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How harmful can ultra-processed foods be for us? – BBC News

The impact of ultra-processed foods like crisps, bread and cereals is a “ticking timebomb” to our health, a leading scientist has …

Title: The Alarming Impact of Ultra-Processed Foods on Public Health Amidst a Pandemic

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a recent BBC News article sheds light on a less-discussed yet significant factor affecting public health: ultra-processed foods. This article, while not presenting entirely new information, emphasizes the urgent need for increased awareness and regulation of these foods due to their detrimental effects on health, especially during a global health crisis.

Ultra-processed foods, often high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats, have been linked to numerous health issues, including obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. The BBC News article highlights a study published in the journal BMJ Open, which found that people who eat more ultra-processed foods are at a higher risk of early death.

The relevance of this study to current events is twofold. First, the pandemic has exacerbated existing health inequalities, with those suffering from obesity and other chronic conditions being at higher risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms. Second, lockdowns and social distancing measures have led to a shift in eating habits for many, with an increase in the consumption of convenient, ready-to-eat foods, many of which are ultra-processed.

The study's findings underscore the importance of promoting healthier diets, especially during these challenging times. The World Health Organization (WHO) has long emphasized the role of nutrition in strengthening immune systems and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. However, the pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for concrete action.

Governments and health organizations are called upon to increase education about the dangers of ultra-processed foods, as well as to implement policies that make healthier options more accessible and affordable. This includes taxing unhealthy foods, regulating marketing to children, and improving food labeling to help consumers make informed choices.

In conclusion, the BBC News article serves as a timely reminder of the harmful effects of ultra-processed foods and the urgent need for action to promote healthier diets. As we navigate the ongoing pandemic, it is crucial to prioritize public health and wellbeing, starting with what we eat.

See video for more information…

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  • It’s time they started teaching the importance of eating clean whole foods in schools. Decades of processed foods is putting the NHS on its knees. Stop buying foods with multiple ingredients and start cooking meals from scratch.

  • Irrelevant. People won't stop eating this crap. And look what we have, increasing numbers of physical and mental issues among working age people. If you don't force the population to eat well, by removing ALL ultra processed foods, then prepare for it to get worse. And the economic cost of that.

  • That’s a very good video.
    But sugar is natural and artificial sweeteners aren’t and I’d take artificial sweeteners over sugar any day, I reversed my pre diabetes once I cut off sugar and started using lots of artificial sweeteners

  • As a single parent working more than one job, cleaning the house myself etc, it's very tempting to eat processed foods as they are quicker to prepare. But we are lucky in the sense that processed foods trigger our allergies and also make us feel horrible. So I've LEARNT to cook whole foods because I've had to. It's a lot more effort – both whilst choosing items at the store and planning/cooking meals. Sometimes a little pricier, but definitely worth it. Must say I don't often buy the organic stuff but always try for free range. One way or another we are consuming harmful ingredients somewhere along the line, but if you just put in that extra effort and do your best, you can make small changes for the better ❤

  • I don't think I can eliminate processed food from my diet. The more you read into it the more you realize we have become dependent on it at all levels. I e vy those who can go through massive lengths to inspect what they are buying, even something seemingly harmless like canned products, bread and certain cereal can be processed. The only thing we should strive for is be more wary and limit processed foods. The food industry, schools, shops, restaurants should be doing much more.

  • I have those same mousse’s in my fridge oops

  • There’s food and there’s junk , not junk food.

  • I don't think people realise what 'ultra processed' means, I see many commenters talking about donuts or sweets when really thats not what they mean, they are not talking about sugar of calorie content.

    They mean foods that have had a lot added to them, chemicals so things like 'low fat yoghurts' or 'low sugar' foods that are marketed as healthy when in reality you could make a burger from scratch and that is healthier than said zero fat yoghurt.

  • Its preservatives….bread isnt supposed to last 3 weeks, milk 1 month…

  • The BBC cess pit is mainly at fault for this given it's anti-meat agenda designed to under nourish the kids of working class British families.

  • Warning, frequently eating this will cause high blood sugar, diabetes and joint inflammation…. You just don’t see that on donut packaging. But don’t you dare smoke a cigarette….

  • Had to turn on subtitles to understand the woman with the incredibly strong French (I think) accent. Should have a native speaker or at least someone with C1 English skills. Dizizzez is not understandable… neither is whatever she said for notably.. I'm sure she has the skills but better to have someone translate for her.

  • People who eat UPF on a regular basis and even worse feed it to there children are retarded

  • The food industry is making us sick for profit…hence the word food INDUSTRY

  • Yeo Valley ice cream is the only one I eat – clean simple ingredients and it tastes delicious

  • Red meat, eggs, butter, double cream and cheese all cheap and healthy natural alternative to a long and healthy life. Thriving on this affordable natural one ingredient nutrient dense food groups.

  • So what can we eat?! And why are we selling harmful foods to people?!

    Everything has preservatives in it almost. Tap water, even fruit and veg has chemicals sprayed on it so tell me the solution?! Other than we all grow our own foods how is this gonna be feasible in our day and age with most people working 5-6 days a week and having kids and other commitments…

    I get what your saying but at least come up with an alternative before scaring the shit out of everyone.

    Also side note;
    Has anyone ever looking into how much buying organic and health foods cost? In the current climate i would love to see who can afford to put an extra cost on thier shopping bill when we are all basically just scaping by as it is.

  • All processed foods should be labeled as food substitute.

  • Home economy… a course in school that was one of the best things for people to learn to cook, learn what amino acids are and other micronutrients. We need to get back to the basics.

  • If you need to ask that question, you are already lost. You can't remove nutrients from food and expect health ..never mind the additives

  • Regulatory agencies are in bed with the mad scientists of the food-like-substance industry, who poison us slowly, then hand us off to their friends in the Pharmacological industry. We are being farmed for our wealth and health. Both are being extracted for profits.

  • Main reason people are fat?


    A mcdonalds meal costs what £5

    A salad. £9.00.

  • It's pretty simple: natural – good. Man made – bad.

  • Eat miserable food but healthy or do I want yummy foods but unhealthy…..

  • Wait until they eliminate oxalates and phytotoxins in plants. Fiber is the main cause of IBS in me. Carnivore changed my life.

  • Yet, there's always a big line of cars going into the gast food drive up window…

  • Tim Spector is rapidly becoming the most accomplished science communicator we have in the UK.

  • lol. And what about the tainted blood – national health care scandal?

  • It helps to give Thanks for what you eat whether rubbish or healthy. As I am almost 50 years old, I have eat what I've wanted and drank sodas most my life. I have no health problems, great muscle tone, wrinkleless skin, and take no medications. I am blessed!!

  • VERY HARMFUL END OF!!!!!!! “Here we dont have food take our 1/2 food 1/2 CHEMICALS!!!! But call it “processed” so they dont wake up😂😂😂😂😂 scumbags

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