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Israel FUMES After U.S. Allies Announce Recognition Of Palestinian State

Israel is fuming after leaders from Spain, Ireland and Norway said they will recognize a sovereign Palestinian state.


Title: Global Diplomatic Shift: U.S. Allies Recognize Palestinian State, Sparking Israeli Outrage

In a significant shift in global diplomacy, several key U.S. allies have announced their recognition of a Palestinian state, a move that has sparked strong reactions from Israel. The latest countries to join this growing list include Sweden, France, and Ireland.

Sweden made the announcement on October 7, 2014, becoming the first European Union (EU) member state to officially recognize a Palestinian state. France followed suit on December 31, 2014, with Ireland joining the ranks on December 10, 2014. These decisions have been met with disapproval from Israel, who views these actions as a breach of long-standing agreements and a potential threat to the peace process.

The Israeli government has expressed its disappointment and frustration, stating that these unilateral actions undermine ongoing negotiations and do not contribute to a peaceful resolution. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged these countries to reconsider their decisions, arguing that such recognition could further escalate tensions in the region.

However, proponents of

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  • These so called jews
    They are NOT the Fathers chosen.
    Balfour declaration
    Revelation 2:9
    Believe it!! Its truth !!


  • Netanyahu has no one but himself to blame for this as well as the war because he ignored the warnings.

  • Gaza belongs also to israel and that people are settlers, they dont have a country

  • There can be no peace until the genocide occupation is halted for good. Only carnage has been since the invasion began. LIBERATE PALESTINE AND RETURN THE PALESTINIANS BACK TO THERE COUNTRY

  • the world are now realizing that Israel is the terrorist,

  • The Hamas steal all the wealth for war purposes, starve the people in Gaza and then try to blame Israel. Pure evil and these idiot countries want to recognize it.

  • Their problem they think we are afraid of them well guess what we are not

  • Nevermind the Americans they think we are begging them no that land is palestiansthey should choose who they wanna share their land with as for America they can go to….

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • If white supremacist Europeans went to Africa and stole and kidnapped innocent African people (young, old, children, babies, women and men), to bring them to America to work for free to build the Nation because whotes were to damn lazy to do it on their own without African people, these damn white European suoremacist Nations Amerikkka and Fake Israel will do the dame to other Nations like Palestine. The heritage, religion, language and culture was stripped from these so called African people and they were given European names. They were also banned from reading so they would remain ignorant about who they are and many other things. And this antisemitic bull shit. Muslims are Semetic too and Arabic is semetic. Make a anti-Semitic bill to protect Muslims too which I know they wont do. Israel is a fake made up state, and the real Jews (Hebrew Israelitrs) are black people here in Amerkkka as President Putin of Russia revealed. Everybody all over the world know that those are fake Jews and in the scriptures it states there will not be any peace in that land until the REAL Jews Return. This is why its illegal for them to get DNA test because none of those white folks don't have a drop of Jewish blood. They are also having hight rates of skin cancer because their skin is not made for that land and climate. Revelations states the Lord knows they claim to be Jews and are Not, and they are the Synagogue of SATAN 💯

    Other white people are sick of other white suoremacist BS and I am too.
    Amerikkka is falling from within fast and every nation all over the world knows this. People of all Nations are laughing at the United KKK states and Fake Israel because they their wickedness, corruption, genoside history, racism and more. Gods judgement is here and Amerikkka and Fake Israel know their time is up and their rule and bullying of other Nations is over as all Nations of the world 🌎 are turning against the great beast! 💯👍

  • Keep going keep speak the truth.
    You have really lovely heart ❤ ♥ 💖 💓 💕 💗.

  • If you're Jewish or Christian you are in a dire situation. ISLAM IS ABOUT DEATH, OF JEWS AND CHRISTIANS. People read the history of Hamas.

  • Were is the concern and outrage of Christians being perceccuted in Packastan rNigerea

  • Theses are lies these programs are putting out here. Islam is about genocide of Christians and jews.

  • I’m crying🥹🥹🥹🫶🫶🫶
    One and only state we want and that is Palestine

  • Who's The Original Land Owner???? The 🌎 is watching.

  • What about Portugal, Italy, Romania & Greece? I think France already recognizes a Palestinian state. I'm also interested if Russia, Ukraine, China & Taiwan also do, but I imagine that Ukraine is still too preoccupied with its current 2 1/2 year war with Russia to be thinking of the other problems going on in southwest Asia between Israel & Palestine/Gaza/Rafa.

  • Spain.. Please. Socialism. Recognize and what else.. Politics. Talk Talk.

  • This is a TOTAL LIE…they've been offered statehood at least 5 times since 1947…STOP THE LIES

  • Palestine might exist but gaza is definitely about to be israeli. Oh no gaza bros you just had your land border with egypt cut off.

  • The world recognize Palestine 🇵🇸 state

  • What does naming it a state mean? Is it under europes protection now, part of their country instead of UAE? What does this do. Who is helped by this.

  • thinking about even if israel pays for their crimes, i think that only top people like ministers and generals gonna get prosecuted and not the thousand of soldiers doing horrific things day in and day out to civilians

  • Its not symbolic. Everyone knows no one wanted them. Palistine found out why. Israel has no Hebrew dna. Palistineans are 18% original ancient Hebrew dna. So dna is not done in Israel. A crooks mind. I don't think Israel will last. Americans see the truth and DO NOT want to pay for invaders.


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