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Rajeev Masand On Bollywood Gossip, Business Secrets & Roundt…

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Title: "Rajeev Masand Unveils Insights on Bollywood Gossip, Business Strategies, and Current Trends"

In a recent interview, renowned film critic and entertainment journalist Rajeev Masand shed light on the latest happenings in Bollywood, delving into gossip, business secrets, and current trends. Masand's insights offer a unique perspective on the Indian film industry, providing an engaging discussion for both industry insiders and casual fans.

Among the topics Masand discussed were the business strategies employed by Bollywood production houses, the impact of streaming platforms on the industry, and the evolving role of social media in shaping public opinion. He also shared his thoughts on the recent box office successes and failures, offering valuable insights into the factors that contribute to a film's success or downfall.

One of the key points Masand emphasized was the increasing importance of digital platforms in the film industry. He noted that while traditional theatrical releases remain crucial, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar are playing an increasingly significant role in shaping the industry's landscape.

Masand also touched upon the role of gossip in Bollywood, acknowledging its influence on public perception but cautioning against its potential to distort reality. He emphasized the need for balanced reporting, ensuring that both positive and negative aspects of a film or actor's career are presented fairly.

The information presented by Masand is particularly relevant given the ongoing shift in the film industry towards digital platforms and the increasing importance of social media. His insights offer a valuable perspective on these trends, providing a useful resource for those interested in the Indian film industry.

In conclusion, Rajeev Masand's discussion on Bollywood gossip, business strategies, and current trends offers a fascinating look into the inner workings of the Indian film industry. His insights, based on years of experience and extensive knowledge, provide a valuable resource for both industry insiders and casual fans alike.

See video for more.

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  • 2014 se har film flop hai srk ke…he needs to reinvent himself!

  • why was the question not asked that Rajeev Masand did blind items on Sushant like the skirt chaser one. Is that review on movie or on him? and who and what made him do it?

  • He was the one who wrote nasty things and blind articles about Sushant

  • I really do not understand why is anyone defend kangana like ananya

  • I don't get why ppl abuse as Rajeev mentioned… There's probably something seriously wrong with them and don't realize how much pain they're causing… You can disagree but why abuse?? I think it's high time that social media gets monitored!!

  • Two great conversationalists and out comes a beautiful podcast ❤

  • Rajeev Masand needs kidding..dude..calm down..Thanda paani piyo..relax karo 😮

  • He is the back stabber ,stabbed Sushant Singh Rajput by writing blind articles..

  • Hey Rajeev, so why do SRKs movie don’t do well, but everyone loves him?? Good question. But you know the answer tho, right Rajeev? SRK is a media made star. SRK calls himself a king, a badshah. So maybe not so many people live SRK. It’s all media made with help from people like you Rajeev.

  • Loved every bit of the interview. ❤❤ but Rajeev needs to slow down while talking.. it felt like I'm watching the video in 5x 😂

  • in a half hour podcast he spoke content of atleast one hour, damn that speed

  • Worst paid critic who destroyed SSR , and made him to commit suicide and did undergo underground and one yr later announced as a guilt , I am leaving Critic role . His best friend , Karan zJoker also advised him and added him into His prod company. Now if you have guts , say between MS Dhoni or Udta Punjab , which was a finer movie and inspiring for youth .

    He rated Drug addict movie , that year.
    For me he is a dead man today and he may be knowing that himself.

  • This is the guy who insults and domintaes self made people. His interview with Anand kumar for super 30 shows his true self. I get disgusted how guys like him get by!

  • The question is not whether ananya struggled because her father was not a big star 🙄the question is why is she even in Bollywood? She can't act, dance or have chemistry with her co actors. RM is just here to defend these entitled babies.

  • Ye admi ne shushant ke liye bahot galat bola tha ki woh skirt chaser hai, yeah khud trouser chaser lagta hai. Yeah aur karan johar same category mein hain. Im disspointed ranvirbhai that you call people like him on your show, i feel he is not above average. Nothing special about this kaddu.

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