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Latest Disney News: EPCOT Walls are DOWN, NEW Universal Land…

We FINALLY rode Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, the EPCOT walls are DOWN for good, Universal just DOUBLED the size of Epic …

Title: New Developments in the Theme Park World: EPCOT Walls Come Down and Universal Unveils a New Land

In the ever-evolving landscape of theme park entertainment, two significant announcements have recently surfaced, capturing the attention of both enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Firstly, at Walt Disney World's EPCOT, a notable change is underway. The iconic walls surrounding the park's Future World have begun to come down, signaling the start of a transformation that will see the area reimagined as part of the park's broader revitalization project. This development is particularly noteworthy as it marks a significant step forward in the park's ongoing efforts to modernize and adapt to the changing tastes and expectations of its visitors.

Meanwhile, across the theme park landscape, Universal Studios has revealed plans for a brand-new land. Dubbed "The Super Nintendo World," this immersive, interactive experience is set to transport guests into the world of Nintendo, with attractions based on popular franchises such as Mario Kart and Yoshi. This exciting new addition is expected to further bolster Universal's reputation as a destination for innovative, interactive, and immersive theme park experiences.

Both of these announcements represent significant changes in the theme park world, offering fresh experiences for visitors and signaling a commitment to innovation and adaptation from industry giants Disney and Universal. As these projects progress, theme park enthusiasts will undoubtedly keep a close eye on the developments, eagerly anticipating the opportunities to immerse themselves in these new worlds.

See video for more information

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  • I just was there on June 10th and they had them! So delicious!!

  • Disney “hey. Here’s half of the building that we tore down. Remember that? Isn’t it cool?”

  • Anyone still think frontierland will still be around in a couple of years? First splash mountain then The country bears re-theme now the shooting gallery. Soon Pecos Bill will become Tiana's Palace and Tom Sawyer's Island will be shut down for something else. What an absolute shame

  • I’ve heard from a couple of people that the new Epcot areas look like cafeterias in hospitals. What did you guys think?

  • Ur called DFB for a reason, we are here for Disney not universal. Also, I don’t trust anything y’all say because you say every ride is amazing, which is not true. Yall are just liars, nothing else.

  • Please get rid of the products on the screen. We can't see the video.

  • I only come for Disney, a moment or two on UNIVERSAL is cool, but like — your losing me lol

  • More and more you are doing more universal on what we thought was a disney channel. Make a universal channel separate.

  • No more Universal news polluting the Disney videos

  • We would love universal food blog. Love ur universal news

  • Really earning that coin talking up the Epcot “renovations”- boring outdoor seating and an empty building.

  • I love how it’s like – look at all this amazing, huge stuff universal is doing, then AJ lists off Disney introducing some snacks and she’s like “Disney introduced a lot this week”.

  • I love that you guys cover both Universal and Disney (and Disney Land) but It would be super awesome if you would put them in respective videos of their own.

  • Thank you for adding for info on Universal! It is fast becoming a place I visit every time I am in Orlando and I am very excited for Epic Universe!

  • Do you think there will be a Pokemon land at the new epic universe 😊

  • I have loved DFB latest news for years, but the Universal updates are so unwelcome. I watch this channel for Disney food updates, if you want to post Universal updates, create a new channel or a new title. PS your Disney updates are excellent, keep it up!

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