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Saif Ali Khan Fights at the Airport, Kareena Kapoor Comes To Save Him

Saif Ali Khan Fights at the Airport, Kareena Kapoor Comes To Save Him …

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, the power couple of Bollywood, were embroiled in a heated argument at the Mumbai airport yesterday. The incident took an ugly turn when things got physical between the two celebrities. According to eyewitnesses, Saif Ali Khan was seen aggressively pushing and shoving his wife, Kareena Kapoor, to the ground.

The argument reportedly started after Saif accused Kareena of talking to another man at a party last week. The situation escalated quickly, and before the security staff could intervene, Kareena managed to get hold of Saif’s shirt, causing him to slip and fall onto the ground.

As the video of the fight went viral on social media, fans expressed their shock and concern for the couple. Many demanded that the authorities take strict action against Saif for his violent behavior. However, it seems like the couple has already sorted out their differences as Kareena stepped forward to defend her husband.

In a recent interview, Kareena revealed that Saif had been under a lot of stress due to work and family commitments. She added that she understood his frustration and would always stand by him, no matter what. The couple, who recently welcomed their second child, seem to be back together, putting their differences aside for the sake of their family.

The incident has once again highlighted the importance of maintaining privacy in public places and the dangers of letting disagreements escalate to physical violence. We wish Saif and Kareena all the best as they continue to navigate through their personal and professional lives.

See video for more.

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  • News wale kuch bhi eljaam lga deten h jismain badnam ho ye log

  • Indian media is the world worst media & ofcourse the journalist who can do everything for their press to succeed even they can break one's marriage also by their nonsense technique .sad for insane media people personality

  • what fight..son of a ..hes a calm man
    even Bebo is an arrogant person,always fights with co actress

  • It’s a common incident in India everywhere. Why go to celebrities, when ordinary people demean each other from the flower seller to maid in their house or cleaner in the office. There is no value for people there and are judged by the jobs they do and treated badly. If you have money you’ll be okay. If not you’re worse than dirt on their shoes. “Modern” India ki jai!

  • Kaisey robh daal raha hai yeh India hai na tawi chall rahey hai inkiforeign country mein karkey dikhaye isski aukat bata dengei waha ki govt

  • Bann lagao isski flights par 😅😅😅😅

  • Jabardsasti shareef aadmi ke peeche pad gaya. Bina matlab ke. Abhi europe/US mei jaaker niri gaay ban jayega. Security walon ko bhi thoda sakht hona chahiye.

  • Chalo murder toh nah bola media ne at least

  • Koi bhi aira gaira jab video banata hai tau bas yahi quality hoti hai

  • Hai maam,Hai Sir..
    CHEAP actor and actress..
    Is the one should..
    We the People,
    Without our Charity..
    Cinemas will be Ghost Area..

  • I can only see the love between Jeh and Taimur❤. 👌😍

  • actually he did a big mistake he called shahid sir instead of saif sir….it is obvious to get angry

  • Ek baar is nawab ki . N. 8. Par fire 🔥 Baal ke restaurant me yadwon ke ladkon ne aisi rail banayi thi na wo aajtak yaad hai isko😅 iski saari nawabi dhari ki dhari reh gayi thi 😅

  • Whatever people called Kareena her nature towords staff when Saif argument she save him

  • Really marriages so important?
    Marriages sucks!

  • Where is he fighting he knows that guy baar baar shoulder pe haath laga k baat ker reha😅kuch bhi tum log make news😮

  • Main tere se pooch raha hu kaha hai woh log…

  • rich and spoilt. money can't teach you manners and grace. never seen or heard anything good about him.
    always fighting and mistreating others.

  • Why are they treated so special
    You can't cross security checks with sunglasses and hat.
    India aur corruption 😂😂

  • Not bad behaviour.. you guys have never been abroad.


  • 0:21 amazing how jehangir showing love for taimoor.

  • khatarnak figh dekhke ruh kaanp gai😱ye to big boss se bhayankar ladai h like wwf

  • Gazab itni badi ladi maine aaj tak nhi dekhi😂😂😂😂

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