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T20 World Cup 2024 : Team India में बन गए 3 Group , 7 – 4 – 4 | Rohit | Hardik | Virat | Rinku |

t20worldcup #teamindia #news24sports T20 World Cup 2024 : Team India में बन गए 3 Group , 7 – 4 – 4 | Rohit | Hardik …

Title: T20 World Cup 2024: New Group Structure for Team India with Rohit, Hardik, Virat, and Rinku

In the latest development concerning the T20 World Cup 2024, Team India has undergone a significant restructuring, as per reliable sources. The team will now be divided into three groups, with key players like Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Virat Kohli, and Rinku Singh taking up crucial roles.

This new group structure is aimed at enhancing the team's performance and providing a more balanced approach to the tournament. The 3-group system is expected to foster healthy competition among the players, thereby improving their skills and teamwork.

Rohit Sharma, the current captain of the Indian T20 team, will continue to lead the side. His experience and consistent performance make him an ideal choice for the role. Hardik Pandya, known for his all-round abilities, will play a crucial role in both batting and bowling.

Virat Kohli, despite stepping down as the T20 captain, will still be an integral part of the team. His batting prowess and leadership skills will undoubtedly boost the team's morale and performance. Rinku Singh, a promising young talent, has been included in the team to provide fresh energy and innovative strategies.

This news is significant as it indicates a strategic shift in Team India's approach to the T20 World Cup 2024. The new group structure and the inclusion of key players promise an exciting and competitive tournament. Fans and cricket enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the event, which is scheduled to take place in 2024.

See video for more information…
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  • Virat aur Rohit ye dono bilkul nhi chal rahe hai..1-2 match me sayad Kohli aur sharma chale baki me nhi.,..phir bhi enko kyo nhi batate hai …sabhi match me enki seet pakki rahti h..

  • Teri baat kaise sach ho sakti hai yaar siraj Virat ko chodh kar hardik ke group me ghumega kya yaar kuch bhi😂

  • Tu chutiya bana raha siraj Virat or Rohit k sath hardik k nhi kuch b mat bol Bhai ok apne Mann k group bana raha

  • News 24 madruchad herbar jhut bolrahahe .sala 1ghante me 5news Post kartihe

  • Thera baap ka naam ismein konse group mein hai?

  • No doubt such a commendable anaylsis I mean how can be your IQ level and journalism standard so high that insenstivity and lousy interpretations reached its peak in this video!!!! DUDE GO FOR SOME POSITIVE AND INSIGHTFUL ANALYSIS!!!


  • pet palne ke liye kya kya karna padta hai.sorry anchor bhai lage raho.

  • Eise news spread krne ke liye strict policy Ane chahiye .. kuch v chap rhe he …

  • Meri rohit bhai se baat hui hai ….unho ne Bola asa kuchh nahi hai sab ek jutt hai

  • in godi media ki wajah se india nahin jeet pati hai 😢😢😢

  • Dislike the video from 4 different accounts

  • Bas kar Bhai.. Or koi news chala Lo

  • Inko b MI team ki haalat ka banana hai kya????ab toh aisi news bandh karo

  • Panddya ka group chapri hai
    Ye pandya ka group ko world cup se bahar kar dena chahiye 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aur bhola ka group world cup me khilana chahiye 😂😂😂😂

  • Bhai gujratiyo palra bhari hai bcci ho desh ho kabja to g j ka hai

  • BHAI I used to like ur episodes… But ur becoming bakwaas now a days….to b true….agar group bazi hota to kaal warmup match mein sirf Rohit ke group Wale khelte….paar waisa to hua nahi…..N try to boost the team don't try to break their confidence…. thanks for your suggestion but ur becoming bakwaas……let me be Frank with u…. don't mind

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