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Oregon health officials monitor new COVID-19 variant

Health officials believe the new variant is slightly less responsive to the current COVID-19 vaccine. Read more: …


Title: "New COVID-19 Variant Under Surveillance in Oregon: Health Officials Urge Caution"

In the ongoing battle against the global pandemic, health officials in Oregon are closely monitoring a new variant of COVID-19. This variant, initially detected in the United Kingdom, has sparked concerns due to its rapid spread and potential resistance to existing vaccines.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has confirmed the detection of the variant in a single case, prompting a swift response from health officials. They are working diligently to trace the individual's contacts and administer tests to prevent further spread.

While the OHA emphasizes that the risk to the general public remains low, they urge citizens to remain vigilant. This includes maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated when eligible.

The emergence of this new variant underscores the importance of continued precautions, even as vaccination efforts progress. Health officials stress that the best defense against all variants is a strong public health response, including robust testing, contact tracing, and vaccination programs.

As the situation evolves, the OHA will provide updates on the variant's spread and

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  • i guess the first covid jabs are doing what they wanted them to do. The jabbed are getting sick. i feel bad for them

  • Education is the first step at prevention. I work in healthcare and have had COVID four times, have been vaccinated three times and I just got a second Measles vaccine even though I was vaccinated in 1970. We must serve and protect the general public.❤ Vaccines save lives and protect vulnerable populations such as infants and elders.

  • Invisible strong ghosts lords symptoms 💀☝️
    More dangerously!

  • More lies from the medical community. They poisoned over half the world.

  • But the CDC just said there was nothing to worry about? Must be all about the regen vaccine being released recently. Rheumatoid vasculitis I have that thx to a infection that reacts with vaccines that I took in 2012. Completely deadly with no cure.

  • Blood donation is must in every financial quarter from 3 months age among humans animals to eating drinking latrine toilet freedomly automatically air water fire wind space share freedomly among humans animals planet is called life breathing is called staking life among humans animals planet is called information platform

  • Make sure to get your jabs! We also definitely need to shut down and not allow in-person voting, especially in swing states. Also, we need to extend the window for returning mail-in ballots until a few days or weeks after the counting has been done. That is the only way to fight this dreadful disease!

  • you guys get paid to promote unsafe jabs, you will be remembered for your propaganda and uncaring attitude to who gets hurt.

  • 🤣, how convenient. Never got a vaccine. Did I get covid? If so it was minor. Just about everyone had covid according to Dr Fraudci

  • Pushing the clot shot on the public again. You people are such lying piles of 💩. Nevermind all the NEW Data showing deaths rates spiked world wide about the same time the clot shot rolled out. Cancer rates up . Kids having heart attacks. Ect
    F you OREGON Heath authority. What a joke. KGW💯💩💩

  • the vaccine is not critical, i didn't take it and i was never critical, stop lying in there

  • Make sure it comes with free donuts.

  • Be afraid, be very afraid. You're easier to trick when you are afraid

  • Here we go again, right in time for Summer and election times.

  • They need to stop releasing these man made viruses!!!

  • Just to be clear, the experts were NOT wrong ……………..they lied……………………there's a difference

  • Never to late to get some blood clots and myocardis. If u hvnt gotten either yet, keep trying.


  • Flirt? Really flirt what? Is Going on? Am I still on earth? 🌏

  • So the local shows are all in concert. What a surprise. Does this mean freeloading on rent will be on trend again?

  • Oregon… isn’t that the state that now allows anybody to graduate high school regardless of being able to read or write or know basic math?

  • When will Chris Cuomo be held accountable. Couldn't give Trump any kinda of W with the hospital ships he sent. Put people in nursing homes to contiminate the elderly. Wow. "Oh, he got me-too'd… how convenient" Just in time. Wtf.

  • New Oldsmobile's are in early this year!

  • What you mean to say, is that you work in health care and would have been fired if you didnt take the shot, over and over. Well, for your sake, i hope there no long term effects. Something i dont have to worry about. Edit: they deleted their original comment… go figure.

  • "Right in time for summer"…
    This is when people get sick. Yall are gross AND ignorant. Thats a dangerous combination for both yourself and others. Funny how thats reflected in both your view of this illness and the election 😂😂

  • Yeah, here we go again. Democrats getting ready to rig the election by shutting everything down.

  • If you can still get sick after getting the "Vaccine" (its not a vaccine, its gene therapy), then its not immunity. Immunity means, immunity. That you are immune to the effects or condition that you are ascribing the label to. I know I know, this is really hard stuff, its not like they are brain sugons or scientists or something… oh wait…

  • such creeps on the airwaves these days, just creepin around the place

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