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‘Miserable’ Ben Affleck ‘slams’ door on Jennifer Lopez | Page Six Celebrity News

Trouble in paradise? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are again making headlines for their seemingly tense interactions. In a new …


Title: Ben Affleck reportedly ends relationship with Jennifer Lopez amidst personal struggles

In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have reportedly ended their relationship. According to Page Six Celebrity News, Affleck, who has been open about his personal struggles, has decided to walk away from the relationship.

Sources close to the couple suggest that Affleck's ongoing battle with alcoholism and mental health issues may have played a role in the split. The 'Batman' actor has been candid about his struggles, even seeking treatment in rehab in 2018.

Lopez, who was previously engaged to Affleck in 2002, rekindled their romance in 2021. However, the couple faced criticism for their age difference and the quick pace of their reunion.

The breakup comes as Lopez prepares for her upcoming Las Vegas residency, while Affleck focuses on his acting career and personal well-being. Both parties have yet to officially comment on the split.

This news serves as a reminder of the challenges that even high-profile celebrit

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  • Always running around following celebrities with your cameras trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. SMH!

  • At the end of the video, you can hear him say "Now you got it". I wonder if the camera guy caught them in an argument and Jen was like "No we can't let people see us like this Ben". And so they started the whole walking to the car part over.

  • Stop it! He's annoyed with YOU, camera man! And, if he is annoyed with her, SO WHAT! You've never been annoyed with your significant other? 🤔 Stop making something out of nothing! 🙄

  • It seems he was more irritated with you taking their picture than he was with her. Stop making them the bad people when it's you guys that are the bad people. Leave them be. Let them go get coffee and run errands without being criticized. If she wasn't dolled up to go get coffee you guys would be saying something's wrong with her

  • Just a repeat of last time they were together. I think he feels controlled by her.

  • At least he's taking it out on the door..enough said..

  • What does idiots do for money to make money off? People who are working just because their actors and singers are judges doesn’t make it right and now everyone is seeing this video and I would want to break his jaw and something else like his fingers because he’s greedy fingers are doing more damage to them both because he wants to make money and heart them both. Makes me feel sick. People in the world with so much hatred and anger and people who video them to make them look bad for money. Just pitiful really pitiful.

  • But why is they're a thing what I missed why are them two together

  • I wonder how the author of this article knows that he is “miserable”


  • He is tired with controlling Jen hehe. Yes he looks so miserable. They pretend to be happy. If u saw couple arguing in public places how much inside there house.

  • Page 6 used sound effects to make the closing of the car door louder than it actually was. I have seen the original video.

  • This is actually lame raw gossip, the dusk is giving me more of a depression then seeing these two go grab drive thru. They gotta see tho that their line of business and lufestyle, is a threat to national security. Used to be Cary Grant can bring back any European peasant the wanted over there lol

  • are two regular human beings in their 50s or 60s we put on a pedestal because they are in the pictures and have more money than 99% of us. Yes, Jennifer Lopez is prettier than Jennifer Gardner. He seemed like he was happier with Jennifer Gardner until he messed it up with the infidelity and drinking. I think he will eventually do the same with this one just to get rid of her and Jennifer Gardner will stay at his side as she always does during his rehab/recovery process since he is the father of her children. Jennifer Lopez will hopefully remain single for the rest of her days and learn to love herself as much as she's in love with love. She has been married enough times and dated enough men in her lifetime to make Elizabeth Taylor and Erica Kane proud

  • It didn’t look like he slammed the door to me and it didn’t look like it had anything to do with her it’s the annoyance with the photo stockers
    yet Ben knows what he was getting into with her..sone needs to accept that’s part of his life ..they will always want pictures and attack drama to it

  • Hardly slamming the door it seems like he might be irritated with the lack of privacy

  • He doesn’t seem happy with Jennifer. He is a very impatient man, and he is irritated easily. I don’t care for him or his attitude.

  • It’s like she never wants to be single lol. she has to have someone to be with lol

  • He still holds a grudge for her ruining his career with that bad movie 20 years ago.

  • Jen has all color collection of engagement rings. Her body count has all🤮 international races.

  • If they were fighting why even open and hold the door for her? I think Ben really hates the paparazzi.

  • Please, leave them alone, aren't you tired of hounding them all the time, that's what they are angry about.

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