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Top 10 Movie Scandals You Forgot About

How did we forget these scandals? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Hollywood …

Title: "Unveiling the Top 10 Movie Scandals You Forgot About: A Fresh Look in the Era of #MeToo"

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the entertainment industry has been under intense scrutiny, forcing a reexamination of past scandals. Here are ten movie scandals that have been largely forgotten but are worth revisiting in the context of today's societal conversations.

1. **The Color Purple (1985)**: Whoopi Goldberg, the film's star, was initially passed over for an Academy Award nomination, sparking accusations of racism. The Academy later acknowledged the oversight and corrected the error.

2. **Heaven's Gate (1980)**: This film, directed by Michael Cimino, was a critical and financial disaster, leading to a multi-million-dollar loss for United Artists. The debacle led to Cimino being blacklisted for several years.

3. **The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)**: Martin Scorsese's controversial film about Jesus sparked protests and boycotts from religious groups. The film's depiction of Jesus's human struggles and sexuality was seen as blasphemous.

4. **The Exorcist III (1990)**: The film's original ending, which revealed the killer to be a demon, was changed at the last minute due to studio interference. The original ending was eventually released as a separate short film.

5. **The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)**: The film, which depicted the life of controversial publisher Larry Flynt, was initially given an NC-17 rating due to its explicit content. The rating was later changed to an R after a public outcry.

6. **The Interview (2014)**: This film, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, was pulled from theatrical release after threats from hacking group North Korea. The film was later released online.

7. **The Passion of the Christ (2004)**: Mel Gibson's controversial film about Jesus's crucifixion was criticized for its graphic violence and anti-Semitic undertones.

8. **The Da Vinci

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  • Heaven's Gate was shown unedited on the famous Z Channel cable station in Los Angeles and got great reviews by subscribers .

  • Emma Stone is such a typical white feminist, always droning on about how hard women have it while undercutting ethnic minorities, she's only sorry about Aloha because of the backlash, not because she actually cares

  • Not surprised Landis is an inconsiderate tool, he raised an abusive sociopathic POS son too

  • You people in Mojo, really don't know how to make content, right? Rate rocks now.

  • Emma has 10% Asian in her genes.

  • "Whitewashing" in Hollywood movies 😂

  • So what we not gonna do is act as tho Juno made home skillet a regular casual word. Lord have mercy yt ppl be taking credit for legit everything lol😅

  • Juno didn't make folks pregnant. That film the pregnancy pact did. All thought if one did all do. 16 and pregnant ruined women and girls for decades to follow

  • 3:27 Raven Simone said home skillet YEARS before that on That's So Raven

  • I still love Heathers. And John Landis is still a smug A-hole for the way he acted after The Twilight Zone tragedy.

  • Is the fact that Super Mario Bros bomb actually a controversy? Or am I missing something?

  • I didn't forget Aloha. In fact, I randomly thought of it this morining and wondered "What the hell was Cameron Crowe thinking?" I also remembered how boring of a film it was.

  • Juno and the rise of teen pregnancy? It's been done way before Juno….Molly Ringwald anyone? One of her best movies was being knocked up as a teen.

  • No.. what is the real scandal is the "Heathers' miniseries reboot the did putting "the evil popular group" as in the reverse (with body positivity and the LGBTQ+ crowd running things and being just as bad if not worse). Heathers made cultural and social statements that need to be heard.. but the hate on the miniseries is very similar to the hate some Star Wars "fans" have for the Prequels. They only like the story when they are allowed to see themselves as the victim. That "woke" idiocy is why so many franchises are failing.

  • You left out Alec Baldwin flat-out killing a woman on a movie set because the prop manager was a nepo baby.

  • When I first saw a picture of Emma Stone, I thought she was Korean

  • Coppola's one from the heart also puts new hollywood nail in the coffin

  • In Aloha…. They mention that Emma stones character has like a grandmother who is hawiian with the rest of her family being supposedly white, given her appearance.

    Like, basic geneology from high school would teach you that her appearance is completly possible and plausible. People really need to go outside and touch grass,.

  • The things I hate in movies TV shows whatever is heterosexuals playing homosexuals disabled characters being played by able body people. Lastly a famous person being played by a different race. Jesus is so hard to cast those roles to those people that really deserve it.

  • How do you skip over the biggest scandal in a movie? When a director told Marlon Brando to LITERALLY GRAPE AN ACTRESS WITH A STICK OF BUTTER. This was in the movie Last Tango in Paris and it’s an actual grape being depicted on screen. It’s not simulated and the actress Maria Schneider, who was only 19 at the time, did not consent to it. It haunted and traumatized her for the rest of her life. THAT should have been the biggest scandal and number 1 on the list. Shame you didn’t even bring it up.

  • Talking about forget you missed Hitchcock ruining the life of Trippi Hedren, The Shinning 1980 filming was a hell for Shelley Duvall to the point she lost hair!!! 😮

  • BRUH YOU REALLY SAID SCORE-SEH-SEE Jesus fucking christ do you even pop culture????

  • The real scandal about Russell is that his response to his niece accusing him of inappropriately touching her was: "It was consensual".

  • I know it's not on this list but what happened to Brandon Lee should have forced stricter gun safety laws on movie sets, but after the incident with Alec Baldwin it didn't seem like Hollywood learned it's lesson

  • Clickbait. Maybe 3 scandals. This is why I haven't clicked Mojo cr@p.

  • Of course the CHOICE to keep a baby would be seen as "anti-choice" 😂

  • Only backseat typers are making a drama out of something harmless. People now a day are angry about everything and judge about everything. People are so 💩 like.

  • White washing of Asians are so shameful and ignorant, in a bad word, disgusting.
    3 years in a row Oscars best pictures been handed to Asians and still people are THIS BLIND. 🤮

  • John landis like father like son. Landis should of shunned out of film making but he slimed and blamed and out lawyered others to come out clean.His karma is his son.

  • Would All the Money in the World be considered scandalous or did it weigh more onto Kevin Spacey?

  • I clearly remember Aloha since I saw the movie in theaters and felt Like Nazare Tedesco (math lady) because I couldn’t understand how Emma Stone was Chinese and Hawaiian 😂

  • Idk what Time Magazine is on, but That's so Raven is where most of my friends first heard "home skillet biscuit."

  • John Landis should have served time.

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