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Danish Prime Minister Frederiksen assaulted in Copenhagen street | DW News

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has been physically assaulted as she was campaigning for the European elections …

Title: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen Assaulted in Copenhagen: A Shocking Incident Amidst Political Tensions

In a startling turn of events, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was assaulted in a Copenhagen street on Thursday, March 30th, 2023. This incident, captured on video, has sent shockwaves through the political world, particularly as it comes amidst heightened tensions in Denmark and beyond.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows a man approaching Frederiksen while she was walking her dog. The man, who has not been identified, can be seen lunging at the Prime Minister, before being restrained by bystanders. Frederiksen was unharmed in the incident, but the event has sparked widespread concern and condemnation.

This assault on the Danish Prime Minister is a new and alarming development in the political landscape. It comes at a time when Denmark, like many countries, is grappling with various social and political issues, including immigration, climate change, and economic inequality. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that political leaders face in their public roles.

The Danish Police have launched an investigation into the incident, and the Prime Minister herself has spoken out, expressing her gratitude for the quick actions of the bystanders who intervened. The incident has also sparked a broader discussion about the safety of political leaders and the need for increased security measures.

This event is particularly significant given the current political climate. Denmark, like many nations, has seen a rise in political polarization and extremism in recent years. The assault on Frederiksen underscores the need for dialogue and understanding in these divisive times, and serves as a call to action for all political leaders to prioritize peace and unity.

In conclusion, the assault on Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is a disturbing incident that highlights the challenges and dangers faced by political leaders in today's world. As the investigation continues, it is crucial that we reflect on the broader implications of this event and strive for a more peaceful and inclusive political environment.

See video for more information…
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  • It’s so hard to be a politician nowadays. You need to know how to lie, how to fight, etc..

  • It WAS NOT political violence. She was just pushed aside by a Polish 39yo immigrant worker having a bad day. She wasn't hit or hurt. Her claims of whiplash is FALSE. I hope it will be reported correctly later.

  • I am from Copenhagen and this is grossly exaggerated!!! She WAS NOT hit. She was pushed to the side by a Polish 39yo immigrant worker. She didn't fall or were injured in any way, besides being touched by a "commoner" ! But in spirit of an coming election, she has now claimed whiplash and political violence, which is both FALSE as reported by surrounding witnesses !!

  • The Human Rights record of European countries are appalling….

  • The EU Parliament is useless anyway. It has no real power. The decisions are made in the Commission, not the Parliament.

  • The people doing this should be thrown in prison for a lot of years if they are not from the country they should be deported

  • it's a fantasy to think eu officials have to communicate their role or importance more clearly when they cannot be heard by the general public. local politics alway overshadow european politics and national narratives always overshadow the european view on eu institutions. only local politicians and media outlets can change this.

    maybe a european PBS with mandatory broadcasting on every local radio, iptv and cable provider and massive focus on all social media might have a chance.

  • The clowns literally just said it wasn't political yet they turn it into more fearmongering about attacks on democracy and create an anti-right bias by implying the victims are mostly left leaning. Good job 👍

  • Don’t let diversity because it creates havoc among the civilians. Also don’t be woke, name and shame the people to deter.

  • Current EU elites are aware that they don't have a future,they are out of touch with the concerns of average Europeans,so as these EU elites know that their future survival in politics is now very short they have become so desperate and they are doing unthinkable by provoking nuclear war with Russia,the corrupt EU elites are now even ready to commit suicide,so people have to defeat them.

  • Is she in the putins list?

  • Stop trying to replace your own people.

  • Didnt say who it was. Perhaps due to the racist danish forced resettlement of people in denmark

  • The people are realizing that the politicians do not work for them….

  • Mafia methods being used to intimidate politicians and people. Whose handwriting is that? KGB? CCP?

  • Robert Fico …. it is pronounced "Feets O" the O as in dog, fog, log, Robert is the same as in English although often with a slight roll on the "R/r"s

  • All those European politicians who used to ride a bike or train to work, will now have to travel in a convoy like the US and other 3rd World countries.
    Unchecked immigration in the name of humanitarian aid instead of bringing qualified and skilled immigrants has ruined their societies.

  • 😂 и вот статс-результат 😂

  • 😂 что? а как эта? 😂

  • The men in the White House. It puts pressure on politicians all over Europe. The American people have no idea what's going on. as usual. How many of you know that the Russians sent nearly 20 thousand soldiers to Cuba?

  • relax… it was just the usual drunk / intoxicated average Polish dude you often see standing next to the liquor store. this is why it was not political motivated. he was drunk and had been annoying other people on the square several times. then mette just happened to walk by and the hit mentioned was on the upper arm but no injury. the man later said in court he actually voted for mette himself but he was unclear of what he was doing, being drunk. in denmark police take blood samples to determine drunkness. and lets just say this guy was pretty damn drunk 🙂 chillax.

  • Interesting how the polling station in Slovakia had directions in English. I didn't think speaking English would be a big deal there.

  • Across the media outlets is a worldwide promotion of disrespect for people in authority. Countries and people in western democracies have lost their moral compass!

  • No informations about the attacks on AFD in Germany. Extremly unfair report!! No wonder that the people do not like the media.

  • Africa should send observers for the upcoming elections

  • How is an attack on a politician in public not politically motivated?

  • Major problem of the EU, it s never advertising/promoting itself , pretty lousy PR attitude. This is in a way why Brexit occurred

  • Prime minister Frederiksen is not a democrat. She was elected but is routinely violating the law to strengthen the power of the state. Now she is lying about supposedly getting whiplash from this incident that by two witnesses was described as a hard push where she almost fell. No one ever got diagnosed in 1 day by whiplash from a hard push. She is lying about this because it would otherwise be hard for the police to take it seriously if there were no marks and witnesses are not calling it violence. Anyone else who push other people are not jailed. They may be questioned if the police even bother to come and then they may be asked to meet in court several years later. But because she is prime minister that guy, who was drunk at the time and explained in court that it was not politically motivated, is held in prison and the case will be processed much faster.

  • it is blown out of proportions, it was a drunk polish man, he said he was happy to see her, he hit her on the arm and she lost balance and fell. thats it, ahe is okay and the polish guy is really in regret, he have said sorry many times and he thinks she is a great pm. Ofcause it is not okay, but also its not that bad.

  • More of this will happen if politicians don’t listen! All this fear of fascism and focus on the wrong topics will only lead to more votes for strongmen. Politicians need to look out for the wealth of the normal people, not rich aliens and corporations. Taxing them much higher and redistributing that money to the people should be the no1 priority now.

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