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“This season was a mess!” – Ten Hag reacts after guiding Man Utd to FA Cup triumph – ITV Sport

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Title: Ten Hag Reflects on Man Utd's Tumultuous Season Despite FA Cup Victory

Erik ten Hag, Manchester United's manager, has expressed his feelings about the team's season, describing it as a "mess" despite securing the FA Cup triumph. The Dutch tactician, who took charge in the summer of 2022, has faced numerous challenges during his first season at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils have experienced a rollercoaster ride this season, with inconsistent performances and results. However, they managed to turn their fortunes around in the FA Cup, defeating rivals Newcastle United in the final.

Ten Hag acknowledged the team's struggles but emphasized the importance of the FA Cup victory. "This season has been a mess, but we managed to turn things around in the FA Cup," he said. "It's a great achievement for the team, and it gives us a boost of confidence heading into next season."

The Dutchman also highlighted the team's resilience and fighting spirit, stating, "We faced many obstacles this season, but the players showed great character and determination.

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  • I'm delighted for Erik for he is a real gentleman – The battering he got in the post match interview from the gutter journalists was shameful – At least here on the ITV interview he was given respect – Tactically how Erik set up today's victory against Pep was magnificent.

  • One game where he get the tactics right and suddenly all forget how we all season have struggled very very badly against less good opponents – fact is ETH is a lucky man he even got to the final (Coventry remember!?) We've finished 8th ffs! We've got a negative goalscore, we've conceeded multiple chances against us every game, list goes on … and now ETH is "a genius". It's a fuc…. joke!

  • Honestly you all want him to stay but when the team tart losing again matches next season you all want him out again make up you fukn minds you pelicans out there me personally want him to leave start again with a new young squad and new manager to build that team up then in a few years win the title with those players

  • But agree he s been in a tough spot the whole year… Deserves the Cup.

  • He is like a kindergarten kid after getting a candy for being a good kid for 5 minutes.

  • ITV, thank you for a well-conducted interview. from Manchester United supporters across the globe.

  • Am wolves fan and I think ten hag should be given a chance we could have done better than 14th but for injuries s o give Eric a chance

  • I have the most respect for this man regardless of criticism he just keeps bouncing back.

  • The media's treatment of this guy is disgraceful

  • It was not the first time tennagers scored in the fa cup final it was ronaldo before them

  • Well done to ITV pundits who showed the utmost respect in their interview. I recommend every person boycotts the BBC after the way Shearer and Lineker went on they were an absolute disgrace dont pay your TV license people im not propping up that load of shite.

  • I would give Ten Hag another season GGMU AND THE REDS GO MARCHING ON ON ON… ❤

  • it is just me or they want to make us believe that this man won the champions league without cristiano?

  • The adversity ETH and Man Utd have had to deal with this season was a big sweeping curveball. For it to culminate into a huge cup win against City, sublime.

  • City was over confident. It became their own undoing. Utd took full advantage. Well played Utd 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Thank you ITV for conducting a proper interview. From Manchester United fans worldwide.

  • Liverpool fan 50 years but hat of to Ten Hag fair play

  • In the right direction? to 8th position in the EPL? this dude is delusional.


  • Thank you ITV for conducting a proper interview. From Manchester United fans worldwide.

  • Thank you ITV for conducting a proper interview. From Manchester United fans worldwide.

  • What did Ten Hag say to Roy that made him say “hey I won the championship with Sunderland give me some credit”?

  • Thank-you for the respect the ITV panel gave to ETH post-match.. I can't stick the BBC and Gary Lineker at the best of times but the way the prodded him right after a great victory was disrespectful, patronising and typical.

  • This manager is the most lively I've ever seen. Bravo to the ITV crew, who saw this coming and simply let him to speak. Excellent work.

  • Keep ETH he has huge potential. Sacking him is not the answer!

  • As a sportsman I do admit Ten Hag is the best manager for Manchester United for now. If they sack him it will take another 5 years to rebuild. He should be allowed to do his job. He really had many injured players leaving him with selection and depth issues

  • LoL 🤣🤣. Every season is a MESS for MAN U 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Please give this man 1 more year we will forever regret it if we let him go

  • Imagine having to go from dalot, varane , Martinez, shaw to bissaka,Maguire,evans and casemiro. Pep and klopp would have cried all season and media would have given them the pass but for man utd it's a different story.Hypocrisy

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