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Hospitals approach “critical point” as millions wait for rou…

The damage being done to many hospital services in England by the coronavirus pandemic is revealed in new NHS figures.

Title: Millions Wait as Hospitals Approach Critical Point Amidst Ongoing COVID-19 Surge

In the face of an unrelenting COVID-19 surge, hospitals across the nation are reportedly reaching a critical point, with millions of patients waiting for routine care. This development, according to recent reports, underscores the ongoing strain on healthcare systems as they grapple with the pandemic's aftermath.

The situation is particularly dire in states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, where hospitals are reportedly nearing capacity due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. As a result, non-emergency procedures and routine appointments are being postponed, leaving millions of patients in limbo.

This new information highlights the ongoing struggle of healthcare systems to manage both the immediate crisis posed by the pandemic and the backlog of routine care that has accumulated during the past year. The situation is further complicated by the ongoing vaccine rollout, which, while offering hope for the future, has yet to significantly alleviate the current strain on hospitals.

In response to this crisis, some hospitals are taking drastic measures. For instance, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston has temporarily halted most new patient treatments, citing the need to prioritize care for those with the most urgent needs. Similarly, hospitals in Florida are reportedly considering rationing care, a move that has sparked controversy and concern.

This development underscores the need for continued vigilance and support for our healthcare systems. As the pandemic continues to evolve, it is crucial that we prioritize the health and wellbeing of all individuals, whether they are battling COVID-19 or seeking routine care.

In conclusion, the ongoing COVID-19 surge is pushing hospitals across the nation to their limits, with millions of patients waiting for routine care. This new information underscores the ongoing strain on healthcare systems and the need for continued support and vigilance.

See video for more information…

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  • All these fools glorifying the past in the comments. Glorifying the past is fascist fodder, vote and be active in your communities. Make a difference. Stop dwelling on a mythical past. 🙄

  • With only 500 COVID-19 cases on ventilators in hospitals it is time to use the NHS Nightingale Hospitals is located in England, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Harrogate, Washington & Exeter
    The NHS Nightingale Hospital London opened first on 3 April 2020. As of 5 May 2020, six of the seven planned hospitals had opened, and by the following month all had been placed on standby. The Harrogate and Exeter hospitals were repurposed as diagnostic clinics in June and July respectively. And free up hospitals for the people left to die at home of all the old illness the NHS are not treating any more ?


  • BBC full of Crap. How come people are getting positive results back when they havent even took the test???? Bull shit Bue bye BBC

  • CDC COVID-19 Survival Rates

    Age 0-19 — 99.997%
    Age 20-49 — 99.98%
    Age 50-69 — 99.5%
    Age 70+ — 94.6%

  • This is why those that break the mild social distancing regulations should taste what the real meaning of the word lockdown actually means.

  • I have to have a 12 weekly surgery that needs doing, in Bournemouth Hospital ! During the Covid 19 Crisis, I have had to wait quite a few weeks, to an extent that it went out of control and I ended up in the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, as an Emergency last week! 😔 I was surprised to hear that the Hospital isn't actually that hit by COVID patients, as I expected 🙄🤔👍 However, I found that Patients with Conditions, like myself, nothing to do with the CORONA VIRUS, were treated differently! Sent home, when they really were in no condition to be sent home! When they could have sent them to the ward, where they had the specific Doctors needed! 😔 The Nurses and Doctors there are doing great to keep that Virus under Control and I could see that it's by no means easy for and on them! But they work hard enough to keep the numbers of Covid 19 low! But this mustn't be at the cost of those patients with other and also serious Conditions! And i am 1 of them! 😔 😒

  • A national disgrace! Now with a few presenting for treatment, how many of the 'Covid' declared admissions are actually nothing to do with Covid!

  • Use the nightingale hospitals not a single bed in them is occupied deep clean nhs hospitals for thr rest of the country that need treatment

  • Not many people believe all of this anymore . The truth is coming out .

  • Anyone remember when labour knocked loads off the waiting lists ??

    They stopped treating long term treatments like cancer patients and started treatment minor problems like ingrowning toenails.

    And free up loads of hospital bed. People that were waiting on trolleys for a hospital bed… they simply took the wheels off the hospital trolleys and could it a hospital bed.

    Governments are good for nothing

  • all media have to make news, they would be out of a job if their wasn't any…..and what better way to get views but to cause panic. it's a fucked up cycle.

  • Put Covid ppl in the nightingale hospitals so main hospitals can do the treatments they need to.

  • The NHS is a broken model but no one has the guts to say so.
    Envy of the ( third?) World maybe.
    Time to see why other countries have so much better outcomes?

  • The damage to the NHS has been going on for years, butt the BBC wont tell you as to why! Now we've got this "strange virus!" doing the rounds & despite Nighting gale hospitals being built havent really been used! So people will only be going to the hospitals in an emergency!

  • My sister is a full time nurse in Treliske Hospital,Cornwalls only major hospital and she says that corona virus is barely even an issue and what we are seeing on the tv is completely ridiculous,exaggerated and over the top.she also said she doesnt understand why they are projecting fear into the public or the agenda behind why they are doing it.People are suffering more from metal issues like serious anxiety etc more than they are this virus.The news,media and the government are the ones doing the damage to the public with these ridiculous rules they are setting.And thats from the horses mouth,someone that works hard within the nhs.

  • Maybe if you and the rest of the state media stopped peddling the governments agenda!

  • New cases without reference to number of tests is a meaningless figure. As is deaths within 28 days of testing positive, almost. She briefly mentions that there are 3,000 patients in total in hospital with Covid whereas there were 3,000 new patients a day during the peak. Am I misting something or is the Covid situation just not significant enough to be newsworthy at this time, or worthy of disruptive legislation for that matter?

  • So long as people don't die from COVID the government can claim victory. If you die because the government delayed your heart surgery, well, that's fine.

  • At the peak 20 patients in ICU, half with COVID. Oh give us a break, that's it?

  • The world don't wait for elections it saves lifes regardless

  • 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
    The People's Health Alliance
    This is what Nurse Campbell should be talking about. Alternative To The Failing NHS. We Need Real Doctors Now Not Big Pharma Salesman Like Many Are.
    PHA was born in February 2022 by a group of like-minded people seeing the need for an alternative approach to health and a back-up to a failing NHS primary care system.

  • Dont worry The NHS Are Offering Free Gender Surgeries, you can change From Woman To A Man No Problem Listen To Sonia Poulton Rise With BNT

  • I love english, so english is my favorite language ever ………..

  • Science and technology have pushed demand for high-end treatment. Hospitals are tied up with meeting this demand. Consequently, people suffer and die with "ordinary" illnesses because hospitals are not bothering to treat them. Taxes are being used for people who should be paying for private treatment. Only standard illnesses should be treated in public hospitals. If I get cancer I do not expect the taxpayer to subsidize drugs costing thousands of dollars a week.

    Another video showed a man 98 years old having surgery on his heart. He is taking a bed that a younger person should be in. I am 76 years old. If I get sick I should not go to the front of the queue. If I die waiting, so be it.

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  • Obviously the covid crisis and the focus on this has led inevitably to delays in treatment for non covid patients. There will be some people who will not be diagnosed as they may not come forward for consultation due to the lack of face to face meetings with gp's. There is great difficulty for doctors trying to diagnose over the phone.

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  • You are so big news company, why you not writing /putting down there full stop, comma etc, in the sentences / scrips?

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