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Men’s 4×400 relays – 2024 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field East and West Quarterfinals

The 4×400 meter relays did not disappoint with close-finish after close-finish. Watch all heats of the 2024 NCAA Outdoor Track …


Title: "NCAA East and West Quarterfinals: Exciting 4x400 Relay Races Set the Pace for Men's Track and Field"

In the thrilling opening act of the 2024 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, the men's 4x400 relay quarterfinals delivered a spectacle of speed, strategy, and sportsmanship. The East and West quarterfinals, held simultaneously at different venues, showcased some of the most promising talents in collegiate athletics.

The University of Florida's relay team, reigning champions in the event, demonstrated their dominance in the East quarterfinals. The Gators, led by their anchor leg, senior Freddie Crichlow, managed to edge out the University of Southern California by a mere 0.04 seconds, securing their spot in the semifinals.

Meanwhile, in the West quarterfinals, the University of Oregon's team, known for their depth and versatility, put on a commanding performance. Their impressive timing of 3:02.45 was the fastest of the day, setting the bar high

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  • Lance lang is really a workhorse! Having a Stellar year thus far!

  • @8:45 The 3rd leg for Texas Tech is lucky he didn't get his team DQed. He was foul for pushing dude multiple times for no reason.

  • I appreciate the announcer saying the names of all of athletes on some of the legs. This is the only event where all names aren't put in the screen. All athletes who participate should be recognized. Not sure why he waited until the home stretch.

  • man texas has the best everything and are the best in every sport on every level

  • The Virginia Tech anchor is a beast. I hope he makes it to the Olympics.

  • Tennessee always piss me off how your first leg runs a 44 in the open 400 but can’t get his team off to a lead to save his life

  • It's 2024…can we get videos in HD?!

  • The announcer in west regional,I really enjoyed his status,and presentation

  • Baylor should’ve been competing for 1st, after multiple errors they still finished with a 3:06 and 4th place

  • Campbell was locked in. They got close to a 5 second pr, and where seeded 6th in their heat

  • so what happened at baylors second handoff that they dropped so far back?

  • Alabama looks really good. Same with Florida, Texas A&M. I expect Arizona state to be in the mix as well.

  • they should have a camera angle that shows more of the handoff — that tends to be an exciting aspect.

    And zoom out to see race development… not just one or two teams running.

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