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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck LIVING APART Amid Tension Rumors (Source)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are taking some space amid continued rumors of marriage tension. A source tells Access …


Title: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Maintain Separate Residences Amidst Speculation of Tension

In the latest development in Hollywood's most talked-about couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly living apart, fueling rumors of tension in their relationship.

Sources close to the couple have revealed that the pair, affectionately known as 'Bennifer,' have been maintaining separate residences in Los Angeles. Despite this physical separation, the insiders assure that their relationship remains strong and that they are still very much together.

The news of their living arrangements comes amidst a flurry of speculation about the couple's relationship status. The couple, who rekindled their romance in 2021 after initially dating in the early 2000s, have been open about their desire for a low-key life away from the spotlight.

However, the couple's busy schedules and geographical differences have reportedly contributed to their decision to live apart. Lopez, a global superstar, is currently promoting her upcoming movie 'Shotgun Wedding,' while Affleck is focused on his directorial project, 'Air.'

Despite the rumors, both Lopez and Affleck have maintained a positive public image. They were recently spotted enjoying a romantic getaway in Montana, further fueling speculation that their relationship is stronger than ever.

As of now, the couple remains tight-lipped about the nature of their living arrangements, choosing to focus on their work and their relationship. Fans and media alike will continue to watch closely as the story unfolds.

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  • they loved, they tried, they failed. give them some grace. in the end they were just too different and that’s ok. there are no villains here because they both have their own issues.

  • They never should have got back together. Jennifer Lopez is raging out of control and Ben Affleck will be on a bender all over again

  • Her face needs to be on a meme: It's not you, it's ME!!!!

  • It's her fault. Something is wrong with her.

  • Why can’t she be more private?? Her thirsting for attention was one of the reason of their split in early 2000s

  • She's a failure and I'm sure taking it out on Ben. They both always look unhappy and arguing on every video. JLo needs to take her chips and orange drink and sit down somewhere.

  • Btw they reported on the view today, that Ben ordered McDonald to his other house 🏡.
    Y’all he is living his best life lol

  • Jlo…nuts..and.. The greatest love story never told😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Ben affleck Run 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍➡️

  • Maybe it's just a rumor but if it's true I feel bad for both of them.

  • Jlo will be okay she will have another man soon.

  • So sorry to hear that their marriage is having problems. hope they can work it out. I was really rooting for them.

  • Look. It was a terrible deal to start with… with Ben. — Alex Rodriguez cheats on JLO and she goes running back to Ben and begs him to marry her ALL to get revenge on Alex who cheated on her with the young hot blonde chick. —-
    Ben was having a f'ng ball in Hollywood dating Ana De Armas, and other hot young starlets, and now all that changed with JLO's deal. It was sadly, a ''forced'' deal/ a forced arrangement, a re-bound, and Ben got ''blind-sided'' – was merely doing his own thing, working, having stints with starlets, etc whatever he does, etc etc and then this came right out the blue.
    I wouldn't be surprised if she offered him $50 million as a gift to go along with it all. Everybody knew it wasn't real.

  • Maybe leave them alone for once you media have caused so many breakups your evil people

  • Why would they be living apart if they're married I just don't understand… she has a pattern of running back to her exes like the backup dancer she had she after one break up she was seen hanging out with him again she's one of these women that do not want to be alone she has to have a man not to provide for her or anything like that just to not be alone

  • I mean didn't he pretty much tell her without directly telling her in the documentary that her need to put all their business out in public would be the reason things won't work out?

  • I think they are having trouble but I some how don’t think they are going to give up on their marriage. They are both complicated people… hopefully they can sort it out …

  • All these headlines have a question mark at the end of them. So basically you guys can make up any lie and pretend it was just a question.

  • They stole the Dunkin ad from his brother Casey on SNL they both are fake

  • Why did she ever go back to him after he dumped her years ago for Jennifer garder.?

  • Most of us aren’t surprised. Ben looks unhappy in pubic and Jennifer is so full of herself and Hollywood. Maybe concentrating on that marriage more would have been a better compromise. So much for those empty vows 🥴

  • As much as I wanted these 2 to work out, this time around, I always figured it wouldn't, it's such a shame, I always said, it's coming sooner or later, their break-up. Jennifer can't seem to keep a husband, it's too bad, but maybe it's her fault, hmm?? Well, hopefully they can work it out somehow

  • They ..benniffer ..r trying to get attention by hook or by crook…i.e acting to be separated…acting to fight…acting to be in love .they r time pass people…ignore them press totally and they r finished

  • Jenny is for the streets. She needs to stop the marriages. Just stsy in the streets jenny, aint you from the block? Stsy their cuz you cant sing, you can dance but cant act. We the people are not fooled by your ricks nor your albums, we know thats not you singing.

  • Why don't you people just mind your business. Really! Go solve the homeless probkem in America. This is why Americans have had it with media. What if someone 2as always sticking their noses in your business. 😢

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