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“I cannot believe what I’m hearing!” | Reactions to Mauricio Pochettino’s departure from Chelsea

Subscribe to Sky Sports News: Following the shock news yesterday evening of Mauricio …


Title: "Mourning a Premature End: Pochettino's Unexpected Departure from Chelsea Sparks Emotional Responses"

In the world of football, the news of Mauricio Pochettino's departure from Chelsea has sent shockwaves through the community. The Argentine manager, who had only been at the helm for a matter of months, has been relieved of his duties, leaving fans, pundits, and fellow managers alike in disbelief.

The suddenness of the decision has led to a flurry of reactions, with many expressing their surprise and disappointment at the turn of events. Social media platforms have been flooded with fans lamenting the premature end to Pochettino's tenure, with many expressing their admiration for his tactical acumen and ability to foster a positive team spirit.

Pochettino's departure comes amidst a challenging period for Chelsea, who have struggled to find consistency in their performances. Despite the team's recent struggles, many believed that Pochettino was the right man to guide them back to the top. His track record of developing young talent and instilling a winning ment

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  • Chelsea our club as become a joke since Abrahimovic sold the club.. I don’t understand, are the owners who is coaching or should the coach be the one who has to be given the chance of who to buy or who not to buy..

  • Is bohely dumb, poch really helped chelsea . If he stayed another season they could have become more competitive

  • Lol so now report what emojis posted in the news 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Our owners & directors are disgrace to football just sacking all the time without success

  • The clowns running Chelsea will always end up with club they deserve. Obviously Poch wasn't happy and the owners weren't ready to compromise and let the manager make certain decisions even though he eventually got them on the right track.

  • One door closes ,another one opens and United might just jump at this opportunity.

  • Player power will now be an issue – there are a handful of players that will down tools and want out of the club and who can blame them!

  • I have been a true blue all my life but after hearing they 'FIRED' Pochetino I hope Chelsea fails for as long as this idiotic Clearlake & Co Ltd. remain as owners. It hurts me to say this but l wish they would #### off back to the U.S. and take their money with them.

  • People keep saying “finished the well/great” etc but it’s about the WHOLE season and his tactics subs selection going to five at the back when losing 0-5 ??/ saying Silva can’t play in back four then playing him in one ffs.
    Judge him fairly but INCLUDE everything that he did ffs

  • the club was finished the moment roman left lol

  • Brentford fan here…..Surely the players will be upset about the lack of ambition here. They are rolling with poch. Confidence good..great results then they do this. WOULD YOU WANT TO PLAY UNDER THIS SYSTEM? LOOK FORWARD TO BATTLING NEXT SEASON.

  • The owners of Chelsea are really clueless. They will turn Chelsea into a reliable mid-table club at this rate, then sell off the parts.

  • Roman Abramovich used to sack managers more than anybody & it used to work for Chelsea am not sure whether it will still be the case

  • If they got pep they would sack him too if he lost 2 matches..mad owners gazzgooner

  • These commentators and pundits are deluded. They are simply shocked that their attempts to use the media to brainwash the owners into keeping Pochettino has not worked. Unfortunately for them the owners of Chelsea are making decisions to succeed, not to keep a job and so the media cannot manipulate them to serve their own agenda that has little to do with success the Chelsea club owners are after as they have done to Pochettino in his decision making. There is nothing complicated here on why Chelsea fired Pochettino. People talk about those last 5 games, but in those last 5 games Pochettino was forced to make the changes he did to that team that was winning because of injuries. If not for the injuries he would not have made them. Madueke has been there all season, but he kept him on the bench. As for the players wanting to take penalties, Pochettino threw Madueke and Jackson under the bus who were following his orders that he explained in two press conferences that the player confident to take the penalty should take it and that Palmer was not the penalty taker. You also have Enzo a world cup midfielder, Caicedo a player all the top teams wanted and Sterling the highest scoring winger in Premier League history if you exclude penalties all bought for these reasons in a fight against the top teams and not being provided a platform to produce what they have shown they are capable of under Pochettino's management. of the last 5 games, 2 were won because of one of these players being brought off the bench to save Pochettino from failing to win and the last game was won because of that same player he had been keeping on the bench in games before who only played because the player Pochettino wanted to play was injured following a concussion. This all sounds like disorganisation to me and a team that has achieved what it has not because of, but despite Pochettino's management and more could have and should have been achieved this season if he was a better manager of what was in front of him. What would Abramavich have done? Pretty much the same thing this Chelsea management have done. It's the right call. Peace and love

  • Why would anyone want to manage this side. They will probably start to offer 3 month contracts in future 😂

  • What would chelsea fans think of xavi from barca and honestly im a itfc fan and i think mckenna stay with town fir another season or 2 do something insanely magical thinking top 10 finnish get ipswich a established prem club then bring the fergie era back to united and poch will go england chelsea i think will get maresca or xavi or de zerbi and united gets tuchel amd Brighton gets thomas frank and ETH gets left out of a job

  • I'm no Chelsea fan but this is a sad state of affairs & the club are in such a mess. Who's out there & available that better than Poch right now? The leadership don't seem to understand that you're just not going to have instant success in a league this competitive no matter how much you spend. If they haven't figured out you need some consistency & a modicum of patience to build something, they may as well just sell the club now. Utterly clueless.

  • To be honest poch had no pattern of play no tactics no idea he was just lucky second half of the season with injuries I wonder if all our players were fit would we have had the same results

  • Chelsea are a clown club. Too many plastic fans spoilt by Sugar Daddy Roman. The next manager will only get 6 months.

  • We are in Europe for f sake some people are so ungrateful its the media causing unrest especially that man utd reject nevilledky sports A1 A .. hole

  • If they get rid a chalobah and Gallagher am done like fucks the point after that

  • No one will want the Chelsea job after that a think poch started havin it

  • Pochettino's departure from Chelsea may pave the way for new opportunities, it also underscores the challenges and unfulfilled potential of his tenure. The lack of tangible success, combined with internal issues and strategic disruptions, paints a critical picture of his time at the club.

  • when the enemy makes a mistake do not tell them FFS

  • Same old, Chelsea always think they can buy the premiership and the managers. At the end of the day you so too many players last season. Put in a brand-new team over £1 billion spent on you blame the manager no it’s the owners fault why are you finished and six police should’ve just let them get on with what he knows best to do, I’m not a Chelsea fan but I do respect charity given us. Some great games are in the past so the next manager you get the owners need to let them do what they know best and that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter.

  • People acting like Poch is the second coming of Pep. He is average and will not do anything for competing with Man City. Our goal is to go toe to toe with Man City. I hope we get Hansi Flick or the Girona manager. We will be back.

  • Chelsea in the top 4 with what team all them lil kids I could see them getting the top 4 in 4 years but 6,7,8 Chelsea doesn’t have a team good enough to being the top 4

  • Classic Chelsea, it's nice that Boehley is keeping the Abramovich tradition terms of scaling the manager every 1-3 years!..Guess that goes for United, Spurs as a LFC supporter I hope that Slot works out..after 9 years of Clop, I do not want to see LFC change managers every few years and be added to this group of teams that do so..Hopefully Michael Edwards has found another gem in Slot like he did when he hired Klopp…

  • Right up there with Hull City's decision to sack Liam Rosenior.

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