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Hollywood Staffers Spill The Tea On Their Celebrity Bosses

Even famous people have a few skeletons in their closets, despite how glamorous they may appear as they walk down the red …


Title: "Hollywood Insiders Unveil Unfiltered Truths About Celebrity Bosses Amidst Industry Shake-up"

In the ever-evolving world of Hollywood, the veil of glamour and perfection often conceals the reality of the industry. Recently, a series of tell-all accounts from Hollywood staffers have shed light on the inner workings of Tinseltown, revealing surprising truths about some of the most celebrated figures in the entertainment industry.

The revelations, reminiscent of a modern-day Greek tragedy, have come at a time when the industry is undergoing significant changes, with calls for greater accountability and transparency. The #MeToo and Time's Up movements have led to a reckoning, prompting many to question the behavior and ethics of those in positions of power.

One such revelation involves a high-profile actor known for their on-screen charm. According to a former assistant, this celebrity was notorious for their temper tantrums, demanding excessive hours, and exhibiting a disregard for their staff's well-being. This account serves as a stark reminder that behind the red carpet and glam

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  • @ 0.23 the shitans is a bunch of surgery freaks looking like darkness witches, got fame from sex scandals stewwwwwwww//… sisters fighting together plus fake lips, dating men like sluts, their father turns a woman but still looks like a man, lolzzz their life are more like drug abusers- don't know what people goo koo koo for these ugly fakes layout hens, the SHITANS SHOULD NEVER SET FOOT ON THE RED CARPET,

  • Why am I not surprised Miley's dogs sh*tting all over the place….. Serena Williams forces her cleaning staff to watch her games – get over yourself, girl …. SMH

  • Kim once said that she sleeps in full makeup if she has an early meeting, so she doesn't have to get up and do her makeup – she can sleep a little longer and just fresh up her makeup, pretty gross and unhealthy for your skin and it explains her dirty sheets 🤢

  • Why are we shocked to "find out" that celebs are as big of jerks as we are? C'mon people … grow up.

  • We all gotta stop feeding the " famous people" no fans or audience then what? 😅

  • Most of this stuff aren’t that bad, clothes on the floor, that’s everybody, dog poo, anyone with a dog, sleeping in a weird position that’s a cork. Unless JLo and Cortney that are actually rude, I don’t see a reason why the stuff is negative about them, they are just regular people with regular problems, but with money to pay for other people to handle. You just gotta appreciate and acknowledge the people that work for you 🥰

  • I'm just as bad as Taylor Swift with the cats.

  • The worst thing they had to say about Taylor Swift is that she is besotted with cats and even feeds strays. They didn't say she was dirty, just that cats shed fur in the house. That makes me admire Taylor Swift, not criticise her.

  • If you don't like picking up and cleaning don't be a housekeeper! Duh. 😮

  • And so ….that's what you are payed alot of money for ,robots and humanoids will be taking those jobs soon, because you can't trust humans

  • Ariana is very childlike….even talks like a child. Very immature, and shows her lack of intelligence. She can sing,though.

  • All celebrities are just androgynous beings run by demons…

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