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The Scandals That Destroyed American Idol

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Title: "The Resurgence of 'American Idol': A Look Back at the Scandals That Shook the Reality TV Franchise"

In the realm of reality television, few shows have had as much impact as "American Idol." However, the once-dominant franchise has faced numerous scandals that have significantly altered its trajectory. As the show prepares for its return, it's worth revisiting these controversies and understanding their relevance to current events.

The first major scandal erupted in 2009 when Adam Lambert, a finalist on the eighth season, performed a provocative, gender-bending rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the American Music Awards. The performance sparked outrage from conservative groups, leading to accusations that the show was promoting an "immoral" lifestyle. While this incident did not directly impact the show's ratings, it highlighted the cultural divide that "American Idol" often navigated.

Another scandal broke in 2014 when it was revealed that Iam Tongi, a contestant on the thirteenth season, had previously auditioned for the show but was rejected. This breached the show's rules, leading to his disqualification. The incident raised questions about the fairness and integrity of the competition, potentially damaging the show's reputation.

Perhaps the most damaging scandal occurred in 2018 when it was revealed that the show's winner, Gabby Barrett, had been coached by a vocal coach who had previously worked with other contestants. This breached the show's rules, which prohibit contestants from receiving coaching from anyone associated with the show. The scandal led to a shake-up in the show's management and a decline in ratings.

These scandals, while occurring several years ago, have significant relevance to current events. As "American Idol" prepares for its return, it's crucial for the show to learn from its past mistakes and ensure a fair and transparent competition. The show's ability to navigate cultural divides and maintain its integrity will be key to its success in the current political and cultural climate.

In conclusion, the scandals that have plagued "American Idol" offer valuable lessons for the show as it prepares for its return. By understanding and

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  • In the Philippines buying a lot of Sim cards and voting using each and everyone of them is considered valid lol.

  • As Rupaul said in his song, “Losing is the new winning” bc sometimes not winning makes fans support a “robbed” artist even more.

  • Pls add check marks for the sponsored content so it’s easier to properly skip. Thanks and awesome content as usual

  • That’s just 6ix9ine’s mom listening to…also, Kelly Clarkson shouldn’t have won

  • William Hung, the "She Bang" guy didn't get passed the audition. He has a fanbase

  • Let me tell you a thing or two that I know about American Idol… I would have to say that Christina Aguilera likely was digging dirt on Simon Cowell from the very beginning. Second, I would have to say that Simon Cowell, and a man named Williams we’re running a scandal out of Quebec that was working closely with Spain victimizing Americans in talent scan… One of their cells was in the State Of Michigan working in conjunction with a law firm known as Bernstein and a radio station that known as 101.1 wrif… after they victimized the individual using technology… They would then pass the talented musicians artwork into the country music industry… This happened to me about 11 years ago. Oddly enough we Puerto Rico comes into the mix… Ponce Puerto Rico was one of their avenues that a judge is using and utilizing a loophole with Native Americans into New Mexico and then back into Michigan… It’s a very complicated thing, but it’s actually real. So now I have about four years worth of material written and I’ve been working on guitar pieces until I came to Puerto Rico to follow up on the rest of the trail.

  • Sounds very similar 🤔 to something that happened in November of 2020 to the United States

  • 1:40 texting a hotline wouldn't actually bring any results. Like, you'd just be texting a landline. Nothing would happen. "hehehe imagine hehehe "sex" hehehe"

  • `NEVER trust a man in eye liner

  • I've heard of TWO of these fools

  • American Idol has exploited more people over finding good talent. If the show was actually serious about helping the talent, they would have brought in Quincy Jones or Rick Ruben, instead of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

  • 09:04 no one in their right minds says Warwick like "War-wick". Warwick is an important town in England apart from a common English surname. English-speakers don't say the second W to make life easier, but it's much like we don't say the W in wring either, do we? English is not a phonetical language, obviously if you want that more, you can always speak Spanish, which tries to be more phonetical the way that English never is.

  • Nah, even Kris Allen knew it was rigged in his favor. You could tell from his body language when he was announced as the winner that he didn’t feel he deserved it. I felt bad for him, because you could just tell, he was embarrassed.

  • Tbh this doesn't phase me- grew up watching it but always stopped after the first couple of episodes because IMO that was the only time it was good seeing all the REALLY bad funny contestants after that I tuned out 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • bro you cant tease tommy wiseau and not do a video on the room

  • I remember those days, back when anybody gave a shit about American idol

  • All of the world with common sense realized it was rigged by season 3 because the winners were based on race and gender

  • 6:15 the Howard Stern thing had nothing to do with Americam Idol and everything to do with trolling Eric the Midget/Actor

  • No offense but Adam Lambert ain't even close to Freddie 🤣

  • I've noticed that you keep mispronouncing the word vehemently in your videos. It is vee-em-ently. I watch your videos often, and I think you do great work as a whole, but I find that bit to be a little grating. No hate, and I hope you're doing well!

  • I'm not even American, but thank you for those rigged votes. Because Adam didn't win, he actually built a more successful career rather than Kris Allen did. I cannot recall people remembering him, but I bet he is still out there. I became a fan one year later, in November 2010, of Adam. And back then, I was confused about him not winning. But looking back on that now, I'm glad he didn't win. His career is on superstar level and has a global fanbase, don't think that Kris Allen has the same size of a fanbase like Adam.

  • I’m not from the U.S but me and my family religiously watched American Idol specifically this season. We we’re watching the finals live and was shocked that Lambert didn’t win. Even at my young age I knew there was something going on.

  • If they will do this for something as lame as American Idol, think what they will do with all you're information in the name of AI training. Don't worry baby, your soul is just anonymous data.

  • Adam got the last laugh coz he's now touring with queen

  • This has got to be the most content-less video I've seen from you. Your advertisement for the scent-thing had more content than the actual video. You barely talked about the "scandals" and provided almost 0 information or context about what went on, how it was handled, what changed or anything else.

  • I think this may be the most unsatisfying ending to a semi-essay style video ever? You didn’t conclude the story of the voting scandal, just briefly mentioned it, and then concluded with “it was social media that ended Idol” like.. wtf.

  • You said to drink water as I was coughing. Can you see me?

  • Definitely don’t need talent to become a mega star

  • "it doesn't seem likely that the producers and investors would keep the agenda going if it was hurting the show's reach."
    Disney: Hold my beer

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