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Top 10 Entitled Celebrities Who NEED To Be Humbled

Top 10 Entitled Celebrities Who NEED To Be Humbled Subscribe To Beyond The Screen: Follow Our …


Title: "Top 10 Entitled Celebrities Who Need a Dose of Humility: A Reflection on Current Events"

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, where fame and fortune often overshadow reality, it's easy for some celebrities to lose touch with the real world. Here are ten entitled celebrities who, in light of recent events, could benefit from a dose of humility:

1. **Kanye West**: Known for his outspoken nature, West's recent comments about his 2020 presidential run and his comparison of himself to Jesus have raised eyebrows. His behavior underscores a lack of understanding of the responsibilities that come with public influence.

2. **Kim Kardashian**: Despite her success in the business world, Kardashian's recent foray into the legal system to help free Alice Marie Johnson was met with criticism. Some argue that her actions were more about self-promotion than genuine altruism.

3. **Bella Hadid**: In an interview, Hadid expressed her frustration over not being recognized at an airport, seemingly forgetting the privileged position she holds as a supermodel.

4. **Justin Bieber**: Bieber's behavior, from his infamous monkey incident to his recent vandalism charges in Brazil, has often been seen as entitled and disrespectful.

5. **Kylie Jenner**: Jenner's controversial Forbes cover and subsequent claims of self-made billionaire status have sparked debate about the nature of privilege and success.

6. **Aaron Carter**: Carter's recent Twitter rants, including one where he threatened to sue a fan for calling him a liar, demonstrate a lack of understanding of the power dynamics between celebrities and their fans.

7. **Taylor Swift**: Swift's public feuds and her demand for backup dancers to sign non-disclosure agreements have raised questions about her treatment of those around her.

8. **Lindsay Lohan**: Lohan's repeated run-ins with the law and her recent comments about the Syrian refugee crisis have led many to question her judgment and empathy.

9. **Paris Hilton**: Hilton's infamous quote, "That's hot," and her

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  • Russell Crowe is NOT Australian. He is from New Zealand.

  • Justin your not thar great and your music is just basic pop. Its nothing unusual. It's nothing amazing. It's the very young that think it's great and the parents that have to think it's great. You would never survive what that beautiful girl and her family went through. Your just a spoiled brat who has no respect for others. He calls himself a believer in God.

  • Gweneth is weird, JLO is untalented, Justin Beiber is spolied, Every Kardashian is useless, Kanye is damaged goods,

  • Justin Bieber was hoping Anne Frank believed in God. Not to be one of his fans

  • Plain and simple Jay-Z's nothing but a wannabe gangster that made some and put his boys on to start his franchise everyone knows Jay-Z's an a******everyone knows Jay-Z is nothing but a modern-day Uncle Tom

  • Jennifer Lopez cannot act I don't know why she thinks she can

  • But Obama supports Biden! Biden fought for segregation! Did they miss history 101

  • I don't like adam levine but his reaction is understandable tho. Fan or not you cant just grab someone. The fan maybe knew him but he didnt know her. I dont think many people likes to be touched by strangers.

  • Why would being married to the vi** Beyonce be something to brag about?I am totally clueless about that.I abhor J-z tbh but her far more so.Just being honest and giving my opinion.Paltrow is another so called "celeb" i cant stand either.Bieber is another who hasnt got the brain power of a gnat.The only ones who have my respect are Russel Crowe who is a massive superstar and in my top ten of all time greats.Lea Michele is the only other one on here i respect .

  • All scum .Let's think about it logically they make noises with their mouths and push on keys , and people turn them into some kind of gods , then they start believing it . It's a social sickness that needs curing .Music is fun , nothing else .

  • Almost all these celebrities are rarely known outside the US, americans are experts in making the worst people famous

  • Jay Z and Beyonce are satanists and trying to influence our young!

  • Mariah Carey said it best about Jlo, that if she could sleep 8 hours a day and have other women sing my songs, I'd be living my best life. We all know that Jlo is just to be seen and not to be heard. Because, when Jlo sings, all the glasses shatter, and all the dogs start howling. She's the definition of an industry plant.

  • Your criticism of Jay-Z would be more compelling if you could pronounce Harry Belafonte's name correctly.

  • JayZ is awesome! He's given us great music and really that should be enough!

  • [2023] The most unpopular countries in the world = #1>>>The United States of America. So, sorry to Rain on your Parade😆😅🤣😂

  • Lea Michele is fugly.. plus she’s hardly famous.. total wannabe.. the rest of them at least are deserving to be cocky.. I hate Kanye tho.. he’s gross too

  • All that fame gotten to their heads it's ordinary people who made them famous without them buying tickets or videos of movies they star in or buying every album they've released or buy tickets to every concert you had these celebrities need to show compassion to those who giving them love and support without ordinary people and their support they'll lose their fame and riches and have to live a ordinary life like the rest of us.

  • Anyone else bothered that the screen grab for this video are pictures of Millie Bobby Brown and then she’s not even in this video? I don’t know anything about her personality, but either she’s in another one of these videos and this screen grab should be on that video instead, or her reputation is being slightly sullied by being the screen grab for “most entitled celebs”…either way, I don’t think her pic should be the one for this video

  • JZ is no more arrogant than white millionaires. Thank you.

  • J.lo should be thankful for her fans . She is not a good actress .all her movies flop!

  • That first guy "Jazzy" , I don't know who he is or what team he's on. Obviously he is not as big as he thinks he is. I know you don't have to be handsome to play ball but he is not very handsome either.

  • Jay z and Kanye West are beavis and Butt-head only the discount Netflix version

  • If Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar can put on a fantastic half time show and share the stage without being divas about it, then JLo can do the same

  • No wonder he married the crass Kim, shame for influencing young people, when he is so dum

  • Don’t mess with Shia. The best thing he could do to remain human is leave Hollywood, buy a farm, plant a garden, get married and rear some children he can be proud of once he’s gone.

  • 2024… WHY we still have celebrities walking around.

  • I have to disagree with Russell Crowe these days, my daughters grandmother and her and her friends went out for dinner in Kiama where they live, and they noticed him and his friend having dinner and he got up and came over to the table and cuddled them all and spent some time with them. They are all in their 80’s and he sure made them feel so special, it was a huge highlight for them all. He is very humble these days as this happened a few years ago …

  • Fan or not its not a right to just grab a random person you dont physically know, being a celebrity doesn't give anyone the right to just go up and touch or talk to them. They are human beings, and have the right to just be themselves for a bit without fans bombarding them or the press.

  • Number 3 Kaynne is not very handsome at all. I don't know what team he plays for but you would think the front office would try to control him.

  • If isn’t for their Fans they wouldn’t be Stars! Get over yourself. 😮

  • That's ironic with Jennifer lopez and a maid, who she got fired. She starred in a movie called Maid in Manhattan, where she played a struggling maid. There was even a scene with an uppity woman behaving like she's so much more impotrant that JL character. 😆 oh, the irony!

  • I think something happened to Justin Bieber; I think he was groomed, possibly abused. If true, I’m not sure it excuses his behavior, but it explains it.

  • I have learrned to detest both Kayne West and Kim Kardashian over time. I used to like Kaynr in his song "American Girl" , very simple…but he has turned into a real dirty and offensive basta^^, just full of anger and arrogance, just like Kim Kar-TRASH-ian. Not personable, not revered, not WELCOME anywhere! Just goes to show if you act like an arrogant SOB anywhere, YOU are not liked or admired, you're hated and a nobody. Parents should recognize their behaviors and turn on the parental controls!

  • This video has the same energy as when you complain to your mom and she starts talking about how entitled you are because she used to eat grass when she was little.


  • While Adam should be humbled, however when it comes with the woman rushing on the stage. Can't really blame him, he doesn't know the woman. Most people would be unnerved being approached by someone like that. So basically, a average reaction.

  • I wouldn't recognise this Michelle woman if I fell over her. Isn't she a faded has been?

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