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Palace Shares NEW Update on Kate Middleton’s Return to Work …

Nearly two months after the Princess of Wales shared that she had been diagnosed with an unspecified form of cancer, …

Title: Kate Middleton's Return to Work: Palace Confirms New Details

In a recent update, Kensington Palace has shared fresh insights regarding the Duchess of Cambridge's anticipated return to royal duties. The announcement, while not specifying an exact date, suggests that Kate Middleton is making steady progress in her recovery from severe morning sickness and is looking forward to resuming her public engagements.

This news comes as a relief to fans and well-wishers who have been eagerly awaiting the Duchess's return. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is expecting her fourth child, has been forced to cancel numerous engagements due to her battle with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness.

The Palace's confirmation of a return to work is indeed new information, offering a glimmer of hope for those eager to see the Duchess back in action. However, the exact timing of her return remains uncertain, with the Palace stating that they will continue to monitor her health closely.

As the world waits with bated breath for the Duchess's return, this update serves as a promising sign that the much-loved royal is on the mend and preparing to take on her duties once again.

See video for more information…

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  • Ahh poor beautiful kate lying in a coma while the royals are having a knees up at garden parties,make me want to puke..

  • I do hope that Stepford Kate’s PIP assessment with the DWP is successful and that she is not financially sanctioned for not actively seeking gainful employment.

  • DailyMail reporting KATE won't be seen until AUTUMN at the earliest

  • Speedy full recovery Princess Catherine ❤❤❤🙏

  • Why do the Brits accept the lies about Kate? She not her children have been seen since the ambulance arrived in the middle of the night on 12/29/23. An investigation needs to be done to find her and Charlotte and Louis and to rule out foul play.

  • According to Murad Murali, the gossip amongst London Doctors is that Kate had a a Subtotal Colectomy: where the surgeon removes most of the colon but is able to leave part of the left side of the colon called the sigmoid colon. The surgeon joins the small bowel to the remaining bit of large bowel. This can lead to problems with incontinence and weakness.

  • In my opinion, the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha is falling and the serpent is eating its own tail. Great news for Britan!

  • Kaut❤nerakstu❤mani❤tapat❤ aprunat ❤ laikām ❤ atpūtusies ❤jums❤bez❤manis❤slikti💎💎💎💎💎❤️🌹💐


  • Nice try but it isn't Kate giving the update.

  • She said she didnt have cancer… preventative chemo would not b that intense… i smell some lies!

  • Dear Princess Catherine, my prayer group 🙏 prays for your complete recovery …may you be well by Christmas ❤

  • Muito cabelo ? na peruca para quem perdeu ? cabelo por químio –

  • "Who believes in heart that Christ died to take sins of people and after that rose again -will be Saved."Repent for time is short

  • Princess Catherine Of Wales Is Amazing And Fabules Women !!!! Support From Balkan !!!! ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉!!!!!!!

  • Dont believe she's still alive do you all need a rocket scientist to figure this out

  • Catherine Princess of Wales. In type and verbal show respect for her position. If you can't then don't report.

  • No doubt , she'll be sporting a very short(possibly curley) hair do after cancer chemo treatment. We wont be seing her again this year, just much old footage, speculation & spin. Many people get cancer every day, its definatley a massive leveler regardless of money!

  • these are all old videos that you can play back. Where is Kate? What did the British bandits do with her?

  • Не увлекайся я приеду есть брат я решать сама я буду поровну ещо будите тянуть ничиво не получите у всех все атниму вы специально затеяли внимание туда не получится в конслагер сидела пока расстрел я была там где веши на Америку и я убрала америку самолете и очен многих спасла Матье Мать
    Это я была я сними заключила договора каво могла спосала награбленое получилиб я дитей спосала ихже награбленое армен делала
    Вы все хотите увлеч миня вовсе дырки яяяяя ❤ та что вес рейх вавесь рост изнасиловала и не сколько не жалею яяяя❤ Австриская королева ани в мой дом не случались Австрию Германию и т д не спросили миня хачу я ваевать или нехачу и яяяяя ❤ тоже решила не спрашивать вовремя расстрела миня атбивали вары и Аравия ❤яяяяя тоже вас всех Люблю
    И за моего атца получили
    У себя дома я щитаю где зайти и где вывести запомните пусть про себя рассказывают ани половина миня не стоят я сосваим атрядом делали всё сверх естественое для всех народов мира там были все яяяя ❤ рада что я не адна есть люди эчеловеки с большой буквай

  • It seems according to a competent numerologist Kate is dead and was murdered in a royal satanic ritual! She will never return and the coverup will be that the cancer took her life!…..

  • God bless you & ur family. William is so lucky 2 have you. Diana would b so proud of u. B strong, u can do it, day at a time princess ❤

  • I recently discovered Barbara O'Neill's site. She does Living Springs Retreat on youtube, or you can go in person. It's all about sipping water instead of guzzling it down, about eating more vegetables, jumping on a roundabout, etc. She explains how you get cancer and what to do about it. I hope someone would recommend this lady to her!!! She's a life saver with many year's experience.

  • she has not been kate middleton in over 13 years. i think you should start calling her by her legal name.

  • Get well soon Princess Catherine 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🤗🌹🌹🌹🌹


  • Of course she is not returning to work princess ann has all the power now 😂😂😂

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