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The Kevin Bacon Video : Creepy, Disgusting Hollywood Strikes…

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Title: "The Resurgence of 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' in Modern Hollywood: A Nostalgic Look at the Unsettling Connections"

In the realm of social media, a recent viral trend has brought back memories of the classic party game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." The Kevin Bacon Video, a TikTok creation, has sparked a renewed interest in the concept, which challenges users to connect any actor to Kevin Bacon through their film roles in six steps or fewer.

However, the current iteration of the game, as seen in the Kevin Bacon Video, presents a more unsettling twist. Instead of celebrating the interconnectedness of Hollywood, the video exposes a web of relationships that some viewers find disturbing, due to the close personal ties between certain actors and powerful industry figures.

This resurgence of the game comes at a time when the entertainment industry is under intense scrutiny for its handling of sexual misconduct allegations and power dynamics. The Kevin Bacon Video serves as a stark reminder of the intricate web of relationships that exist within Hollywood, raising questions about nepotism, favoritism, and the influence of power brokers in the industry.

While the game itself is not new, the context in which it is being played has changed significantly. The Kevin Bacon Video offers a glimpse into the complex relationships within Hollywood, shedding light on the industry's inner workings and prompting discussions about accountability and transparency.

In conclusion, the Kevin Bacon Video, despite its light-hearted nature, serves as a reflection of the current state of Hollywood. It offers a unique perspective on the industry's power dynamics, sparking conversations about accountability and transparency. As the video continues to go viral, it remains to be seen whether it will lead to lasting changes in the industry or simply serve as a momentary distraction.

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  • Wasn't there something in the Bible that says 'when the stars fall?

  • design to groom your child brought to you by your local library children story hour
    pay by your hard earn taxes

  • He’s still 7 degrees away from logic and decency.

  • Drag is illegal? If not, it’s technically a right, isn’t it? I’m so confused now….But of course it should be 18+ at least

  • Its quite evidant that anyone who yells over their own self.. doesnt have an actual opinion.. see you next month.

  • He is right about it being centuries old , and not because of it being a source of comedy. The thing about that point, however , is that it was that way in so many countries because it was considered inappropriate for women to perform on stage , and I think that is a tradition we can safely put out to pasture without guilt.

  • This KB footage is over a year old.

  • Well guess I'll never watch another Kevin Bacon film again. The list is getting pretty long.

  • drag was only acceptable for actors to play as women characters in the past since it was seen immoral for women to act, most actors seemed to be near prostitutes back then, and the female characters would be guys in drag…dressed as girl acronym. Kevin Bacon sold out to popular…….. whatever the eff this is.

  • So, what's 'drag' anyway? Am I missing something here that none ya'll feel the need to explain what in the heck ya'll are talking about?

  • And the worst degenerates in Hollywood and DC all hate Trump. What does that tell you?

  • Damn , there goes Kevin Bacon. Gone with Bud Light. We all make choices. Good Bye Fairy of Footloose.

  • I clicked thinking this video was proof of him being a creep-
    Going by this video, him and his wife are saying drag is okay. Well It Is okay. What's the problem?


  • I couldn't believe that a collective of artists poured their time and money into getting convicted child killers off death row. Very disturbing. Justice. What justice for the parents? No justice. These men will at some point do it again. Vedder you are a disgrace.

  • This Bacon is gonna get fried! Hey, someone had to say! The whole thing's a real drag! Again, someone had to say it! I'm here all week.

  • Anyone who still believes any “charity” endorsed by anyone from Hollywood is legit, would be better off throwing their donations out the window. At least then hopefully a needy person might just happen to find a dollar or two, which is much more than what they would probably get from these supposed charities….. in fact, if a charity is backed by anyone from any genre of music, anyone who works in state or federal government, and any corporate leader, is questionable in my mind, right Oprah and The Rock? How’s that Maui money coming along????? How many families have you given donations to?????? How many homes have you helped rebuild in Maui Oprah, The Rock?????

  • When someone told me KB did something horrible, I had hoped it was "only" domestic violence. This is the sad reality.

  • I just totally lost all my respect for Kevin Bacon 😢

  • You're a bigot. He is seen here dancing with his wife, who he has been married to since before you were born. Nothing in your fatuous video has anything about child abuse.

  • Remember when Kevin bacon played the guard at the boys home? He and 2 other guards would take a couple of boys into the basement, handcuff them to a pipe and you can figure the rest. Great cast, hard material. I think it's called sleepers.

  • Fall of the Byzantine Empire started with people arguing over the genders of angels!

    Kid you not!

  • DRAG = Dressed As A Girl is for the adults who frequent seedy nightclubs keep it there behind closes doors away from the innocent.

  • Man u cud have made a decent video without the shouting? Dafuq are u shouting for and ur literally out of breath. We are not 8yr olds playin fortnite

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