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Southern Nevada Health District announces detection of first…

The Southern Nevada Health District announced the detection of the first West Nile virus-positive mosquitoes in Clark County.

Title: First Case of Monkeypox Detected in Southern Nevada: Health District Issues Alert

In a recent press release, the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) announced the detection of the first case of Monkeypox in the region. This development marks a significant milestone, as it is the first reported case in Southern Nevada.

The health district emphasized the importance of public awareness and vigilance, urging residents to stay informed about the virus and its symptoms. Monkeypox is a rare viral infection that typically causes flu-like symptoms, followed by a rash. It is not related to smallpox, but the symptoms are similar.

The SNHD is working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate the case and prevent further spread. They have also emphasized that the general public is at low risk, but those with close contact with the infected individual should take precautions.

This detection comes amidst a global outbreak of Monkeypox, with cases reported in several countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern in July 2022.

The SNHD encourages anyone experiencing symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, or a rash to contact their healthcare provider. It is crucial to remember that early diagnosis and treatment can significantly reduce the severity of the disease.

This new development underscores the need for continued vigilance and adherence to public health guidelines. The SNHD will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

See video for more information…

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  • These catus egypti didnt get this bad until 2 years ago when they released billions in florida. Thanks Bill gates you pos. Me amd my lady have gotten this virus and its sucks dude horrible head aches man that have lasted days. We are on the mend but the problem is these mosquitoes are so tiny you can barely see them that we hung up a bug zapper in our room.

  • Lol more fear peeps. Flu symptoms lolol. Our eyes are open we see all. Praise Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior Hallelujah Hallelujah Love to all.

  • I was bit by one of these 4 years ago and I had to go to the hospital. I was painting a commercial building on the book lift, I never felt the mosquito bite at all until I got home u started feeling dizzy and I ended up passing out on my dinner table.

  • I have been complaining to the North Las Vegas Health Department for over FIVE YEARS about the mosquitoes over here! 😮😢😮😢

  • What about the new stadium 🏟️? Looks awesome

  • Is snhd doing Anything Else? Remediate the sewage and poisons at the notorious Rawhide Channel-Not AND the sewage pumping station at Hacienda/Annie Oakley 89120~~NOWWWWWW😮😂

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