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Jennifer Lopez CLAPS BACK at Question About Ben Affleck Breakup Rumors | E! News

Watch to see Jennifer Lopez react to a reporter asking about the Ben Affleck divorce rumors during a recent press conference for …


Title: Jennifer Lopez Addresses Breakup Rumors with Ben Affleck Amidst Hollywood's Swirling Speculations

In the ever-evolving world of Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez has become a beacon of resilience and grace. Recently, the multi-talented artist found herself in the midst of breakup rumors with her partner, Ben Affleck. However, J-Lo, as she is affectionately known, has taken to E! News to set the record straight.

During a red-carpet event, a reporter asked Lopez about the rumors circulating regarding her relationship with Affleck. In typical Jennifer Lopez fashion, she responded with poise and confidence, stating, "We are good. We are good." This brief yet firm statement has sent ripples of reassurance through the hearts of her devoted fans.

This isn't the first time the couple has faced such speculations. Their relationship, often referred to as 'Bennifer,' has been a rollercoaster ride since they first began dating in 2002. The couple called off their wedding in September 2003, only to rekindle

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  • She sounds so dumb.They could use all that money for some education and learn how to speak instead of plastic surgeries.And I'm not hating anyone…I think she is pretty woman,but also very insecure.

  • People stop being such a hatters. The press was regarding the movie not her private life

  • in Fact clearly,,,, if they asked her about her marriage then ppl are interested. She should have confidently said NO!! actually WE ARE FINE —- And going stronger than ever, then laughed it offf !!! NO,, "you know better than that ?!?! Wat does that mean j-lo ? He's a reported…Shut them Down with confidence or they will eat you up!!!!!!She should have known better…..

  • Simiu Lui will insert himself into anything for attention. 🙄

  • Actually we don’t even know what to expect anymore Jenny 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I actually understand their attitude, this is a promotion for the movie not for personal questions. Paparazzi, and reporters are out of control, there’s a time, and place for everything. Professionals need to know when to act professional!!

  • Interesting she didn’t say it wasn’t true.

  • Run, Simu, run 😁😁😁😁 Ben's gone. You're next. 😂😂😂😂

  • No sound. Don’t blame those who ask. They aren’t doing anything wrong. Ben is fling material not marriage material. You can’t go back.

  • She made a movie, a documentary, two albums and 500 interviews about her relationship with Ben but now doesn’t want to be asked about it???!!!! Ridiculous. Vieja chusma

  • It's not a big deal at all that someone asked that question. She likes attention quite a lot and she just made a documentary of how in love she is.

  • Let me get this straight you make 2 movies .. short films whatever you wanna call them about your love life and your relationship with Ben but NOW you are refusing to answer questions about your relationship 🙄 cannot have it both ways

  • Why is she so dressed up? Dude is in casual formal and she looks insane.

  • LEAVE HER ALONE. Thats her life. Can’t wait to watch this new film ❤

  • She’s a public figure but she doesn’t owe us all that is going on in her personal life and her co star needs to take a seat and let her stand her own ground she hasn’t so far needed help so she don’t now!! If she has something to say she will.

  • Clap Back wit some actual talent .Mariah got your number thick one.

  • I call BS. Simu talking about her promoting diversity in this crap movie. I don’t see any other women in it. Jlo fear they will upstage her. She is notorious for being insecure and rude to women but smiley and flirty around men. Mostly dudes in that movie and that’s the way she wanted it. She doesn’t want younger, prettier women overshadowing her lack of talent. She disrespected Vanessa Hudgens in her documentary, asking “need her for what?” She is not about diversity. She’s all about herself.

  • That whole thing waa staged. Andd pretending to care about "representation" doesnt make you morally self righteous.

    She told simu what to say. So corny🤦

  • Tf Else Is There To Ask Her About Honestly. Nobody But Her Cares About Atlas😂😂😂😂

  • Trashy reporter. Classy J Lo and classy Simu Liu. Try asking an intelligent man or woman about their break up, divorce or why they had a fall out with a friend. Rest assured, only a dumb person will tell you unless they’re telling a mutual friend, current boyfriend or someone close. They will not tell 15 people.

    Adults who do serial dating certainly won’t because it’s none of anyone’s business. No person with class or grace discuses the issues of any equation because it’s disrespectful to the other party and equation itself. Disrespectful people who lack class won’t have a clue what that means.

    How many relationships and break ups do you discuss? Tell us about ALL your break ups and the details of them. Everyone discusses their partner with people.

    Nobody gives details of the break or divorce. Not even men who brag about their girlfriends or wives, do that. Men brag plenty. The men who date J Lo don’t want to hide. They want to show off and they all brag about her. But when they break up, they’re all silent. That’s normal.

    No one will date you if you have a big mouth, discuss the sensitive parts of your relationship with people or discuss your breakup/divorce. That’s the worst trait in a human because it shows the potholes in the relationship, however tiny and insignificant they may be.

  • Even if the relationship is not working she won’t admit it and she def won’t get a divorce. She will fight him on it every step of the way. Her image would be a joke if it was true.

  • now JLo is going to marry Simu Liu and throw him away for the next guy

  • Weaka** cast I don’t care if it’s diverse

  • Ben is 2 for 2??? Kick you while you’re down and you’re the wife 🤷🏼‍♂️; they’re going to blame you no matter what.

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