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Breaking News: Protester files PIL against Asia Bibi verdict

A protester has filed a review petition against Pakistan’s Supreme Court’s Asia Bibi verdict. Watch the video to know more.

Title: Petition Filed Challenging Asia Bibi's Acquittal Verdict in Pakistan

In a significant turn of events, a petition has been filed in the Islamabad High Court (IHC) against the acquittal of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman who spent eight years on death row for blasphemy. The development comes amidst ongoing protests by hardline Islamist groups, who have been demanding the execution of Asia Bibi.

The petition, filed by a citizen named Abdul Shakoor, argues that the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Bibi's conviction was unconstitutional and against the Islamic law. Shakoor, in his plea, has requested the IHC to set aside the Supreme Court's judgment and reinstate Bibi's death sentence.

This latest move adds a new layer to the ongoing controversy surrounding Asia Bibi's case. The 54-year-old woman was accused of blasphemy in 2009 after a heated argument with her Muslim coworkers over a bowl of water. Her acquittal by the Supreme Court on October 31, 2018, sparked nationwide protests, leading to the temporary closure of schools and businesses.

The petition comes as a response to the government's decision to lift a travel ban on Asia Bibi, allowing her to leave Pakistan. The government's move followed international pressure and calls for her protection from extremist groups. However, the government has not yet confirmed whether Bibi has left the country.

The filing of this petition underscores the deep-seated religious tensions in Pakistan and the ongoing struggle for religious freedom. The case has attracted international attention, with many human rights groups calling for Bibi's immediate release and protection. The outcome of this latest petition could have far-reaching implications for religious minorities in Pakistan.

In conclusion, the filing of a petition challenging Asia Bibi's acquittal verdict is a new development in the ongoing controversy surrounding her case. The petition, if successful, could potentially reinstate Bibi's death sentence, highlighting the deep-seated religious tensions in Pakistan and the ongoing struggle for religious freedom.

See video for more information…
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  • Wanting a woman dead for such a silly thing is showing the world the mentality of these people … fkn clowns

  • International community should act immediately against this country by seeing this situation this country is ruled by extremists

  • These are the so called Men of Pokistan, millions of men wanting to kill a single woman on the name of Blasphemy, which is not even having any evidence. Simply somebody has blamed for the heck of it. Maybe she never said anything but for her family safety she might have agreed to take the blame.
    That's religion of peace. Imagine ! Peace!

  • Islamic societies are always very chaotic for these heartless reasons. I guess their god likes innocent blood.

  • Now it is going to be tough for Pakistan. If the decision is reviewed and the judgement is reversed there is going to be global outcry and if the decision is retained and not changed then these jihadi mullahs wont let the pak govt to function. Moreoever, it is going to be a major problem for the Govt of Pakistan, ISI and the army. Also it is going to be difficult finance wise … IMF is going to be tough.

  • Papistan going to disintegrate for good, it is going to be a Somalia of Asia.

  • They're not worried about their country's debt leading to Imran khan begging globally 😂…. But Asia asking what their god has done led to this…. Can't make this up 🤣

  • They're not worried about their country's debt leading to Imran khan begging globally 😂…. But Asia asking what their god has done led to this…. Can't make this up 🤣

  • the educated people of pak would not want asia dead-they want to take pak forward and live in harmony-its the religous sector that need to change their mind and hearts-their way or no way-am sure imran has shown a back bone to deal with the religous animals-they would if ht comes to a boiling point they would deal with the riot lynching mob-imran will deal with it properly and with a strict fist

  • One of the dangerous country for non Muslims to live in is Pakistan specially for Christian.

  • Ye laude choos be wale Mulla mother chod log Porkistan Ko barbadd karke chodenge.

  • Kill every person who is not Muslim Allah is is with you

  • These protests would be a great place for some nukes! Allah is not real, Muhammed was a pedophile that simply wrote about men’s weaknesses & said it was God’s words….you jackasses still believe it 1400 yrs later! If you stop fucking your family members you might get your IQ high enough to think independently!

  • Pakistan is a creation of the UK, yes indeed just another lamentable
    crap made by the UK! Yet another rouge piece of shit kept afloat by both
    US and UK — indeed, the enemies of the West, from within! Declare war on Pakistan and destroy it!

  • It has been defamed. Now she is not safe anywhere in the world, Islamic people will kill her

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