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Using virtual reality to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease | BBC …

Scientists are testing the possibility of using virtual reality (VR) to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. Pen and paper tests date …

Title: Revolutionizing Alzheimer's Diagnosis: Virtual Reality Steps In

In a groundbreaking development, researchers are leveraging virtual reality (VR) technology to diagnose Alzheimer's disease, marking a significant stride in the fight against this debilitating neurological disorder. This innovative approach, as reported by the BBC, is not only new but also promises to streamline and enhance the diagnostic process.

The VR system, developed by scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), simulates real-life scenarios that typically trigger cognitive decline in Alzheimer's patients. By analyzing a patient's responses to these simulations, doctors can gauge their cognitive abilities more accurately than traditional methods.

This cutting-edge technology is expected to revolutionize the diagnostic process, making it more accessible, efficient, and less stressful for patients. It could potentially reduce the time and resources required for diagnosis, enabling earlier intervention and treatment.

This development comes at a critical time, as the global population continues to age, leading to a significant increase in Alzheimer's cases. Early and accurate diagnosis is crucial for managing the disease and improving the quality of life for those affected.

The use of VR in diagnosing Alzheimer's disease is a testament to the power of technology in healthcare. As research continues, we can look forward to more innovative solutions that will help combat this devastating disease.

See video for more information…

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  • It's exciting that we can predict the chances of dementia before symptoms occur using virtual reality. Kudos to the team at the University of London behind this breakthrough.

  • Horrible disease indeed,,, like feel guilty to go see relation don't know who are but ya fill bad if you don't

  • The far left BBC is far too late with their mate Joe Biden who is too far gone.

  • BBC NEWS …..WE THE PEOPLE FROM POLAND ASK YOU ….Gdzie jest ta solidarity SOLIDARNOŚĆ mit Polen when free speach is taken over by Mr Tusk tzn. ZABRANA by Mr Tusk? Best greetings and regards

  • A very shocking news is heard of Palestinian civilians being kidnapped and their organs harvested You support occupied Israel who commits such brutality and you are unjust

  • A very shocking news is heard of Palestinian civilians being kidnapped and their organs harvested You support occupied Israel who commits such brutality and you are unjust

  • Why hasn't the BBC reported this tragic news?  Nearly 200 Christians were massacred by muslims and 300 were injured in approximately 26 Nigerian villages during the Christmas period.  More than 52,000 Christians have now been murdered by muslims in Nigeria and last year, 5,014 Christians were killed there.

    More than 360 million Christians are suffering high levels of persecution for their faith in the world today, that is 1 out of 7 Christians. Since 2015, 18,000 churches have been set ablaze.

    If the religions had been the other way round, would this massacre have promptly appeared in the BBC's headlines?

  • Food is by fare the most deadly contributor. Processed food! High amounts of sugar, starch, conservatives and seed oils. It’s a disaster for the metabolism.
    It causes high blood sugar and spikes your insulin levels – and because Alzheimer is type 3 diabetes, this combo is deadly.


  • Can we use virtual reality to remove this demented woke fascist death cult from our parliament?

  • Donate to whom?

    Like animals' instincts, we can't create our own thoughts, all Good thoughts are from God, all bad thoughts are from bad men.

    Regardless your background/ideology/belief/religion/party/country/culture, all your selfless serving/loving/treating others as yourself thoughts & deeds are from God, all your  selfish/jealous/bully/rob/colonize/sacrifice others for yourself/become #1 thoughts are from bad men..

    Regardless u are a communist or a capitalist, if u die to save other's lives, then u are Jesus=God's kid, if u destroy others for yourself, then u are Devil's kid & u are absolutely NOT God's kid.

    We should donate to Jesus=>use money/medals/advertisements to glorify Jesus-like people&deeds: as long as we are not glorifying ourselves then God will like it. If Jesus-like spirit & deeds can be recognized & praised, then more Jesus will emerge: Jesus did nothing but gave free healings & resurrections to disabled/sick/dead people, & sacrificed his own life for others. If all become Jesus then there will be no poverty & matches selling little girl filled miserable world but pleasure & peace filled paradise.

    It is very strange that western media never praise/promote Jesus like good deeds & good people, but always advertise & promote selfish narcissistic self-made Judas/billionaires/stars/dissidents/war-lords/etc.

    Like hospitals, US charities only treat symptoms not root causes & trapped in a self defeating loop: Charities are encouraging u become rich so u have money to give to the poor who are produced by the rich=>Charities are serving Devil by promoting money lovers.

    This is God's self-fulfilling cycle: Trees with lots sweet fruits attract lots animals, who eat & poop/fertilize the tree & spread their seeds all over the world, fruitless or poisonous fruiting trees have no animals' visits, so no fertilizers & no spreads of their seeds thus they die & vanish forever=>so we should be like birds singing praises for & fund Jesus like good men & deeds, our donations to good men are birds' poop fertilizers. Communists always greatly promote Jesus like good man & oppress self-promoting hypocrites=warn men of bright poisonous holly trees, but West is doing the opposite=>Communists are doing everything right but West is doing everything wrong.

    We should donate to the families of those who died in saving others in natural disasters&pandemics/Prestigious university graduates who work as teachers/party secretaries/leaders in remote villages.

    Poverty is just a symptom, can be caused by many reasons, if due to arrogance/lazy/addictions, giving them money is making them worse.

    I am sure everyone can learn Chinese medicine by watching this free fun TV:


    Learn from God&history&others to benefit u & your people.

    Because Chinese are good at humbly seeking God & learning from God & history & others, so God gave Chinese language & culture&medicine&civilization as gifts.

  • Interesting news but background music makes this news report hard to listen. Why can't we just listen to the speakers talk without any interference from other noise?!

  • OT:Benny Hill considered funnier than Monty Python by two TV stations –WOR and WLVI!

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