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ICE CUBE EXPOSES Beyonce & Jay Z For COVERING UP For Diddy?!

ICE CUBE EXPOSES Beyonce & Jay Z For COVERING UP For Diddy?! Keep watching to see celebrity news, news, celebrity …

The article 'ICE CUBE EXPOSES Beyonce & Jay Z For COVERING UP For Diddy?!', is a rumor. Gossip sites often have information that is false.

We pulled the headline 'ICE CUBE EXPOSES Beyonce & Jay Z For COVERING UP For Diddy?!' from a gossip rags site. Gossip rags are notorious for making up stories about celebrities.

By using our site, you agree to our source policy.


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3. ICE CUBE EXPOSES Beyonce & Jay Z For COVERING UP For Diddy?!. (n.d.). Gossip Rags. Retrieved from
4. ICE CUBE EXPOSES Beyonce & Jay Z For COVERING UP For Diddy?!. (n.d.). Gossip Rags. Retrieved from
5. ICE CUBE EXPOSES Beyonce & Jay Z For COVERING UP For Diddy?!. (n.d.). Gossip Rags. Retrieved from

See video for more information

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  • Expose all of them In Jesus name

  • Beiber looks so innocent here and has no idea the victimizing that was put on him.

  • "Remember only what you do for CHRIST will last!"

    St John 3:16! ❤

  • This is why i love him 50 cent and dave chapelle.

  • Sounds like Ice T is not part of the club.

  • .. The whole music and film industry in Hollywood are mafias, satanic cults… money, drugs and sex party intrigues, greed for wealth, everyone is in the same boat (the celebrities who don't go along with all this crap are simply excluded from all the glitz and glamour… (But Kardschian cleans Baldwins HaileyBieber is also one of those people from Hollywood who are underhanded with drugs and physical manipulations, a very dangerous game is being played with Justin… scary world we live in today and so many teenagers and influencer generation are influenced by these celebrities through social media

    Nobody cares why Justin Bieber doesn't post anymore or even lets himself be heard from, but that his attention-hungry woman posts old photos of him like crazy and all oh how beautiful… (nobody thinks about it, it's very strange (so people finally stop giving Hailey Bieber the attention and just the super star is simply forgotten

    #celebrity #Hollywood #Selena #justinbieber #true #vogue #Forbes #Entertainmenttonight #popjuice #TikTok #shorts #today #NeCelebridades #thehollywoodfix #enews #thishappened #behind #instagram #clevernews #gofeminin #theellenshow #beauty #BillboardNews #billboard #ysl #india #canada #viral #video #instagram #YouTuobe #india #world #mean #twitter #usa #news #baby #twitter #brasil #cheapest #china #inddonesia #korea #influncer #hollywoodlife

  • Satan is working them. Hope they get punished by GOD

  • I’m SICK OF BLK PPL SELLING OUT AND ATTACKING ONE ANOTHER! Let the evidence do all the talking and stop throwing each other under the bus ICE CUBE ratting snitching talking like a Biiiiiiiiiiii 🤡

  • Let's all Escort JayZ, Beyonce and Jay Lo into their Prison cells next to R. Kelly!

  • It’s scarey! Open your eyes people! Calling them the Gate Keepers freaks me out!

  • And honeycombs is taking everybody down with him so if I was there anybody that had anything to do with it man oh man and he got them videos and stuff man oh man everybody in trouble

  • Actually honeycombs is not in the position of threatening anybody right now if I was him I just keep my mouth shut and don't say nothing to nobody because the feds are still watching him and Jay-Z

  • What kind of connections does he have to be able to get away with so many crimes he committed for 24yrs?

  • Always knew Jay Z and Beyoncé had some fishes out there

  • Right now drake threatening Tyra if she does not have sex with him.Her Careers over

  • the way the man talks so empathetically about him and how fragile his psyche might be. this man needs a patience award. ❤

  • All these East Coasters are going down. They can all go down with the sh_t they've been doing all these years. You don't see Cube or Dre in the news.

  • Usher Tricked Beaver to Diddy😊and Thats why he did not want to perform in the super bowl

  • Usher should have hept his hands to himself.and Alucia should hsmave been better off.Home with her kids.and Whoever she loves its not swiss a front

  • Aint no gayrappergangsters in my Crips.Lower East Side like Bed Stuy We Do Or Die


  • Hes talking about the gatekeepers that drake, epstein, weinstein, and dan schneider are in. That group dictates who the elected african american cultural/media face is through whom they work

  • Ice Cube has ALWAYS kept it real and doesn’t care that he walks his own path.

  • That background music is crazy loud.

  • E in the same Boat in the 80's,listen to Ice Cube closely, he's not a smart man,just because he produced a few films doesn't make hime smart,listened to him talk,aren't we tired of beef among black people in the music and films industry, it's tells a lot about their immaturity

  • Ice Cube is exposing his jealousy, let the beef go,just as he said about Trump,Ice cube is an ignorant man,it's takes him days to make a sentence


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