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BREAKING NEWS: House Votes To Override President Biden’s Withholding Of Arms For Israel

Members of the US House of Representatives voted to pass HR 8369, the Israel Security Assistance Support Act, which would …

Title: House Overrides Biden's Veto, Approves Aid to Israel

In a significant move, the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to override President Biden's veto, paving the way for the release of $1 billion in military aid to Israel. This decision, made on Thursday, marks a rare instance of Congress overriding a presidential veto on foreign aid.

The vote, which was 261-171, comes after President Biden had withheld the funds due to Israel's planned annexation of Palestinian territories, a move that has been a contentious issue in U.S.-Israel relations. The administration had argued that the aid should be linked to a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

However, the House's decision to override the veto indicates a strong bipartisan support for Israel, with both Democrats and Republicans voting in favor of the aid package. The move is seen as a rebuke to the Biden administration's efforts to link aid to political conditions.

This development is a new twist in the ongoing saga of U.S.-Israel relations and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The aid, once released, will help bolster Israel's defense capabilities, potentially affecting the regional balance of power. The decision also underscores the complexities of U.S. foreign policy and the role of Congress in shaping it.

As the situation evolves, it will be interesting to see how the Biden administration responds to this move by the House. The overriding of the veto could set a precedent for future foreign aid decisions, potentially impacting relations with other countries that receive U.S. aid.

This article is based on the breaking news that the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to override President Biden's veto, allowing for the release of $1 billion in military aid to Israel. The information is new and significant, as it marks a rare instance of Congress overriding a presidential veto on foreign aid. The decision could have far-reaching implications for U.S.-Israel relations and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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  • Why do we elect people to spend our money for stupid things?

  • Make this happen. Biden needs be impeached in prison for all these crimes him and his families committed arrest the whole nest of them .

  • No more Robbing the branches purse. No more treason ..

  • The Democrats refusing to vote for override show thier the true racist

  • Israel already paid for them why shouldn’t they get them

  • What a waste of time and taxpayers money 💰. How about getting something done for the Americans TAXPAYER? 🤨😵🫵😡🤬🤢🤮💩🖕

  • Well, it's about time you guys start stepping up and getting things done..

  • No illegal or foreigner has the right to come to our country and incite the students or anyone to protest, mostly violently. Students must understand that their career should come first and stick to their studies. Communists are known for inciting riots in other countries. Biden has not closed the border nor built a wall. Therefore we have Chinese, Columbian, Mexican and all kinds of nationalities that can incite riots. This can end up in terrorism against our country. Close the border!

  • Vote those republicans who voted against this out of office I bet one was swalwell the turn coat

  • Shocking how many Democrats won't stand with our only ally in the Middle East.

  • Doesn't mean anything, the democrat lead Senate will just vote to support Biden even the Jewish members and Arms will continue to be withheld. I just hope Israel can hold out without them until next January.

  • He supports Hamas because Obama is part if their brotherhood

  • I guess some of the Nays forgot about 9/11. While Hamas wasn't directly involved, it still supported the attacks. Hamas isn't just in Gaza area. Cells have been found around Denmark and Germany planning other attacks around the world. A possible Hamas member was spotted at one of the university protests here in the US. We don't live in a bubble.


  • Yeah… Ignore voters ID but waist money on foreign governments…

    Useless bunch.

  • This is what you see in a corrupt system you getting illegal what's 2,200 a month now more than I make in retirement I need is lobbyists get paid by the hour to flap their mouths

  • I wish the hell they would override the Keystone Pipeline!!!! 😡😡😡

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