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BREAKING NEWS: Norway, Spain and Ireland announce recognition of Palestine State!

BREAKING NEWS: Norway, Spain and Ireland announce recognition of Palestine State! Several EU member states have just …

Title: Norway, Spain, and Ireland Recognize Palestine as a State: A Shift in International Relations

In a significant development, Norway, Spain, and Ireland have announced their recognition of Palestine as a state. This move, while not new in the international arena, is a notable shift in the stance of these European nations towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The recognition comes amidst ongoing negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, highlighting a growing divide among world powers regarding the resolution of this long-standing conflict. The decision by Norway, Spain, and Ireland follows similar moves by other countries, including Sweden and Uruguay, who have previously recognized Palestine as a state.

The recognition of Palestine as a state does not automatically grant it membership in the United Nations, as that requires a two-thirds majority vote in the Security Council, which is currently unlikely due to the veto power held by the United States. However, it does signal a growing international consensus that the Palestinian people deserve self-determination and statehood.

The move by Norway, Spain, and Ireland is likely to be met with criticism from Israel and its allies, who argue that such recognition undermines ongoing peace talks and could potentially escalate tensions in the region. However, supporters of the move argue that it is a necessary step towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict, as it provides international legitimacy to the Palestinian cause and encourages both sides to engage in meaningful negotiations.

The recognition of Palestine as a state by Norway, Spain, and Ireland is a significant development in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict. As more countries recognize Palestine, it is likely that pressure will continue to mount on Israel to make concessions and engage in meaningful negotiations towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The international community will be closely watching the reactions of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the coming days and weeks.

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  • Is this an AI voiceover or are they actually speaking english?

  • I am a religious Jew and I know in our Bible, the Torah, that we do not have the land, so our Lord says in the Torah, spread the land, enough wars and leave the land owners, because we want the Curse of God to come upon us again

  • Norwegians were nazi allies in WW2. Before that, they were subservient to Denmark. Now they have a junkie crown princess. It's fitting that they'd now recognize a terrorist state. Unsavory people.


  • Good, it’s time Israel started being held accountable for its actions over the past 75 years.

  • Great day for freedom and justice. Hats off to Ireland, Spain and Norway to break the the EU mould of hypocracy. Who cares what the criminal Israeli regime says. Crime is crime is crime.

  • The Irish public wont like this at all.

  • We had a free palestine rally in usa 2 weeks ago.

  • I'm actually surprised it's these 3 instead of germany, france and belgium, since the latter are practically half muslim already and therefore should be the most pro muslim nations in europe that would made such moves

  • God bless Spain, Ireland, Norway recognise Palestine. next follows, USA, UK, Germany recognise Palestine 🤲

  • World should unite against united slaves of israhell, americans get your freedom back from traitor zionists

  • The State of Palestine is recognised by at least 143 countries around the world.

  • @chaimaned1703
    It should not come at an expense of another country land! Palestine does not own their land, never has! That is the reason it is called "occupied" it is a part of Israel territory. Palestine should find it's own land, go from there, not "fight" or steal a piece of land that does not belong to them, never did! Not a sad situation. It is actually Christian against Muslims, basically speaking. check your history! It is an ongoing war between Christian "land" and Muslims! If u check history, Muslims actually invaded Christian land, made it their own, took Christian history, hide it, and made it difficult to access! That is not right! Israel has land, Palestine does not own their land they are on,that is the stupid part!

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