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Next pandemic: Disease X is 20 times deadlier than covid-19 …

Disease X is 20 times deadlier than covid-19 #pandemic #diseasex #covid19 About Channel: WION The World is One News …

Title: "Disease X: A Potential Pandemic 20 Times Deadlier Than COVID-19 - A New Threat Looms"

In the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a new threat has emerged, known as Disease X. According to a recent study, Disease X could potentially be 20 times deadlier than COVID-19.

Disease X, a term coined by the World Health Organization (WHO), refers to a hypothetical disease that could cause a global pandemic. The study, published in the journal Nature Microbiology, simulates the potential impact of such a disease.

The researchers found that if Disease X were to spread at a similar rate as COVID-19, it could cause 81 million deaths worldwide within a year, compared to COVID-19's estimated 4.5 million deaths as of now. The study emphasizes the urgent need for global preparedness and investment in research and development of countermeasures against such potential pandemics.

While this study is a simulation and not based on actual data, it underscores the importance of continued vigilance and investment in pandemic preparedness. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the devastating impact a global pandemic can have, and the need for effective responses is more critical than ever.

This new information highlights the ongoing need for global cooperation and investment in pandemic preparedness to mitigate the potential impact of future pandemics like Disease X. As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, it is crucial to remember that the threat of another pandemic is far from over.

See video for more information…

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  • They have ut in a military lab in Beijing, kills 100% if mice in 8 days. Why are they messing about with that , have they learned nothing, or, have they learned the last one was not effective enough.

  • Remember, thw great plague was 1720, cholera outbreak was 1820 spanish flu was 1920, and covid is in 2020, so i think this pandemic will be in 3020 if im wrong maybe sooner in like 2050

  • THis whole thing is bullshit. They have no idea what disease x is. in fact they admitted to placeholding for it. Its another example of nonsense, and fear mongering. Its time as citizens to say no. We outnumber them, and can overthrow them.

  • Disease x is another term for totalitarianism. Its communism. Dont listen to it.

  • Plandemic 0.2
    Yeah NO thanks. This goy didn’t partake in your last prank, and he won't anytime in the future

  • Ancriit hancooorr populasi manusia ganass makmal mematikan ular 🐍 percaya telingga left hancoorrr.KB perancangan keluarga kan ada🧠🙏🕊️🤲

  • If there is another pandemic in the next handful of years, it must be because of NATURE and definitely NOT biological terrorism.

  • They definitely need to reduce the world population.

  • Science did predict all this years ago. I was reading I remember articles 2008-2011. They predicted war and disease. They also said it will only be the beginning. You can still find it. And it's not looking good. Because it all happened. That means we're on the way to the abyss.

  • Did you spray the population watching the eclipse? Or turned up 5g to make vacksinatd more sick? Incredible people aren’t smart enough to see what’s happening. Election year? Let’s all go into quarantine and have a war!! That will be a fabulous idea! Crash the economy and change all banking to CBDCs. Couldn’t possibly pay for goods with cash!! It would spread disease x more! Sadly it’s laughable how thick people really are.

  • So were is it this was 6 months ago were is it bloody load of cobblers

  • Why did Elon Musk rename twitter to X? Perhaps this is a hint on what's to come and maybe this is all his plan. Just like the covid 19 virus I don't believe for a second that it was a virus coming from a cave, it was all created in a lab. My guess is that covid 19 was a failed attempt to solve the population crisis as the majority will retire within 10 to 20 years leaving the few young to support the mass. Disease X will be similar but much worse. They will use a coverup story inorder to make us believe they aren't responsible. I also believe that patient 0 of covid 19 was either hired or bribed by the government to contract the illness!

  • But still …there is a Big Creator of all things and everything is going to be just all right.The evil maybe can win the match but in the end the good will win the final battle.❤☦

  • No jabs, no lockdowns, no mask, no compliance to any decrees from tyrants. I never comply never have. Try and stop me is my attitude. Good luck


  • They think they can control us this time round it ain’t gonna work.

  • COVID 19 corona virus diseases is a life energy overflows automatically blockchain technology brings stockmarket value liquidable in 9 digits numbers brings properties value liquidity in 4 digits numbers brings iron mining in consumption form automatically life energy flows in non physical form wither governments people or public people live life as leasehold properties like money blood automatically life on staking technology on communication of life breaks so information platform launch in few days for communication of life among humans animals world planet in few days automatically communication platform launch in few days

  • Anybody else hear about the vampire bacteria or the zombie viruses found in the ice in Siberia 👀

  • I’m getting tired of all these plandemics someone should be in jail Bill gates

  • who or what company created diseases to make people sicked and killed people in this world ? I want to know.

  • So they know X is coming? Where from? Are they still in the manufacturing process of it, and waiting until they get it right this time? Pack of criminals!!!

    We are not falling for this evil again!!

  • Which one are they [WHO, WEF, CIA, Bill & Milinda Gates Foundaton] going to pick for the next plandemic ?
    The monkey stuff, bird stuff or X ?
    Sometimes evil can't make up its mind.

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