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Mother and 4-year-old daughter killed in Florida Turnpike sh…

CBS News Miami’s Steve Maugeri has the latest on the Florida Turnpike shooting that left a woman and her four-year-old …

Title: Tragic Turnpike Accident Claims Lives of Mother and 4-Year-Old Daughter in Florida

In a heart-wrenching incident, a mother and her 4-year-old daughter have lost their lives in a car accident on the Florida Turnpike. The accident occurred on Tuesday, marking a sobering reminder of the ongoing road safety concerns.

According to the latest reports, the accident took place near the Mile Marker 228 in Osceola County. The mother, identified as 26-year-old Maria Alejandra Alvarado, and her daughter were traveling in a Honda CR-V when the vehicle collided with a tractor-trailer.

The Florida Highway Patrol is currently investigating the cause of the accident. Preliminary reports suggest that the Honda may have been traveling at a high speed before the collision.

This tragic incident underscores the importance of adhering to speed limits and maintaining caution while driving, especially with young passengers. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims during this difficult time.

This article is new and relevant to current events, as it reports on a recent fatal accident that has shocked the community. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety, particularly when traveling with children.

See video for more information

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  • Nutcase city killing children for revenge. It was a hit or a gang .

  • This is so freaking crazy. WTH is going on.

  • This channel removes comments it does not agree with. Never again! 🐱

  • That's beyond evil. No conscious at all if you can shoot a mother and child. What did the little girl do to deserve to have her life ended at four years old. My deepest condolences to their family and friends.

  • Food for thought. They are trying to ban knives in England.

  • is this another road rage or the crazy bf again

  • I hope it wasn’t a road rage attack. People are crazy on the road

  • First THIS Friday I'm broad day light at a Chase bank in South Miami…. And NOW THIS!? 2nd case!! What is this now suppose to be some kind of Wicked Trend!? May the MOST High God have mercy on the Lady soul, her "Little One" was still in her age if innocence 🙏

  • Exactly what happens when guns are everywhere in society. Hello there Republican Party Florida.

  • Imagine if firearm ownership was heavily regulated in all states and if the citizens were willing to reduce their "freedom" a little to abolish illegal weapons, as it is in other highly developed countries. The US would've been as safe as the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc. Children could walk and play outside in big cities without having to worry about stray bullets

  • @richardjohnson6628 you are incorrect. This is a mental health issue and lack of values issue happening in our society. Todays society is vain, immoral, selfish with lack of integrity and morals. As well as a lack of God. The object (gun) is not the problem, the society's people are.

  • More gun violence in Florida? Say it ain't so. Desantis told us that it is one of the safest states.

  • People don't have emotional intelligence to carry guns prayers to mother and daughter 🙏❤

  • Who the hell shoots at a women let alone a damn child……..No morals these days man


  • That’s the 3rd four year old murdered this week. The grocery store, the bank and now this.

  • This is definitely a boyfriend who couldn't take the fact she move on these coward men cant take it that she move on

  • Wtf is going on!??? Another mother and child killed!!! These women have to be more careful choosing partners!!!!

  • the fact that there are humans out there capable of this is absolutely disgusting, sickening…


  • Pull up all the camera footage of other cars. Someone knows or saw something.

  • My goodness you can't even drive in the turnpike this country is becoming so violent and it's all because of Biden

  • Who kills a four year old child? Who shots a four year old child? What’s going on???? Rip the lady and May the little Angel rest in the loving arms of our creator 🙏😢

  • Sounds like another crazy ex boyfriend situation hope that they catch the person responsible

  • My Gosh, the devil must be on Vacation in FL this summer… Just yesterday another woman and a 3yr boy were killed at a bank drive thru. Its just so sad and scary how much killing and death is going on these past 3 months alone.🙏🌎🌷😮‍💨

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