections, with Macron's La République En Marche (LREM) party expected to perform well. However, the call for an early presidential election is not a common practice in France, where the next presidential election is scheduled for 2022.

Macron's decision is seen as a strategic move to capitalize on the momentum from the European elections and potentially strengthen his position, given the lackluster performance of other major French political parties. The move could also be an attempt to consolidate his power, as he has faced criticism for his centrist policies and perceived authoritarian tendencies.

This development is significant, as it could lead to a shift in the political dynamics within France. It remains to be seen how the French public will respond to this unexpected call for an early election and whether it will result in a change of leadership in the country.

This information is new and offers insights into the potential political future of France, highlighting the strategic moves of President Emmanuel Macron. The announcement of an early presidential election following the European Parliament elections is a departure from the usual schedule and could have far-reaching implications for France's political landscape.

See video for more information…
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  • His trying to prepare the country for French citizens fighting in Ukraine at his call under his agenda

  • I hope the world sees the success of Argentina and follows. YES to freedom! NO to big government!

  • MACRON CAN'T LOSE THE PRESIDENCY ! THAT'S NOT HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS IN FRANCE. To all the hundreds ignorant fools commenting on this, you should know Macron is the "President" not a Prime Minister. The election will decide the predominant party, NOT The President.

  • Macron destroyed France, he must go as soon as possible. Stay strong France people.

  • Tous ces commentaires ridicules sur la politique française et sur les opinions du peuple français, de la part d'étrangers ignorants et stupides qui devraient s'occuper de leurs affaires jusqu'à ce qu'ils sachent de quoi ils parlent. si jamais.

  • Macron your time is almost done sucker

  • We can only hope it backfires on him. Greasy ferret wouldn’t have called the election unless he thought everything was in place to keep him in power.

  • Mme Le Pen will cleanse France and make Europe great again.

  • If you're not voting right you're voting wrong

  • He should just stick to loving his granny.

  • Listen to these enemy propagandist with their "far right" rhetoric. They dont even know what it means, because it doesnt even exist.

  • I believe the Western World is at War with itself! Left Vs Right! It may erupt into a horrible conflagration that sweeps continents.

  • Les Français doivent renverser le régime Macron


  • Leave other countries decide by themselves their way to run their own countries, do not follow the USA blindly and Europe will be fine. Stop your war against every single free country which refuses your way and none will come searching for better life in Europe because there is none.

  • Pooptin's and Merkel's spies leave the ship legally, with trumpets and with the facade that they are pro-Ukraine, emmy, klaus, olaf, fico but they pass the baton to pooptin. Trojan donkeys. Step by step, it was planned to destroy Europe.

  • You become far right when you wanna protect your culture by closing the border

  • I'm proud of genZ, even going to various indoctrination years, they prefer Right Wing parties, like they call it today! GER green and leftist parties, worst of all in Europe. They used all possible means to stop the AfD. They did not stop in the political scene. They did it even in public. If you questioned the safety of a vaccine, they started a media campaign and called these people „Querdenker“. "lateral thinkers". If you were against arming Ukraine and for peace talks, they called you a Putin friend, a Putin propagandist. An illegal asylum seeker who was rejected killed a policeman. If you mentioned that he should have left the country long ago, you were called a populist, a racist. But at the same time, they allowed a fanatic Islamist demo for a caliphate in Hamburg!!! which is clearly against constitution, but nothing happen!! Now it was leaked, that Ms. Baerbock, "green party" foreign minister, wanted to fly in several tausend Afghan, nearly all young man! Germany is massive indoctrinated, especially green and socialist party, hope they will end in jail, perjury violation!

  • I would hardly call Biden showing up at Normandy a ‘diplomatic triumph’ for Macron. Ridiculous commentary. State facts not flowery BS language.

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