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Is a vegan diet better for your health? – BBC World Service, CrowdScience podcast

The number of vegans is on the rise across the world, with many people swearing by the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

Title: "Exploring the Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet: Insights from the CrowdScience Podcast"

In the latest episode of the BBC World Service's CrowdScience podcast, the focus was on the controversial topic of vegan diets and their impact on human health. The discussion aimed to address the question: Is a vegan diet better for your health?

The episode featured a panel of experts, including Dr. Gunter Kuhnle, a nutrition scientist from the University of Reading, and Dr. Alan Desmond, a consultant in public health medicine. They delved into the nutritional aspects of a vegan diet, its potential health benefits, and the challenges individuals may face when transitioning to this lifestyle.

One of the key points made during the discussion was that a well-planned vegan diet can indeed offer numerous health benefits. For instance, it is lower in saturated fats and higher in dietary fiber, which can contribute to a reduced risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, a vegan diet is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all of which are essential for maintaining overall health.

However, the experts also highlighted that a vegan diet can pose challenges, particularly in terms of ensuring adequate intake of certain nutrients. These include vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. To address these nutritional gaps, it is crucial for vegans to consume a variety of plant-based foods and consider supplementation in some cases.

The episode also touched upon the environmental benefits of a vegan diet, as it is generally associated with a lower carbon footprint compared to diets that include animal products. This is due to the resources required for animal agriculture, such as land, water, and energy.

In conclusion, while a vegan diet can offer numerous health benefits, it is essential to approach it thoughtfully and ensure that nutritional needs are met. As the discussion on CrowdScience highlighted, a well-planned vegan diet can be a healthy choice for many individuals, but it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional or a dietitian to ensure a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

This discussion is particularly relevant in today's context, where more people are considering adopting a plant

See video for more information…

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  • Vegans – the unhealthiest of humans. Eating a fully carnivore diet and have never felt better!

  • Vegan is absolutely healthier for humans. However, you do have to learn how to eat and learn to make some adjustments. WFPB4LIFE

  • Fractures in the bones is a LIE! One of the biggest lies we are told is milk is the best source of calcium. Huge industry LIE

  • If I heard what I thought I heard it definitely sounds like the fakers on their carnivore diet are in deep trouble in due time!

  • When is the carnivore cult community going to develop their denial strategy for this video that seems to point towards excess meat is not good for your health? The science has been there for over a century now. Very powerful financial interests do not want people to stop consuming meat and being healthier overall it will wreck profits.

  • Every vegan and vegetarian should take at least every second day early in the morning on an empty stomach 1 tablespoon (15 ml) castor oil in order to prevent an intestinal blockage, for in the case that you will eat a lot of fruits or vegetables your large intestine will be really filled and you will remark this one occasionally unpleasant, this especially during the night. In this case it will be very helpfull to take your dosage castor oil in good time.

  • Listening to this podcast made me want to go vegan, but then I remembered how much I love bacon… tough decisions ahead!" 😂🥓

  • Veganism isn’t about health lol it’s a lifestyle.

  • Follow Indian Vegan Diet and you will find no deficiency of any sort of protein and minerals and you will even get to know more about different types of recipes that you have never seen before in your entire life which enormously taste better

  • Better than what? Better than the carbovore diet yes, but not anywhere near as healthy as eating zero-carbohydrates.

  • I was vegan for 16 years and it nearly destroyed my body and my mental health.

    I stopped being vegan 2 years ago and I no longer suffer from depression, violent rage fits, I've built my muscle back and I'm generally and fitter, more menatlly stable and nicer person as a result of dropping veganism.

  • Eat meat you morons.veganism is not biologically fundamental for human consumption

  • This is full of words like "may, might, possibly ". These words indicate speculation not empirical evidence. Hong Kong has highest consumption of meat per capita and are longest lived. Also what about french paradox? Why lower cholesterol? No good empirical evidence showing a cause and effect relationship between cholesterol and heart disease. Higher cholesterol is showing a protective effect in older populations.

  • I do believe we should eat mostly plants, however, eating meat and dairy once in a while is not life threatening. We can take these diets way too far. If you want a steak or piece of fish occasionally, eat the meat! Cut out the processed food.

  • Regarding the comment about "slightly less white-cell count in the blood"… the commentator also said that this white-cell count still fell within the "normal range"… therefore why should there be any cause for concern?
    To suggest concern implies possible negative consequence(s) but why have you not considered the possible positive implications?
    Might a slightly lower white-cell count suggest the body isnt concerned/hasnt detected potential pathogens in the blood?
    (Pathogens that could have entered via meat-based products) ??

  • How can vegan meat be eco friendly while they are highly processed. I think if we actually think about the environment and choose becoming a vegan, we should get the ingredients from the nature. Not from the factory!

  • Vegan for 7 years, best decision ever for my health, the animals and the planet

  • I went vegan for a year but as you mentioned I was low in some nutrients at the time the protein intake was not enough! A based plant diet sounds better to me! Great show by the way!

  • So go and tell a hunter gatherer that eating too much meat is bad for his health.

  • So as a vegan you can eat industrial chocolate , chips and biscuits full of sugar and “healthy” trans fat. But you have to avoid milk, non industrial cheese and eggs full of “unhealthy” saturated fat.
    There’s really something wrong with this world

  • Vegan diet for 2-3 days a week will certainly improve health for most people. That does not necessarily mean vegan diet promotes health when it replaced every meal for a long term.

  • All foods that Allaah give us halaal is halaal and theirs no problem about their eating but the point that I tell you anti muslims are loved being longer their lifes that why they are caring about their diet notes you are not here you will die when day but take Islam before you gonna this global

  • My wondering is about what chemicals are added to preserve meats for traveling after the processing animals to other cities, states, countries or continents.

  • Are these vegetarian meat, bacon etc really healthy? Wouldn’t these be considered processed food.

  • Oil is a bigger calorific intake than carbs. Cutting down oil has more impact

  • Dr neil bernard has done real life diet changes test vegan verses meat eaters for many years. Why are these not included

  • Im not purely vegetarian. But I stay away from meat.
    Everyone obessed with meat or alcohol looks like a piece of ham. I'd rather have one drink a month, and not look like crap. 🤷

  • Thanks for sharing this great and useful information with us. I really enjoy this kind of content, as a podcast I love it when you guys go to other places as restaurants and talk with the people. It drives me to imagine the contexts, which is fantastic! I would be very happy if you spoke a bit slower (as Sam in this episode) since most of us are not native English speakers. Thank you 🙂

  • Biased reporting, only stating the positives. The experts themselves are vegans. People are so stupid and brainwashed into this dumb narrative. You don't need to consume ridiculous amounts of meat like Americans, but a decent proportion is necessary

  • Hong Kong has the longest life expectancy in the world, and also the highest meat consumption per capita in the world.

  • Thanks for this. I always enjoy your lighthearted presentation.

  • Of course it Is not a more healthy diet. Nature doesn’t make big mistakes and we evolved as hunter gatherers. ‘Vegan food’ is full of crap with thousands of air miles on it!

  • BBC World Service, You're amazing! I hit the like button as soon as I saw it!

  • The BBC represents the intersection of garbage journalism, woke ideology and a corrupt managerial board to are tasked with being impartial, but who are in fact anything but impartial. Defund the BBC.

  • What a wonderfully thoughtful show 🤗
    Thank you 🙏

  • I was very excited to find this episode! Thank you for bringing up the topic. Yet am I surprised how you kept focus on the idea that giving up animal based food is difficult. To me that sounds like a talk of a privileged and addicted folks. Regretfully, you mildly touched the topic of animal cruelty and the harm to the environment by overproduction (for profits and revenues, not human health reasons). We need more people to move towards the plant based diet. However, in this episode I’d hear many excuses not to make change.
    As a family we became vegan 5 years ago when we were 53,48, 20 and 21 for environmental reasons. I wish we knew more about it earlier. I witnessed my boys becoming lean, strong, with healthy smooth skin. The same changes applies to my husband and myself. Start cooking your own meals and you will thrive as a good (vegan) person!

  • I help in a homeless shelter and have done this for many years; the one thing I have noticed is that we hardly ever come across Vegan or Vegetarian homeless.
    The odd Veggy but never ever a Vegan.
    Which makes me think that privileged people are the ones that can make a choice for their diet but the poor can't – they are just thankful for what they can get on a day to day basis.

    Just putting this out there – be kind in your comments.

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