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Kelly Rowland BREAKS SILENCE on Cannes Red Carpet Clash | E! News

Kelly Rowland shares what really happened that led to her exchanging heated words with a Cannes Film Festival staffer at the red …


Title: Kelly Rowland Addresses Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Altercation

In a recent interview, R&B singer and actress Kelly Rowland has finally spoken out about the altercation that took place on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. The incident, which occurred on May 23rd, involved Rowland and fellow singer Amber Rose.

Rowland, who was promoting her new Netflix film 'Candy' at the festival, shared her side of the story with E! News. According to Rowland, the incident began when Amber Rose approached her and her team, asking for a photo. Rowland, who was in the middle of an interview, politely declined, stating that she would be happy to take a photo later.

However, Rose allegedly became upset and began shouting at Rowland, causing a commotion on the red carpet. Rowland remained calm and tried to diffuse the situation, but Rose continued to shout and curse at her. Security eventually intervened and escorted Rose away from the area.

Rowland expressed her disappointment in the incident, stating that she had always admired Rose and was surprised by her behavior. "I was really taken aback

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  • Why Canne puts Red Carpet up when they are going to racial profiling? That security b* must be fired. She did pushed non white color off..

  • Kelly is a superstar…. good for Kelly Keep standing up for yourself….we love you Kelly Rowland….. jealous is real…. jealous is real 🙂✌️ peace 2 fingers ✌🏿✌🏿😂

  • When black women become aware of their strength and worth, expect envious verbal moves.

  • How about talk about the other beautiful ladies that were also pushed roughly along, such as gorgeous Yuna from South Korea. At the end you talk about all the rules as if Ms. Rowland wasn't abiding by them. She looked stunning. That usher was being a bully to the attendees.

  • So f**king what ! She had an argument with someone Big f^^king deal . Ffs .

  • That woman should have been fired! She should not be able to put her hands on people. She did that to Kelly and the other actress wearing the Jesus gown! Sounds like some kind of prejudice to me.

  • Jealous…so what if kelly is a diva

  • That lady needs to be fired she’s doing this to a lot of celebrities!!!

  • she's always getting into something smh but in this case i will defend her but it doesn't really matter the damage is done if she was just a normal civilian no one would care

  • Elle a complètement gâcher le passage de ces célébrités qui sont la vitrine des grands joailliers
    Cette agent de sécurité mérite d’être viré elle n’est pas compétente ou elle voulait faire du buzz

  • For me its no matter no reason of racism …its a reason for every culture every people..
    Respect!!! Put your hands, your arms in front of this people like this..if you are not there bodyguard to save them…thats too much. I wouldnt like this too..its to near from comfort zone, to privat..
    Like this woman act also is sooo stupid…she creats situations of escalation..
    Which real human like it, if other people which are not your friends, family, bodyguards put there arns so around you..
    Its like the want some problems.
    I see it from Yona and the other actress…not necessary by the way..they are still moving the stairs why put that stupid woman her armes like that. You see also that other guards act not like her and one other woman seem to stop this guard to.

  • Keep standing your ground Kelly!!! You’re awesome. 👏

  • Such an evil, demonic, and very Lucifer like world. Cannes is also belong to it.

  • She only look for colored stars and push them😂😂😂

  • Ce putain festival de cannes dont mieux de regler cette merde. Cette salope de securité devrait etre renvoyer .

  • If you ever go to Cannes you will know its a racist place & people

  • When things don’t go your way always cry racism. Who was the woman with Jesus on her dress that got moved?


  • Enough is enough. The microaggressions towards black actors and actresses at Cannes need to stop. Hollywood actors and actresses, if they truly believe in treating people equally, need to stand up for their African-American counterparts and demand an apology from the Cannes festival organizers for what has been done to three women at the festival. This mistreatment should not be tolerated, and those responsible should be held accountable.

  • Can you imagine paying $100k or more to be perfect, and some nitwit with bad hair, and a K-mart polyester suit messes up you 5 minute photo op you paid for? If I was Kelly, the dry cleaning bill alone would ruin this chick. But before that, I'm sending my dress back to the designer. If they find one stitch popped, one small rip, or shoe print stain that can't be removed. Mad Max security chick may as well lose 50 pounds, because she will in fact have bought my dress. Physical beatdowns, and yelling don't last. Hit someone in the pocketbooks, believe me she'll feel that, and remember it forever.

  • Now a lot of you feel like the security was wrong. 🙄

  • Worst despicable people. How canne you be an awards platform when you cannet even uphold decency and respect. Disgusting.

  • Celebrities dont like being told what to do. Not a good look.

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