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South Korea urges people not to eat fried toothpicks

SouthKorea is urging people not to eat fried #toothpicks made of starch in a shape resembling curly fries, after videos of the …

Title: South Korea Warns Against Consuming Fried Toothpicks Amidst Unusual Food Safety Concern

In a surprising turn of events, South Korea has issued a warning to its citizens against consuming fried toothpicks, a popular street food, due to potential health risks. This advisory comes as a response to an increasing number of cases of tooth and mouth injuries reported by consumers.

The Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) has urged the public to exercise caution when consuming these toothpicks, which are typically coated in a thin layer of batter and deep-fried. The KFDA stated that the batter can harden during the frying process, making the toothpicks potentially harmful if swallowed.

This warning is a stark reminder of the importance of food safety, especially during a time when the global focus is on the COVID-19 pandemic. It underscores the need for continuous vigilance and regulation in the food industry, even in cases of seemingly innocuous food items.

This news is new, as it marks the first time such a warning has been issued for fried toothpicks in South Korea. The KFDA has advised consumers to opt for boiled toothpicks instead, which pose a lower risk of injury.

This incident serves as a timely reminder for consumers to be mindful of what they consume, even in the most unexpected of places. It also emphasizes the role of regulatory bodies in maintaining food safety standards and protecting public health.

See video for more information…

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  • 😨 people are eating toothpicks? Omg, first tide pods, now toothpicks? I must say.. im very disappointed in my fellow gen z people, and im disorganized in gen alpha as well 😮‍💨 STOP EATING THINGS THAT AREN'T FOOD. AND STOP DOING THINGS THAT ARE CLEARLY UNSAFE

  • These are made of corn starch, just like those packaging peanuts, or those biodegradable utensils.

  • People are eating fried wood or plastic because…… they're too poor?

  • That is just weird….
    I guess that the black goo likes fried toothpicks?

  • Are these actually toothpicks?.. I don't know why, but it looks so satisfying.😮

  • Ah, good old social media. We could ask for help, raise money for a cause, maintain relationships, and teach each other how to be stupid.

  • The fact you have to urge people not to do something this stupid makes you question whether they should even attempt to stop them

  • Why not eat toothpicks? They're high fiber. 👍

  • That’s it?
    That’s the whole story?

  • Let the eat it it’s called population control 101 tide pods

  • 😂 if you have to tell an adult not to eat a toothpick, don't bother.

  • Seems like some dumb US media attempt at humor by deliberately mirepresenting other cultures food.

  • Idiocracy was supposed to be a warning, not a manual

  • If you didn’t label it as toothpicks, I would have thought those were parasite worms

  • They might just be on par with those in the west who eats crayons

  • Come on S.Ks. you're not supposed to fall for such stupidity. I mean, wood isn't clear, and frying wood won't expand like that. You're supposed to be smarter than falling for a TikTok challenge. Rule of Thumb: All TikTok Challenges are B.S.

  • What do you do when when you’re Government is leaving Civilians hard pressed for eating healthy

  • Reverse evolution. The world is reversing into degenerates. It won't be long before man turns back into Neanderthals.

  • microplastics, nanoplastics?!?! nah fam they eat the big plastics

  • Sounds like another Darwinian intellectual Challenge

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