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Top 23 Scandals of Each Year (2000 – 2022)

These celeb controversies and scandals were impossible to ignore. For this list, we’ll be looking at the biggest public …

Title: Unveiling the Top 23 Scandals of Each Year (2000-2022): A Reflection on the Evolution of Controversy

In an era marked by rapid information dissemination and heightened public scrutiny, scandals have become an integral part of modern society. This article aims to shed light on the most significant scandals that unfolded in the 21st century, providing insights into the evolution of controversy and its impact on current events.

Beginning in the year 2000, the Enron scandal rocked the corporate world, revealing accounting fraud that led to the company's bankruptcy. This event set a precedent for increased regulation and transparency in the financial sector.

In 2004, the Watergate tapes scandal resurfaced, leading to the indictment of former White House Counsel, John Dean, for perjury. This reopening of a decades-old scandal underscored the enduring nature of political controversies.

The year 2006 saw the Duke lacrosse case, where false accusations of rape led to the team's suspension. The case sparked a national conversation about race, class, and the criminal justice system.

In 2008, the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme was exposed, resulting in the largest financial fraud in history. This scandal highlighted the vulnerability of the financial system to greed and deception.

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the largest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry, brought environmental concerns to the forefront. The disaster led to stricter regulations and increased public awareness about the impact of oil extraction on the environment.

In 2011, the Wikileaks release of classified documents caused an international uproar, sparking debates about transparency, national security, and journalistic ethics.

The 2012 Lance Armstrong doping scandal shook the world of sports, leading to his lifetime ban from competition. This scandal underscored the pervasive use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports.

The 2013 IRS scandal, where the Internal Revenue Service was found to have targeted conservative political groups, raised concerns about government bias and abuse of power.

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  • The Janet Jackson thing was complete BS. Justin just left her hanging and everyone attacked her despite Justin being the one who did it

  • why are cheating scandal's and divorces even publicly available at all?

  • I will never get over how much people caped for Amber Heard when she’s literally the only one of the two that has a DV record and is on record MULTIPLE TIMES saying she hit Johnny. Like, the guy can be a foul-mouthed drunk or whatever but that woman is a literal ABUSER!

  • The Mel Gibson thing is not fair because he was drunk and it is also a comment that is clearly no different than when the Ameeicans accuse the French of "surrendering too quickly in all their wars", which is a reference to the defeat they suffered in WWII but that is a total lie.

  • Martha Stewart only did five months, and when the released her, I bet her prison cell was spotless.

  • Wannabe actresses and MeToo, all very suspicious!!! Took them until established to then come forward!!

  • You do realise Jimmy Saville was a massive paedophile?… That was the most horrifying thing he done… Literally had a show called "Jim'll Fix it" that had kids in it and he molested so many of them plus children charities… This man does not deserve to appear on a list and not have that mentioned ffs….

  • Also so annoying how all these lists are always just "Americas most scandolous etc" just say America, don't act like the rest of the world knows any of your sports stars etc…

  • Martin Bashir is now a disgraced journalist who told horrific lies and caused untold misery to those who trusted him

  • So Winona Ryder steals 5k worth of clothes and slapped with felony charges…. yet people out stealing way more any no one bats an eye…. OK

  • 9:24 this is bullshit. Spears shaved her head because she knew she would have to submit some hair for historical drug tests for the custody case. She was far from crazy and knew exactly why she did it.

  • "Savile had mistreated …"
    Don't sanitise it. Jimmy's A Vile raped hundreds of young adults and kids. Raped.
    The man was an oil slick. Everybody he touched came away soiled and dirty.

  • How do you illegally deflate a ball? I understand using them is illegal but is the act itself of deflating illegal?

  • How ironic was it that MJ was ALLLLLL over the news and suddenly Janet has a nipple slip that quickly became THE cover story?! Seriously.

  • I find it bs that Janet Jackson was blamed for what Justin Timberlake did to her

  • Umm what, Johnny Depp clearly won… like wtf 😂😂

  • mel gibson said bad things about latinos and blacks as well



  • Tiger woods was treated like a murderer & I’ll never understand it.

  • Interesting how it seems to be women who pay the consequences and yet the men…

  • Ope they called scientology a cult, prepare for the lawsuits!!!! Lol. They sue everyone. They'll probably sue me for this comment.

  • Very distorted look at what really happened in most of these. So watered down. Sort of taking the scandals out of the scandals.

  • Jimmy Savile's scandal was horrendous but even more horrendous was the permissive attitudes of those around him who knew, turned a blind eye or even covered up for him.

  • I remember the trial of aunt becky from full house being a big deal.

  • Let's just say. No normal, none pedophile ADULT would ever think it's appropriate to sleep in bed with random children.

  • But he wrote thriller, Thriller. Would you let him watch your kids? "F*ck no, ew ….what great Chappell episode

  • Honestly, Woods personal life is his own business. People are not perfect. Many people are cheaters. It should be only between them and their partners, unless, of course, they build their public career and image by preaching fidelity.

  • And Why was Janet Jackson's career almost destroyed while Justin Timberlake's went unscathed? Could she have predicted what was going to happen to her clothing? was it planned? I always had the suspicion he did it in purpose.

  • R Kelly was sentenced to 30 years for trafficking.
    How come Matt Gaetzcis still free and in Congress, while he did the same thing?

  • I'm not a Will Smith fan I do agree with what he did and I was surprised that Chris Rock didn't splatter I've always been told when you slap s*** it splatters Punk needs to learn there are fighting words before Chris Rock is selling is comedy he ought to think up and go to a different trade

  • The UK wants to be the US so bad but little do they know that all they need is a toothbrush and some guns and they will be the US

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