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Jennifer Lopez Brings Up Ben Affleck Amid Separation Rumors | E! News

The ‘This Is Me… Now’ singer briefly mentions the ‘Accountant 2’ actor during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live when she …


Title: Jennifer Lopez Addresses Ben Affleck Amid Swirling Separation Rumors

In a recent interview with E! News, Jennifer Lopez addressed the ongoing speculation about her relationship with Ben Affleck, amidst rumors of a separation. The singer-actress, known for her candidness, spoke about the importance of privacy in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Lopez, who has been in the public eye for over two decades, emphasized the need to protect their personal life from the scrutiny of the media. She stated, "We're grown-ups. We're mature. We're committed to our relationship, and we work hard on our relationship."

The couple, who rekindled their romance in 2021 after initially dating in the early 2000s, has been a source of fascination for fans and the media alike. Their recent red carpet appearances and public displays of affection have fueled hopes that their relationship is stronger than ever.

However, the couple has faced their fair share of challenges, including rumors of infidelity and the pressures of celebrity life. Despite these hurdles, they have managed to maintain a strong bond, as evidenced by their frequent public declarations of love for each other.

In the interview, Lopez also spoke about her upcoming projects, including her new album and a potential return to acting. She expressed her excitement about these ventures and her commitment to her career, while also emphasizing the importance of balancing her professional life with her personal relationships.

As the world continues to watch the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck unfold, one thing is clear: they are determined to navigate the challenges of celebrity life together, with a focus on privacy, love, and mutual respect.

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  • She is not in love with Ben, she is obsessed with the idea of love! She must be so clingy, controlling & difficult to be with. BEN NEEDS TO SET HIMSELF FREE & IF SHE LOVES HIM.. LET HIM GO!

  • I love Jen!! She deserves to finally be happy and have lots of love!!! Wishing her the best ❤️❤️❤️

  • Love jlo. She is blessed and successful. Haters don' t believe in karma but watch out because karma affects generations. So when you put your child or love one to bed tonight beware that do receive that negativity you put out. Jlo stay blessed.

  • Of course it's on the rocks. It's J-Lo. She's been married or engaged long-term more than half a dozen times, and she's just in her early 50s. 🙄

  • He broke her heart before when he walked out on her. He is doing it again. The greatest breakup never told.

    It has always been JLo dumping her men first on her terms but not with Ben

  • Virtually asking Jennifer right here right now for a valentines date for 2025. You never know, like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, 'so you're telling me there's a chance!'

  • She won’t reclaim her fame. People are on to her rudeness, fakeness and her controlling ways. She’s over. I hope they reopen Diddys case where she lied and never told what happened because she didn’t want to taint her precious career

  • Jennifer Lopez derailed my budding career when she made me rub her feet and hired me as her pedicurist. 😂😂

  • Jennifer Lopez loves herself too much and it seems Ben Affleck hates himself. Some of us are just wounded.

  • You would think that, after more than 2 decades of knowing each other, that they could make it work like real mature adults. Something wrong with both of them. Likely sexually tired of each other. These types of people are quite common in the entertainment world.. Dime a dozen, and we all know who they are.. Materialistic and me come first is their Motto. Maybe a reunion with her ex lover Diddy.

  • Dont know why she think she can fix him? She needs to fix herself FIRST! She jumps in and out of relationships like she changes her clothes.
    Shes got a lot of childhood psychological issues she needs to get help for.
    Saw on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT yesterday…Affleck says she's NEVER SATISFIED…as to wats causing their issues!
    When u messed up inside…u need to constantly keep busy…to take the focus away from the INTERNAL BATTLE you are fighting with yourself!
    I lived it for 60 yrs until i finally got help and is in a better place today at 70…
    Running away from home as a teenager… parents divorce…mothers narc abusive behavior she talked about recently…never felt loved by her father…due to work schedules…etc.
    I have always known she's got psychological/trauma in her life ftom hrr behavior especially when it comes to MEN! Looking for the love she never got from parents growing up…hence thevsekf centeredness! Never being SATISFIED ad Affleck said…is probably past marriages/relationships failed! You got to INVEST time into your relationships…not just CREATE a relationship…and check out coz you too hudy with CAREER… WHY WOULD ANYONE PUT UP WITH THAT! MAYBE HER MOTHER/family raised her children coz she was too busy with CAREER…making money…need to prove to the world she's a HERO…to hide internal darkness

  • IF their marriage is on the rocks: Doesnt he have ADHD (I've always heard this, not sure if its true but if I were to guess just by looking at him/seeing the behaviours that we know of I would say he definitely has it)? They both need to learn how to deal with it, maybe she (and maybe even him) doesnt know as much about ADHD as she needs to to be able to support him/save their marriage. Addictions, looking for dopamine in the wrong places, being impulsive, having outbursts, general emotional imbalance, being impatient and restless (think Ben at events!) and so much more (its way way beyond a hyperenergetic person!!) are all typical characteristics of someone with ADHD…IF he has it then he's disabled, its an actual (brain) disability so he needs understanding (Jlo needs to fully learn about it) and support..! Just my two cents, will apply to any couple where someone (or both) have ADHD (its so much more common than people thinks..only now research is starting to show this…)!

  • Jenifer was wrong to accept him back !!

  • That was well said and true but Jennifer has a way of rubbing your nose in her relationships until you can't stand hearing about them. When something goes wrong she acts like a clam and then the people who were interested want to know what is going on. You see They are used to Jennifer letting them know. I personally could care less. I also don't believe that Jennifer will ever have a good relationship ir marriage until she learns how to keep the press away. The girl needs to learn how to set boundaries and know how to use them.

  • I love how she swallow 😅saliva 😅when she said the kids don’t like to be with mom all the time how cute

  • Just because they are working on different projects doesn't equal divorce..thats what therapist are for .they love each other..stop putting things that are not true . everyone needs their space.

  • Please work in your marriage..i have faith in you . don't let your fans down

  • Jennifer Lopez change her life style to accommodate Ben living style…she moved from Florida to California

  • I'm surprised people still on board with her when she a con artist

  • J lo has to work hard at the gym
    lol nobody well pay attention to her singing
    For her age
    She’s ok

    There’s plenty of young great singer around
    Dua lipa
    Looks like a model
    Who sings great

    Taylor is so beautiful
    Packs arenas
    She sings beautiful

    And beonce
    Beautiful and her voice is great

  • she just rise up but not many guy can stay with successfull lady when their career is not such blooming

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