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Could China soon be facing a NATO-like alliance in the Indo-Pacific? | DW News

In Asia, friction over Taiwan, the South China Sea and other flashpoints have the region on edge. Last year, conservative US …

Title: Emerging Indo-Pacific Alliance: A Potential Counterbalance to China's Influence

In a significant development, discussions are underway among several Indo-Pacific nations to form a NATO-like alliance, aiming to counterbalance China's growing influence in the region. This potential alliance, which is still in its nascent stages, could potentially reshape the strategic landscape of the Indo-Pacific.

The idea of an Indo-Pacific alliance has been gaining traction, with Australia, India, Japan, and the United States reportedly at the forefront of these discussions. The alliance, if formed, would not be a military bloc in the traditional sense but would focus on enhancing cooperation in areas such as trade, security, and technology.

This development comes amidst increasing tensions between China and several Indo-Pacific nations, particularly over territorial disputes in the South China Sea. China's assertive behavior in the region has led to concerns about its intentions and the potential threat it poses to regional stability.

The proposed alliance is seen as a response to these concerns, aiming to foster a balance of power that promotes peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific. The alliance would not be directed against any specific country but would aim to uphold the rules-based international order and promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.

While the details of the alliance are still being worked out, the discussions are a clear indication of the growing unease among Indo-Pacific nations about China's rising influence. The formation of such an alliance would mark a significant shift in the strategic dynamics of the region and could potentially have far-reaching implications for global politics.

This information is new and significant, as it suggests a potential counterbalance to China's influence in the Indo-Pacific. The formation of an alliance among several Indo-Pacific nations could reshape the strategic landscape of the region and have far-reaching implications for global politics.

See video for more information…
#breaking news asia

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  • China has forgotten the Golden rule of Confucius that thier ancestors teached them

  • CHINA is in big big trouble now Mutual Defense Treaty will be updated by the U.S will include Water Cannon as act of Total WAR!!!

  • It's so ironical …NATO is pretty much a failure in Europe ..and 🇪🇺 unlikely such scenario will ever even get off the starting blocks!

  • I think it would probably be a mistake to extend NATO into the Asia Pacific and not because I worry about offending China but more about the fact that it would be too big. Party with nato with so many people you start to see difference of opinions and that risks breaking up the group so I feel that it would be best to create a NATO like group and keep it with those directly affected by what is happening in that region. If you see your neighbours get me intact you're more likely to want to get involved straight away to defend them than if you're on the other side of the world and you see some war going on and you are unsure if this is worth getting involved in.

  • Most people in Asia don't like NATO at all becoz NATO is a warmonger.

  • The good think about authoritarian and totalitarian leaders is they only listen to themselves, and not experts. Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake as Napoleon would say.

  • "To help asian democracy" be very careful . Because all USA has done is fund dictators and unrest in the name of democracy. Unless India sits in the permanent security council. You can keep all that for yourself.

  • China, Iran, North Korea, Russia….what's wrong with peace that you hate so much?

  • NK will not make a fuss without China . So it is simply China .

  • in fact,its other way around,if allowed ASEAN will topple down united states,bcz sensitive jobs musnt be given,hire asia,filipinos,cannot stand on itsown,philippines politicians always moonlihting foreign aid,and splurge localy while ofw suffers daily sustenanceabroad,

  • лучшее в наше время – это свобода слова и свобода выражения мнений, не бойтесь высказываться против правительства, средств массовой информации, прессы или любой другой политической организации, существующей с начала века, пожалуйста, сделайте это. поэтому мы продолжим наши усилия по защите наших свобод.

  • Asean countries are not interested in a military alliance working under usa agenda like NATO. China and N Korea are defeding against threat from USA.

  • War is a continuation of political intercourse. Does that mean that countries that are not in charge of their own military affairs are not in charge of their own political relations? Germany!

  • China offers Asia the Belt & Road for economic development. The west offers Asia military alliances like NATO, Aukus, etc. China wants to sell goods of construction. The west wants to sell weapons of destruction.

  • China offers economic development with Belt & Road. The west offers military alliances – NATO for Asia.

  • NATO like alliance against China incirporating all neighbors of china us most essential,led by USA.China is a global bully with military ambitions.

  • The better countries who do not want to invade and bully other countries in the southeast pacific should form an alliance against China which really does not have a good country reputation in all aspects. China with its aggression is hampering the good goal of these other nations in the area.

  • Lol. First, China's military might DOES NOT rival that of the US. Not even close. And even if China could manage to steal enough information to produce armaments which could rival the US, they don't have the skilled fighting force to implement them. China ONLY has numbers, but they are orders of magnitude less capable man for man on land, in the air or on the seas. Second, an Asian NATO isn't a bad idea considering the posturing China, Russia and N Korea have all continued to press.
    We should want, and in fact might even need to coordinate our efforts between the US, Taiwan, Japan, S Korea, India, Australia and The Philippines. We might even add Indonesia and New Zealand in there. Having a rock solid pack between these countries would fortify our strength in the Indo Pacific and Asia as a whole. It's more deterrent than offensive, but the strength is unquestioned. And the time is now. Peace through superior fire power is the ONLY way to keep peace in an ever-growing area of unrest. With a NATO like union of these countries, China, NK and Russia would not even think about starting some actual conflict. They would be thoroughly destroyed.

  • South East Asia NATO like organization is being discussed in concept which would pressure China further benefiting western countries militarily & economically.

  • CHINA only has itself to blame for all the destabilization in Asia

  • I guess history doesn’t matter? SEATO was a thing.

  • They got India in South ,then Philippines -US in the East ,and South Korea and Japan in the North . They are surrounded on all Fronts Australia and Canada is willing to supply more weapons .

  • If it were to happen it would be called 'Pacific Ocean and Trans-Atlantic Treaty Organization'

    Or to put it simply

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