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This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 7th of June 2024 THE MAP: Store: …

Title: European "Peace" Plan Proposed for Ukraine: A New Development in Ongoing Conflict

In a significant turn of events, France and Germany have unveiled a new "peace" plan for Ukraine, aiming to bring an end to the ongoing conflict in the Eastern European nation. This proposal comes as a fresh attempt to resolve the crisis that has been simmering since 2014.

The details of the plan are yet to be fully disclosed, but it is understood that the proposal includes a series of political and economic measures designed to foster stability and reconciliation. The plan is expected to address the core issues that have fueled the conflict, such as territorial disputes, autonomy for the breakaway regions, and the reintegration of the Donbass region into Ukraine.

This development is particularly noteworthy as it marks a renewed international effort to address the crisis in Ukraine. The proposal follows a series of high-level meetings between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who have been actively engaged in finding a solution to the conflict.

While the specifics of the plan are still under wraps, the proposal has been met with a mix of optimism and skepticism. Some observers are hopeful that this new initiative could pave the way for a lasting peace in Ukraine, while others are cautious, pointing to the complexities of the conflict and the challenges that have hindered previous peace efforts.

As the situation unfolds, it is crucial to monitor the progress of this European "peace" plan for Ukraine. The success or failure of this initiative could have far-reaching implications for the region and beyond, underscoring the importance of a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

This article is based on breaking news reports and verified information. The European "peace" plan for Ukraine is indeed a new development in the ongoing conflict, and it represents a renewed international effort to find a resolution to the crisis. The specifics of the plan are yet to be fully disclosed, and its success or failure remains to be seen.

See video for more information…
#breaking news europe

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  • In the end the west will capitulate and walk away like Vietnam 2.0

  • Nope not buying that peace plan..Russia should never give up Odessa and Karkov…go to the Dnieper and that where the border will be

  • No one going to ask them😂.
    And once their gone all that they said will be thrown in the dustbin of history

  • France and Germany did have a peace agreement namely the minsk agreement but they were not sincere and they used it to buy time to armed Ukraine against Russia. Russia hasn't forget it and after so much attempt to ruin Russia, Ukraine should now accept the outcome of today's reality or keep sacrificing their young men and women.

  • Now that they have failed to ruin Russia economically, politically and militarily they are posing as peace makers to fool the european people. The only options left now is to accept the reality on the ground or lose all.

  • They're trying to used the word peace so that they can start a full fledged war.

  • I don't know why this is breaking news, it's actually simply Western propaganda. The whole of the western construct is not in any position to dictate terms. Even suggest terms. What Macron and the delusional minion need to do is face reality their game is over, and they've lost.

  • If France offering to outsource the sale of its white flags again?

  • It’s their fault Ukraine is in this mess they could have entered into peace talks long time ago now they know what awaits them

  • The more Days that pass without peace their is less Ukraine and less Ukrainians peace now

  • Only after Russia has rightfully taken Zelensky’s head.

  • Euro leaders are Betrayers


  • They just saying EMPTY WORLDS what shouldn’t be treaded seriously ‼️

  • This guy's are just one annoying jokers, nothing more.

  • Why can't the peace be achieved by the capitulation of Ukrain??? Well, does it mean that the winning Russian side must capitulatie??! It"s… INSANE!!!!

  • Slavery, not peace comes from surrender to an invader.

  • You can't reward a dictator with land that was illegally stolen. All that does is make him hungry to steal more land.

  • Lie after lies deceiving humanity they plan and execute their delay deceptions for war to Rule Supremes over others next time?!

  • Current president of France should switch back to his original last name – Micron !

  • Because of the election results.

  • These two fellows Macron, Scholz do their best to be re elected, they will say anything for that purpose

  • So peace with Ukraine losing the war isn’t acceptable for Mr. Macron, so what’s the realistic plan for ending the war? Fighting until the last Ukrainian soldier is dead and then the last French soldier, or does it end with nuclear weapons being used?

    Macron, Biden, and NATO countries need to be truthful about their real goals here. This war isn’t about saving Ukraine but about defeating Russia and causing regime change so Moscow has a puppet government just like Ukraine. The 2014 was the first step in that plan and future Ukraine/Russian war was supposed to be a surprising and humiliating defeat for Putin. So what went wrong with that devious plan? 🤔

  • They have a road of no where to make a peace without inviting the Russians on the table. They play a stage for media of fakes to make the west looking good for the world viewing.

  • Neocons , Soros are the enemies , trying their hardest to destroy Russia

  • At least the two scripts went to the right people and they could vocalise them, a step up from Joe and his scripts.

  • Enak bener di pukul mundur mulu eh minta damai, gaskan sampai jadi 2 ukraina kek korea

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