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Top medical breakthroughs of 2023

From the first-ever RSV vaccines to the first drug approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease, here are seven of the biggest medical …


Title: Top Medical Breakthroughs of 2023: Revolutionizing Healthcare

In the ever-evolving landscape of medicine, 2023 has witnessed significant advancements that are poised to revolutionize healthcare. Here are the top medical breakthroughs of the year, each with the potential to reshape our understanding and treatment of various diseases.

1. Gene Editing for Genetic Disorders: The advent of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology has taken a giant leap forward this year. Researchers have successfully used CRISPR to correct genetic mutations in human embryos, offering hope for families affected by hereditary diseases like cystic fibrosis and Huntington's disease.

2. Personalized Cancer Treatments: Precision medicine has made significant strides in 2023, particularly in the field of oncology. By analyzing a patient's unique genetic makeup, doctors can now tailor cancer treatments to target specific mutations, reducing side effects and increasing effectiveness.

3. Artificial Pancreas: Diabetes management has taken a turn for the better with the introduction of the artificial pancreas.

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  • Medecin = Business,
    Doctors = Businessman,
    We = Victims.

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  • Death is a natural process why would you want to screw that up .

  • Centuries old unalterable promises Isaiah 35:4-7; Revelation 21:4 waiting up ahead of humanity. Proverbs 29:25🎉❤

  • Give me a pill to grow taller by a few inches 😂, or at least grow my 2 inches back that I lost from osteoporosis. Been sick since I was 11 in 2011, 3 bug surgeries since 2020 and that made me malnourished and unable to be active during those recoveries made me shrink and im only 24…. Went from 5ft 9 to 5ft 7…….

  • 1. Heart disease – well no kidding! So lets talk about the trifecta right. 1- Sodium diet, basically youre racing your blood through your heart so quickly it does not have the time to slow down your heart beat or your blood pressure has become so high due to the amount of blood building up in your veins which have shrunk because the blood is moving too fast and theyve become like speedways so they dont have time to rub away at the plaque buildup. 2-Gases, how much carbon gas via pop can you possibly intake? On top of having an environment that is an absolute disgrace to any living life form in the sense that the gases are pushed down to the ground via sunlight and the electrical current that would normally be used to rise those gases up is pinned down by the alexander graham bell kites aka powerlines you have developed everywhere. Now lets inhale and oh yummy electrons mixed with a dirty water filmy plasticish non sense, oh so now are stomachs their churning away at the gases via electrical and its whipping around hyper speed in there now youre all charged up as your body cleanses the excess carbon from that 2 litre carbon pop. 3 – All of a sudden that hyper charged piece of plastic gets lodged into your heart and boom your gone, im not joking we are breathing in foreign objects and they are killing us – youre doctors right? Like some of this should make something in your brain churn around and demand change, no?

    2- Stroke – I cant lift my arm, thats a combination of all the electrical current hitting your heart and then racing to electrify your brain matter and you cant think or slur speech etc. Or the shock of the bad news took all of your current away and it was in the kitchen on an empty stomach before dinner this is why you share bad news on a full stomach because your electrical current is already working and you can slowly comprehend the bad news or the complete failure of society- Homeles people are crazy they say, ya you try to stand outside on an empty stomach surrounded by people who have been decieved into thinking they are contributing to society, so maybe feed and house the homeless right? Back to stroke you need to call 911, blowing air into eyes will help them absorb the electrical current through tears, vibrations and deeper tones. Close an open hand around a stress ball will get the current back sooner. Having a very simple patch that has a current that could be placed on the back of the neck would be helpful id imagine, its like a quit smoking patch, which im sure all the quit smoking patch is a sticker with a reverse coil on it that gets the brain to reduce the current and you dont think about smoking as much, your blood rushes to that area as if there is an infection…so much non sense here, maybe it worked for their cousin nick one time any nicotine drip smear, basically what smokng does is pull gases in at a higher rate and now your electrical current has something to break apart and the gases rise up into your blood stream and you get the current back into the cycle but more charged up and you become dependent on the gases for a charge, where if we had an ectual environment you could go out to nature powerline free and be happy, this place is a zero.

    3- COPD – over time either smoking or not guess what? Your blood lines in the sacs of your lungs are not getting the proper electrical current to keep them moving, you begin to cough uncontrollable in a natural way to get the blood contracting and pushing, doing this leaks fluids into the lungs which would normally be absorbing the electrical current. Develop a wand to massage the lungs and provide electrical current at the same time, this will cause the blood lines to reform, doing this with an electrically charged blood transfusion at the same time would heal someone. Am i missing something here? Massage brings the new blood, electrical wand stimulates that blood to create new pathways and now the old damaged veins can regrow as a root would right? Moving on then

    4-Neonatal conditions – this is to long to answer, there is almost nothing right that i can see about the current way of babies being born, from contraception to hospital birth, the baby is perfection of course but woah you guys cmon. Do you realize that for hundreds of thousands of years babies were born outdoors in mother nature? Now they go to a hospital and the first thing a baby experiences is a room full of computers and digital frequency? NO MORE, Also i have mentioned this before but you should consider a shorter birthing time and then growth outside of the womb in fetal position i mean how do you think we got here, that way the baby is not thrown into a third party environment you ease them into the world still connecting and warm right.

    5- The cancers, okay so you get in there and you get that tumor moving again and then blood transfusion bing clean it up right, i dont know what youre doing. Lung cancer is most likely occuring when water is puddling, it starts as a cough and the water puddles, now in that puddle in your lung electrical current and gases are not able to rise up and then a hard mass forms, so reduce the current in the lungs by eating more and slowing down, you could fix these things holistic by just having calming music and relaxation get your current nice and slow now increase rapidly maybe water splash to face, this shock of current should break through hard buildup of plaque and early stage cancer growth. Interesting theory but when its literally raining plastic micro fibres, where do you think the plastic goes right? If it is at the dump and it decays where do you think it went to, magicland? Okay were not in orlando and i dont even know if they understand were on land tho. SO i really suggest you wake up from night night time and start to do something lol what is this?

    6-Diarrahoheal disease okay so the lining in your stomach and the long intestine right they no longer have the time to absorb the nutrients in your diet. You could try a table spoon of corn starch before eating and i meat that slows down the food process and chrons its just ripping through so potentially there is some sort of vacuum that has been created right, negative electrons pulled down to fast, im not really sure this one actually requires some thought, but id say just a slight change to your diet by slowing down the food and your overall current is too high right, so you could again have a nice hat you wear and it slows down your current, the baldness condition your electrical current was too high and the hair is not able to grow in that environment so you just massage and slow down the current right or increase, i really question wether any of you have a current at all 0101010101 are you still making decisions of your own, wake up, phone down, walk around, slow down.

    7- ALzheimers is again what happens when you work all your life and are super busy and your brain gets used to a high input output and now you slow down all at once and remove yourself from that environment without making new hobbies and experiencing new things, now you lose track of time and your lost in space, i call it stuck halfway between heaven and earth basically, but youre up there more often than not so that makes me happy, point is this society will only see an increase and earlier age of onset as they apparently do not understand how to act, they know how to hollywood, but the work ethic is gone and the military control is unbelievable.

    8- Diabetes, you had too much sugar and your body got used to moving blood that fast and now you font have sugar and you cant make it on your own because your body stopped with all the ingestion and now you need help so again what do we have is a current issue and look into it, im getting bored of all of these problems being the most basic fixes to either diet or environment, almost all brought on by the chasing around of the dollar and not enough time happy with the family.

    9- Kidney disease- They spend all the money at disney, but what about the kidney, man these guys need to cleanse, you must be kidneying me, point is your ingestion, sped along to quick, calling all that toxin you burning out the candle wick, slow down or think a split second, if you didnt drive all that gas into you every other second, how can a kidney cleanse out a plastic twig, you guys were smarter when politicians wore wigs, i dont know how to get through to you, or how i got compute to you, the computer made you the commuter and all you do is hoops for who and now they cant figure out the kidney cleanse or not one thing new? So your current is breaking down the food hyper speed and your racing around eating garbage and the kidney gets flooded with toxins and not enough water, now you go to use the washroom and youre stuck on the highway so your blatter just nasty out here right, you cant be holding toxins in, remember sweat? Okay so sweat was great right, you worked hard and then there was a perspiring feeling and you would eliminate the toxins outwards right, now you sit down on the computer computing awaay all day long its confusing i could say it again and again all day long, but until we stand up an get along your kidney mane she gone, and im your man but wheres your mane, you guys all acting lame, can you not contain the current, or better yet do something and be more ancient, because the current way, is nothing compared to ancient history and soon this civilization will be history, now i hope someone likes my rhymes, let me write for you this is his story, no credit needed, talked to god he vetted my deeds, so every day we out here trying to water the seeds, a seed in me a seed in you imagine what a community could do? Enjoy your day im gonna walk around picking up trash.

  • We need to stop going slow evolution theory so we are currently de-evolving passing on hereditary conditions that will catch up to all of us including you eradicating viruses and diseases from this earth wont help what is already naturally happening we've hit that point in time long ago speed up adapt collaborate it's all here for us…😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • What about studying hormonal changes linked to stress, environment, food?

  • Thank you ABC News, greetings from Popayan, Colombia.

  • I have allergies, can't wait for the day when they find a cure, I have hope in these scientists ❤

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